15th Anniversary

(Video) Disney Characters’ Express press premiere(Video) Disney Characters’ Express press premiere

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Just Like We Dreamed It – the CD SingleJust Like We Dreamed It – the CD Single

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(Video) A classic Main Street welcome for guests(Video) A classic Main Street welcome for guests

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Red carpet ribbon-cutting welcomes the pressRed carpet ribbon-cutting welcomes the press

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(Video) Final rehearsals for new entertainment(Video) Final rehearsals for new entertainment

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J-1 brings frenzied final touchesJ-1 brings frenzied final touches

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Souvenirs prêt à  vendreSouvenirs prêt à  vendre

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PanoraMagique flies the 15PanoraMagique flies the 15

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The red carpet begins here!The red carpet begins here!

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Disney Characters’ Express exclusive preview!Disney Characters’ Express exclusive preview!

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Flying the flag for detail (Part 1)Flying the flag for detail (Part 1)

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Stars & Motor Cars – a second new 15th parade?Stars & Motor Cars – a second new 15th parade?

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Disney’s Once Upon a Dream is HERE!Disney’s Once Upon a Dream is HERE!

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Character Castle Makeover – complete!Character Castle Makeover – complete!

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Dates confirmed on the Studios’ 5thDates confirmed on the Studios’ 5th

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Castle characters scale the first spires!Castle characters scale the first spires!

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15th Fever: Merchandise explosion15th Fever: Merchandise explosion

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15th Fever: Online15th Fever: Online

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15th Fever: In print15th Fever: In print

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15th Fever: On TV15th Fever: On TV

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Disneyland Paris Hotel & Tickets Deal
Disneyland Paris Hotel & Tickets Deal