Crush and Cars get logos!

Monday, 10th July 2006

Despite not officially opening until June 2007, the marketing machine is already in motion for the Toon Studio attractions! Today we’re proud to present the first official logos for Crush’s Coaster and Cars Race Rally:

An impromptu Summer “Fantasy in the Sky”

Sunday, 9th July 2006

Disneyland Resort Paris did something quite remarkable this year. For the first time in over five years, Disneyland Park remained open until 11pm on Saturdays in June, with a special fireworks show to entertain the crowds at park closure.

Hang onto your hats and glasses…

Saturday, 8th July 2006

…’Cause this here will be the longest refurbishment in the wilderness! After many years of neglect in the rough Parisian weather, the ochre peaks of our park’s Big Thunder Mountain are soon due to get their biggest brush-up in the history of the attraction.

Lights! Camera! Diversion!

Thursday, 6th July 2006

The rumoured diversion of Disney Cinema Parade in Walt Disney Studios Park has now begun. Due to extensive construction work in Animation Courtyard as part of a large “place-making” project to spruce up the land and give it more Disney theme, detail and beauty, the parade now travels solely through Production Courtyard and Backlot.

Adding more Terror to the Tower…

Thursday, 6th July 2006

…In terms of bare metal and concrete, at least! Joel’s Photo Hunt has the latest photos of the construction in progress, as the bare concrete shell begins to resemble ever more its finished form.

Another new 15th Anniversary key visual!

Wednesday, 5th July 2006

We’re proud to present the second official “key visual” for the upcoming 15th Anniversary Celebration. This visual is practically identical to the earlier, daytime version first seen a couple of days ago, except this time the sun has set and the castle is illuminated with its decorative character makeover.

“Grab shell, dude!” – The latest from Toon Studios

Wednesday, 5th July 2006

Crush’s Coaster at Toon Studios is continuing construction at quick pace, as this latest photo shows. The photo, by “rocknroller” and posted by Grandmath on Disney Central Plaza forum, shows new metal supports rising diagonally out of the roof of the “Studio 5” building.

Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade creative text

Wednesday, 5th July 2006

Another day brings more 15th Anniversary Celebration goodies, again from the resort’s marketing tools website Extraordinet and today in the form of “creative text” for the new Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade at Disneyland Park. Raptor1982 from the Photos Magiques forum shares it with us:

Jack Sparrow drops anchor in Adventureland!

Tuesday, 4th July 2006

Captain Jack Sparrow isn’t due to offically drop anchor in Adventureland at Disneyland Park until 14th July 2006, for the start of the Summer Magic season and the worldwide release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, but already a selection of official preview photos have been released, showing this new “face character” in action outside the Paris attraction.

New “Une Aventure Magique” DVD and “Souvenirs” book

Tuesday, 4th July 2006

The fans wait patiently for a cool new Disneyland Resort Paris souvenir, and then two come at once! Word spread quickly yesterday that the new souvenir DVD had finally been released in the resort’s boutiques, and now DJinspace on Disney Central Plaza forum has returned from the resort with news and an image not only of this new DVD, but also a new souvenir guide book.

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