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Hurricanes Discotheque belatedly white-washed into Disney Village history

Monday, 18th March 2013 at 14:45

Hurricanes Discotheque, Disney Village [© DisneyGazette.fr]

We all have those odd jobs we never quite get round to and you’ll need to be a longtime reader of DLRPToday.com now to remember the demise of Hurricanes Discotheque back in March 2010. So it’s with some relief that, three years on, we report the unmistakably ’90s nightclub spot in Disney Village is at last being white-washed into the history books.

Signage and exterior decorations outside the first-floor unit have laid dormant since the club was unceremoniously and hastily shuttered just shy of its 18th birthday, surely confusing for casual guests and certainly an eyesore on Disney Village’s main avenue.

The latest photo above by DisneyGazette.fr shows the exterior stripped of its colourful fake palm trees and the stairs repainted in plain white — removing the previous Hurricanes Discotheque branding and slogans. Here’s hoping the tacky beach shack and all other remnants will be removed soon, too.

Below, the venue as it was before, pictured in April 2012.

Hurricanes Discotheque, Disney Village

Current consensus seems to be that the location will become a Cast Member restaurant or break space, a slightly disappointing use for a prime space within Disney Village which would itself still benefit from an improved dining offer. Previous rumours, soon after the nightclub’s closure, were for an ESPN Zone, a new Sports Bar or an Italian restaurant.

At the very least, the cleared ground floor area could be a good space for a small café or kiosk and seating area — perhaps Frank Gehry’s minimalist 1992 vision is due a return?

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  • Phillipofthehouseof  22nd March 2013, 05:25

    It is already a delibar for Castmembers has been since late last year!!!

  • gailytennant  26th March 2013, 12:54

    Im glad they have finally painted over this but cant they get their finger out and do something with it?? I agree that making it a cast area would be a waste of space but im undecided as to wat could go there. I did like the idea of an Italian restaurant tho as most visitors, from wateva country they are from, are very familiar with Italian food. But wat they are going to do with it must surely make much needed funds for the resort not be wasted in a cast area.

  • Due to become another “night-spot” from what the signs suggest. Returned from DLP yesterday and it looks as though it is re-opening as a club again soon.

  • At last!! A refurbishment that has been needed for many years! Countless times I have walked past thinking this needs to go! Thank goodness they are doing something! Onwards and upwards!

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