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Plans to transfer Disney Hotel characters into Extra Magic Hours confirmed

Thursday, 20th February 2014 at 12:07

Mickey Mouse at Disney's Hotel Cheyenne © Photos Magiques

As reported on Tuesday, Disneyland Paris does indeed plan to cancel the long-running Disney character meet ‘n’ greet locations at its Disney Hotels, in favour of having these characters appear during Extra Magic Hours instead.

Mouetto, admin of the top French forum Disney Central Plaza, has been able to confirm the rumours as a genuine “project” with Disneyland Paris, providing the following points of confirmation:

  • Disney characters will indeed disappear from the Disney Hotels in late November 2014 and will be reinstated in Disneyland Park during Extra Magic Hours, with several opportunities to meet and take photos while they prepare the opening of the park.
  • Characters will remain at the Inventions buffet restaurant in Disneyland Hotel and at Café Mickey.
  • There will be a new experience with Disney characters during breakfast at the Castle Club in Disneyland Hotel.
  • Guest satisfaction surveys have indicated the desire to meet and interact with more and more characters, but not necessarily in hotels. The presence of characters only came eighth in the main expectations of a Disney Hotel.

Currently there is no word of any changes to the character appearances at the Empire State Club of Disney’s Hotel New York and Golden Forest Club of Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, where the Disney stars appear during breakfast.

Besides the easier logistics of characters not having to travel to each hotel, the logic can make sense too. Whereas currently guests have the chance to meet just one or two characters in their hotel lobby, if all these characters are pooled together into the park it means much greater variety — and much better photo backdrops, too.

Offering them instead during Extra Magic Hours might not be favourable with late risers, but it’s a good way to ensure the extra characters remain a genuine benefit of Disney Hotel guests (and Annual Passport Dream holders). What will be missed we’re sure, though, are those fun character costumes, unique to each hotel.

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  • It also means non paying guests can’t just walk around the hotels and meet Disney characters for free which apparently has also been happening.

  • Rebecca Roberts  20th February 2014, 18:47

    Are they doing character breakfasts in the Inventions restaurant or is it just in the evenings?

  • David Lawson (DisneyMagic)  22nd February 2014, 21:42

    I think this is a great idea, it would add so much more magic to early risers like myself. So it will not be just the usual extra magic hour attractions, there will be the added character hunts aswell. Great move DLP!!!

  • I think it’s sad that the characters leave are leaving the hotels! Can’t understand the cheering here. It’s always been adding so much to the atmosphere to give you the feeling of being in Disneyland already before you enter the parks. Sometimes you see them in their special costumes when you arrive and sometime they are there just before you leave, we always loved it. To us this is sad news.

  • For us, also sad news. To find them in the morning in their special hotel costumes, like Mickey in the picture, is part of the atmosphere.
    And families with little childrens ( till 6 y.o.) will be the most “damaged”, because despite to try it hard, it is very difficult to awake them very early to profit the Extra Magic Hours with them. And their faces… founding the characters on their way to the restaurant… What a pity!

  • I actually think this will be a nightmare, Disney only just cope at breakfast now, how will they cope with many more guests wanting early breakfasts not to mention the extra influx into parks for extra magic hours all queing for chacacters and 5 rides, we have been 5 times to dlp 2 times by air and 3 by euro star, due to the late checking in with euro star each of these 3 times we couldn’t have early breakfast time as those slots had all gone, if emh is then having the characters only no longer in hotels I would not be happy my children losing out! Not to even start on what are we now paying Disney hotel prices for! Sorry think they got this very wrong

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