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Through the porthole: Disney’s Newport Bay Club renewal continues course

Tuesday, 25th February 2014 at 18:52

Disney's Newport Bay Club concept art

Disney’s Newport Bay Club continues to plot its course toward a full renovation of its more than 1,000 rooms and three wings. Disneyland Paris spent a day noting the improvements on its Twitter feed this Monday, starting with the publication of the new room concept art above.

Indeed after some of our recent comments on Twitter, this article could well be titled “Disneyland Paris publishes concept art shocker”, but no — there are exciting, big changes going on at Newport Bay Club, the largest of the Disney Hotels, and which in truth always felt just that bit too big and a bit wishy-washy with its style. As well as updated décor, furniture and facilities, this complete renovation should bring more Disney warmth and character to its hallways.

In the rooms, the fresh but faded original colour scheme of stark whites is being completely renewed with rich blues, nautical bronze and warm walnut wood. It’s like a touch of Disney Cruise Line elegance at Disneyland Paris.

Disney's Newport Bay Club new rooms

Fans got a first look at one of the trial rooms, pictured, in September last year. The 524 rooms of the East Wing officially closed on 1st November 2013 until further notice, with the works planned in three phases, including the Central and West wings, to minimise disruption.

It’s not just Mickey ears on the bedposts. Just like the recent renovations of Disney’s Sequoia Lodge and Disney’s Santa Fe, a new character-filled border lines the room; here with fun classic Disney characters in watery porthole scenes.

Disney's Newport Bay Club new rooms
Disney's Newport Bay Club new roomsDisney's Newport Bay Club new rooms

Most furniture has been completely replaced, with a less monolithic television cabinet and drawers, and a vastly improved, far more useful corner dressing table and plush chairs. Carpet is richer and more ornate, as is the crisper new curtain pattern.

Neat, custom-designed throw cushions are modern, as are the clean white sheets and matching runner (not quite ready at the time of the room preview above).

Bedside lights are warmer and still nautical, yet in a rather more natural way.

Compare the new rooms with the (current) old design, below.

Disney's Newport Bay Club old rooms
Disney's Newport Bay Club old rooms

That’s an incredible improvement all-round; adding only faint Disney character touches, removing tired examples of 1990s taste and implementing a far more timeless aesthetic.

It’s not just the rooms seeing refurbishment works, either. Photos Magiques reported that the New England theme hotel will see work to its exterior wood panelling and lighting, while the lobby and reception desks will see changes to improve guest flow.

Disneyland Paris also shared the picture below, showing works to the hotel’s popular pool area where scaffolding took one month to install. As well as “filtration systems and maintenance being changed and adapted to new standards”, the pool area will see some “acoustic comfort” improvements, we’re guessing to reduce echoes from its ceiling.

Disney's Newport Bay Club pool refurbishment

After the works, it will also be possible to access the outdoor pool directly from the inside, something which apparently hasn’t been possible for years due to safety reasons.

Note that along with the pool and health club closure pencilled in until roughly October, the Yacht Club Restaurant is closed until 31st July 2014 and Cape Cod restaurant will be closed 3rd March to 31st July, during which time breakfast will be provided in the hotel’s adjoining convention centre.

Disney's Newport Bay Club

What with free wi-fi already on-board, the horizon looks bright for Disney’s Newport Bay Club and what must be the most impressive and well-judged of the resort’s hotel makeovers to date, with modest character additions and much-needed improvements.

Up next in the coming years will be Disney’s Hotel New York, the “art deco” hotel which desperately needs some fresh sparkle to bring it out of the ’90s and up to modern grade for its price bracket. Can’t they work just that little bit faster…?

• On Photos Magiques: More photos of the new roomsLook back at the current rooms

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  • Hello , my girlfriend and I are coming to stay at the Newport bay from Monday 17th March to Friday 21st March. We are looking forward to coming to the hotel.

  • The only thing I don’t like about the new room is the portholes in the wallpaper. The theme is that we’re by a port, not ON a ship. But never mind. It’s all still a great improvement.

  • Am I the only person who prefers the old rooms? I agree with Josh – the theming of the hotel is New England Yacht Club – not a Disney cruise ship.
    We have always liked the NBC rooms, as they seemed so light and spacious,especially with French doors and balcony. The new ones look more claustrophobic in photos, so will have to reserve judgement until I see one myself.

  • So that means that in September the room renewals will be complete, right?

    Because I’m planning to go there in September and it would be lovely if the refurbishments were done.

  • I remember one of the things that was great about disneyland in the 90s was that Mickey, nor anything else overtly relating to Disney, was jammed down our throats. Now, they squeeze marketing into everything, bringing the general quality of the place down (beds with mickey ears, wallpapers with disney characters and etc).

    I was 12 when I first went in 1995 and honestly even as a child, I enjoyed Disney taking us seriously (with actual themes).

    Also, the new rooms (excepting the desk) less ‘navy themed’. The white tv cupboard, the headlamps (looked more elegant). Now, it just looks like a 6 year olds navy themed kitsch room.

    Bathrooms are better though that’s for sure.

  • I think that the new rooms look warmer and more welcoming. I found the old rooms to be too white and almost cold.

    Not overly keen on the Disney characters being featured, but I guess they are catering for the majority which would be families, and in particular, their kids.

    Excited to see what plans they have for the other hotels. I feel very impatient when it comes to all this stuff!!

  • Hello we are coming staying end of May 2015 has all work been completed or is this still going on ??

    Please help we are extremly stressing out ??

  • Spacepilot  1st May 2015, 21:54

    No, works will continue until spring/summer 2016. Half of the rooms are already refurbished so you will probably stay in one. Some pulic areas, the west wing and the convention centre to go…

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