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Disney Light’Ears: It’s “glow with the show” for Disney Dreams! first anniversary

Tuesday, 12th February 2013 at 15:25

Disney Light'Ears: Glow with the Show ears coming to Disneyland Paris

There will be more than just two new scenes to light up Disney Dreams! on its first anniversary this year: you too can “glow with the show” as the illuminated Mickey Mouse ears first introduced for World of Color at Disney California Adventure will come to Disneyland Paris, the resort has confirmed.

Named “Glow with the Show Ears” in California, they’ll be known instead by a new name in Europe: Disney Light’Ears. Once activated and placed on your head (or anywhere!) within the spectacle’s viewing area, they light up and change colour in sync with the show itself.

This is an optional, paid add-on, of course — in California the ears were priced at $25 for launch and, though no price has been publicly announced, reports from research questionnaires carried out in Paris suggest they could be looking at a €25 price point to own a pair over here. For added value, California later activated the ears for use during Fantasmic! at its own Disneyland Park, as well as controlling them to light up in certain areas such as inside the new Cars Land.

Battery powered, the hats are controlled by infra red signals from emitters placed around the audience area. For World of Color, this comprises around 40 “zones” which can each be sent a different command to illuminate and change the colour of the ears.

Unlike in Disney’s home state, Mickey ear hats have never particularly taken off at Disneyland Paris — you’re more likely to see a sorcerer’s apprentice, a Goofy or at most a Minnie Mouse bow. Could Disney Light’Ears be the spark to finally bring popularity to this classic park merchandise item in Paris? Would you pay to own a pair yourself, and do you think they’ll really add to the experience of Disney Dreams! or just be a distraction from the show itself?

Disney Light'Ears: Glow with the Show ears coming to Disneyland Paris Disney Light'Ears: Glow with the Show ears coming to Disneyland Paris

It’s fair to say at least that, for such a high-rating signature attraction, Disney Dreams! needs more supporting merchandise, so this can only be a positive step in that direction. The ears were also only debuted in California last August, so the stated “Summer 2013” makes for an unusually speedy rollout to Paris — now only the second Disney resort in the world to have them.

Now watch “Glow with the Show” in action at Disneyland Resort, California…

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Chuck Davis, Senior Technical Director explains the technology behind the ears

Come “Glow With the Show” at Disney California Adventure Park

‘Glow with the Show’ Now Glowing at Disneyland Park

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  • It’s great to see that DLRPToday is back in action, because the magicforum isn’t worth to visit anymore. Nowadays it’s basically a trip-planning forum where people tell each other how great everything at DLP is.

    So I’m really glad that, besides InsideDLParis, there is another good DLP site that focuses on news. I hope you keep on with the good work you have done in recent years here. I’m really looking forward to your new posts here.

  • Completely agree with John above, the magicforum really isn’t work visiting anymore – so glad you’ve got round to posting new Articles.

    As for the ears, I highly doubt they’ll take off in Paris.

  • Definitely going to buy them! (hate those sorcerer Mickey ears)

  • I personally have a problem with the ears in DLP. The Disney Dreams Show is much more focussed on one center, the castle. When the lights go down and the castle begins to awake that is MAGIC. Thinking about having someone standing right in front of me with giant mouse-
    ears is horror.

  • I am also glad to see news articles and photos on here again. Agree with Tpbias about the light up ears – I think these will totally ruin the experience of Dreams. It’s hard enough trying to watch the show without taller people standing in front of you, let alone with flashing ears on their heads!

  • Any idea when it starts? Going mid April and am desperately hoping it starts then!

  • I’m going to bring my ears from California with me in April just in case it starts before summer. I don’t think they distract from the show at all. I bought and wore mine when I went to Disneyland for New Year’s Eve. As for the comment about someone standing in front of you with giant mouse ears….even if they weren’t wearing the ears their head would be in front of you. It’s not like the ears extend a foot above the head. If people wearing things on their heads at Disney parks bothers you, don’t go to any other Disney park around the world because they wear them everywhere else.

    • Well no they don’t wear ears everywhere else. I’ve been everywhere else. and yes ears do block more than just a head. Especially when looking at one castle. I don’t like this idea. What’s the point in buying something you yourself don’t get to see (your own light ears)

      • That is like saying what is the point of putting any hat on your head, sun glasses on your face, make-up and other accessories. You can’t see them but it is to look good and get in the spirit. Disney is about atmosphere and many people wearing them creates an atmosphere extending the show!

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