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Disneyland Paris “keeps the magic alive” in perfect new resort video trailer

Thursday, 5th June 2014 at 12:04

Over the years we’ve seen countless Disneyland Paris trailers cut from the vast archive of footage covering the resort’s attractions, but this one might just be the best.

Simply titled “Disneyland Paris – Faire vivre la magie pour nos visiteurs”, the video appeared without fanfare on the resort’s YouTube channel on Tuesday 3rd June. Running at just 2 minutes 14 seconds, it probably does a better job of selling the destination than any single one of the account’s other 581 videos.

Much of, if not all, the footage is recycled and not filmed especially for the trailer, some of it dating back decades and some of it — such as the swooping fly-over of Disney Magic on Parade! — relatively new.

Footage of the resort’s Cast Members and artisans putting finishing touches to the “magic” begins the video, before it’s all shown in action. It ends, of course, with the official footage from Disney Dreams!, which never fails to impress.

Music is “Fly High (Trailer Music)” from The Amazing Hero: Caped Avengers Fanfares.

Place a Disneyland Paris logo and a call to action at the end and it’d make a perfect trailer for wider release — especially in cinemas, as @CafeFantasia suggested.

It’s certainly a world apart from the Disneyland Paris commercial currently gracing TV screens.

Named “Magical Answers”, this 30-second spot (below) follows three children discovering they can, amazingly, actually have fun at Disneyland; with an odd and almost disturbing tone of cynicism about the world around them, given their ages.

Normally, the narrative in commercials and newspaper articles is of a cynical adult realising they too can enjoy a Disney theme park; this advert however shows us a mournful young boy sitting alone in a plush mansion, looking skeptically into the eyes of a Buzz Lightyear action figure, before saluting the real thing — still bizarrely on his own.

Continuing the trend of advertising only to this specific bracket of families with very young children, it all feels oddly sombre and pessimistic, and features precisely three seconds of footage of an actual attraction. Filmed at Disneyland in California, the French Sleeping Beauty Castle was simply spliced into the shots.

It’s enough to put a vast swathe of the audience off wanting to visit Disneyland Paris altogether. Let’s hope those potential visitors at least make it as far as the resort’s YouTube, and watch the fantastic new trailer above instead.

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  • I agree. When I was a child they had this amazing commercial. It showed a little girl and her grandpa on varios rides, and walking around while her inner mnolouge was guessing her grandpa´s age

    “I dont know how old Granpa is. But today he´s a lot younger than usual”

    It hit a chord with me from a young age, and seing it on my old vhs tapes its still the best commercial I ever seen. Youre never to old for Disney Magic and it stays with you.

    I dislike the current ones, they set the tone that if you cant have fun in disney then something is obviously wrong with you.

    This spot dont tell you how to feel. It makes you make your own assumptions and just capture the magic from the attentive staff, to the hotels to the parades, the rides and the show at the end.

  • Ryan Simmons  5th June 2014, 20:59

    I did a version with ‘Let it Go’ from ‘Frozen’! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb3rYZCs9kY

    I put a logo at the end as if it was an ad.

    ‘Let it Go’ would grab a lot of people’s attention.

  • Disneyland Paris Treasures  6th June 2014, 22:40

    The new trailer is indeed very nicely done, very emotional. But – in my humble opinion – the ultimate and most-goosebumpy trailer for Disneyland Paris is still this one:


    I can’t watch it without being overcome by emotion =)

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