“Un-Disney worthy” Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet Restaurant has closed for good

Friday, 7th October 2016 at 13:06

Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet in Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris

The once-infamous Pizza Burger of Disneyland Paris will stay only a memory: Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet Restaurant in Discoveryland will remain closed and won’t reopen, the resort has confirmed.

Speaking at a Shareholders Club presentation on 28th September discussing the current refurbishment programme, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Daniel Delcourt revealed that the fast food location has already seen its last days.

Delcourt even used the phrase “Disney unworthy” to describe why Pizza Planet is finally toast. That’s some turnaround in attitude for a resort that built Walt Disney Studios Park.

Although many will support Delcourt’s opinion, it’s surprising to take this decision now, given the additional crowds surely expected in this part of Discoveryland for next year’s Star Wars openings.

This leaves Café Hyperion as the only serious dining choice within the entire land.

Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet in Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris
Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet in Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris
Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet in Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris

Situated at the back of the land outside the Disneyland Park berm, the restaurant has seen unpredictable opening hours for years, often opening only to provide additional capacity during the busiest of seasons.

Unchanged internally since its hasty 1997 opening, the loosely Toy Story-themed décor has long looked cheap and outdated, certainly never living up to any expectations the film might have created about the mythical Pizza Planet.

Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet in Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris
Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet in Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris

The entire venue is an almost temporary marquee-like structure, originally built to rehouse an exhibition for the Space Festival that accompanied the opening of Space Mountain: De la Terre à la Lune. Previous rumblings that the restaurant would be rebuilt as a permanent building never came to fruition.

Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet in Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris Pizza Burger menuBuzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet in Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris
2008 counter service menu / 2010 buffet service menu

Originally serving a counter service menu, it became a fairly popular “budget” buffet service offering in 2010, providing unlimited drinks and pizza at a price point not much higher than a standard fast food meal.

No replacement or redevelopment of the restaurant has been announced.

Several years ago it was frequently rumoured the building could become a Star Wars “Cantina”, creating a mini Star Wars area, but this was long before the finalised plans for enormous, genuine Star Wars Lands in California and Florida.

Should Disneyland Paris want to build a new restaurant based on the Toy Story movies, Toy Story Playland would now be by far the best location — also exactly where a counter service restaurant is needed, to balance Toon Studio‘s only current restaurant, the table service Bistrot Chez Rémy.

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  • I am not sad about this. Although one always has to grade DLP food on a curve (even compared to other Disney parks), the Buzz Lightyear pizza place was not just the worst place I’ve ever eaten at Disney, but probably the worst place I’ve ever eaten in my life. Twice warmed-over, apparently generic frozen pizza and what appeared to be canned fruit cocktail? For nearly 20 euros? Yucccck. The decoration was the least of their problems BY FAR.

  • I thought about this closure and the reactions of the fans. And while I didn’t like the windowless atmosphere in this way-to-long existing tent or the food (at least the one time I tried the all-you-can-eat offering) I ask myself what the fans would expect from a “Pizza Planet”. I’ve never been to a Chuck E Cheese or similar in the US, but good food or a nice atmosphere is nothing I expect from this kind of restaurant. Ok, better food and atmosphere compared to this incarnation of Pizza Planet, at least :)
    I have the same problem with Springfield in the Universal parks – based on the TV show I would expect bad food and bad service in a Krusty Burger, nothing I want to experience in a theme park. Same goes with Moe, a disgusting Bar with bad beer. Who wants to go there?

  • Damian Cadman  5th April 2017, 00:31

    The problem was the location mostly but also the decor, when we ate in there in 2014 it was dirty and run down.

    If the restaurant was situated in a better location with decoration close to the actual film it would be booming meaning they could charge more and offer better food.

    They are honestly missing a trick with this one as my son was upset when we found out on our trip there last week it had gone.

    It id probably a good idea to open up one in Toy Story Playland maybe where the small pointless toy shop is by the RC ride.

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