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Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain opening date suggested by official schedules (updated)

Tuesday, 3rd January 2017 at 12:07

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain Disneyland Paris

Update: Schedules have since changed to show that Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission won’t open until 7th May 2017.

Having been announced only for a “Spring 2017” opening and with rumours suggesting late April or even May, it appears Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain could open somewhat earlier than expected in April 2017, according to the latest Disneyland Paris schedules.

Official refurbishment dates released today now show Space Mountain: Mission 2 as under “refurbishment” from 9th January to 7th April 2017 and “operating” from Saturday, 8th April 2017 onwards.

The attraction will still therefore miss the launch of the 25th Anniversary festivities on 26th March by just two weeks, but re-open in time for the official 12th April anniversary date — and the busy Easter holidays.

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain Disneyland Paris

As well as installing a new Star Wars show inside the mountain itself — including lighting, projections and music to simulate a Death Star battle — the revamp will also finally see the introduction of brand new roller coaster trains to its tracks. Hopefully, these will make the ride less of an ear-bashing ordeal and therefore a more re-rideable experience — however you feel about the Galactic Empire/Jules Verne mashup of themes.

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The trains will retain over-shoulder restraints — those shown in the concept image above are taken from the Californian overlay of its less intense ride.

In fact, a claim that Disneyland Paris has failed to capitalise on is that this “new” attraction will at least become the “most thrilling” Star Wars ride in the world.

Since the iconic 1995 showbuilding itself saw an extensive refurbishment and repaint last year, other exterior changes are unlikely — beyond changing the large poster artwork and other signage.

Space Mountain: Mission 2 Disneyland Paris Space Mountain: Mission 2 Disneyland Paris

Your last chance to ride Space Mountain: Mission 2 is this Sunday, 8th January 2017.

How long before we next blast off through the Columbiad into a non-Star Wars adventure that actually befits the building? Let’s just say we “have a bad feeling” about that.

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  • Oh man… I’m so mad about this… on the 25th press release, they said that this would be open by March 25th and I got plane tickets for March 15th up to the 31st and now the official confirmation that I will miss the only Space Mountain in the world with an inversion… I’m beyond sad since I won’t be coming to Paris again in a long… long… time…

  • I still find it weird that they didn’t work out the schedule to have this for Season of the Force

    • True… this is beyond any common sense… And I missing it : ( – Will be at DLP from March 15th until the 31st… so sad >< I rode HyperSpace in California last year but since I wont't be back to Paris for at least a decade its sad I'm missing Mission2 at all…

  • Apparently it’s finally confirmed that Hyperspace Mountain (undertitled Rebel Mission) will open on May and not on the 8th April.
    Maybe on the 4th May for the “May the 4th be with you” day ?

  • While everyone is so emotional about the Jules Vernes theme, I think it would be far more logical to revamp the exterior of SpaceMountain in a StarWars building. If the StarWars area will come, it will be connected with the new StarTours anyway. A StarWars theme SpaceMountain would fit incredibly.

    It’s time for DLP to move on and drop the Jules vernes theme, turn it into StarWars and by adding two new attractions, the StarWars Land is already there ;)

    Are you insane? There could be a new land starting from the Star Tours area, and go across the train tracks. Space Mountain even as Hyperspace mountain is better than them changing the exterior. I love Jules Verne, so please no to your idea.

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