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In Pictures: Aristocats Berlioz and Toulouse star amongst rare Valentine’s character events

Friday, 15th February 2013 at 14:43

Valentine's Day at Disneyland Paris (Photo: InsideDLParis)

Yesterday was a special day for character fans, as troublesome kittens Berlioz and Toulouse from “The Aristocats” made their first ever park appearance at Disneyland Paris. The pair joined sister Marie, who has been sighted rarely at the resort before, for a special photo shoot on Town Square and a brief parade event aboard the Main Street Omnibus.

Titled “Be my Valentine!”, the day’s events also included decorations around Town Square gazebo and numerous “rare” character appearances all around the park, captured here in pictures by @InsideDLParis, @DisneylandPFans and @DisneyMoi.

Valentine's Day at Disneyland Paris (Photo: @DisneyMoi)
Valentine's Day at Disneyland Paris (Photo: @DisneylandPFans) Valentine's Day at Disneyland Paris (Photo: @DisneylandPFans)
Valentine's Day at Disneyland Paris (Photo: @DisneyMoi) Valentine's Day at Disneyland Paris (Photo: @DisneyMoi)
Valentine's Day at Disneyland Paris (Photo: @DisneyMoi)

Unusually, some characters were out as couples: Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, Woody and Jessie, Peter Pan and Wendy, Stitch and Angel… even Chip ‘n’ Dale vying for Clarice’s heart together. Even more unusual, there was a chance to see characters including Bernard and Bianca from “The Rescuers”, Phoebus and Esmeralda from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and, over at Walt Disney Studios Park, Chicken Little and Abbey Mallard (remember them?!).

Disneyland Paris never usually celebrates Valentine’s Day with this much effort, so it was great for them to do this for their guests, right? Well, yes, and also the certain Prince with deep pockets who was reportedly visiting… but still, we get to enjoy most of the events too, so let’s not complain. Like we all said about the fantastic 12th April 2012 events, which were again presented mostly for a visiting VIP party: this is simply how Disneyland should feel all year round, for all paying guests.

Watch a complete video of The Aristocats’ “Be my Valentine!” cavalcade…

“Be my Valentine!” cavalcade

Bonus: Characters celebrate Valentine’s Day at Disneyland Paris

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  • I’m just so glad you’re back in action and we can see these rainy Disneyland photos every morning again! Used to go every year but haven’t done so for 7 years as I’m living in poverty but hopefully I’ll go this year or when Ratatouille opens. It’s an absolute pleasure to see you back! Your site is fantastic, please continue, I appreciate it massively!

  • Scarlett | Disney Wonderland  16th February 2013, 12:56

    Great photos!! xx

  • Perhaps someone should tell the powers that be that some of these “couples” aren’t actually couples. I’m not sure what Buzz would say about Woody and Jessie hooking up on Valentine’s Day!!!

  • Lewis Harrington no.1 disney fan  18th November 2013, 22:24

    I go to Disneyland every year at Christmas Time with my brother and parents, we are going this Sunday (24th – 30th) this will be my 13th year in a row going and I have never once seen the Aristocats and haven’t seen the likes of ratatouille, chicken little, Incredibles or Brother Bear for years so I hope when the ratatouille ride is up then we will be seeing a lot more of them! anymore updates on the ride yet?

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