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Bastille Day 14th July fireworks confirmed as added extra after ‘Disney Dreams!’

Tuesday, 10th July 2012 at 18:58

"Out There" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame in Disney Dreams! at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris has confirmed that a special Bastille Day fireworks will take place this Saturday, 14th July, beginning just five minutes after the end of the regularly scheduled performance of its new Disney Dreams! nighttime spectacular at Disneyland Park.

The French National Day, more commonly known simply as le quatorze juillet in France, falls on a Saturday this 20th Anniversary year, meaning the resort can no doubt expect bumper crowds for the occasion. Unlike previous years, where the regular fireworks event such as The Enchanted Fireworks has taken a one-night break with a special show in its place, this separate fireworks show will provide two nighttime spectaculars in one night, not to mention the seasonal return of Disney’s Fantillusion.

If the 22-minute Disney Dreams! remains scheduled at its regular time of 11pm, required due to the late sunset at this time of year, that means the special Bastille Day fireworks won’t begin until almost 11.30pm. It remains to be seen if the one-off show will be as grand as previous years or a cut-down pyrotechnic “encore” in light of the preceding spectacular. Could the newly-installed fountains, water screens and projectors around the castle be utilised? No word yet.

Though the related World of Color show in California has been given special scenes for holidays and film releases, the show’s creator Steve Davison was clear to state during our Q&A event earlier this year that Disney usually prefers to leave such shows for at least a year before adding new segments, to allow everyone to see the original show. Today’s tweet from Disneyland Paris seems to state the 14th July fireworks are a separate event and not a modification or even encore to the show.

Nevertheless ‘Disney Dreams!’ itself is already very patriotic towards France, with its Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (pictured above) and Ratatouille scenes coming in quick succession all with French lyrics, settings and characters. This Saturday night at Disneyland Paris looks set to be more “patriotique” than ever!

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  • Mmm, damn, that will be too late to catch the last train to Paris :(

  • Since the fireworks have improved because of Disney Dreams, I think this year show will be even more stunning, but DLRP said that there might be a five-dull-minute between the shows, did the Disney officials really mentioned that there will be a five minute break for the pyro? I think DLP should do a multi-night celebration for their National Day, like the American Parks, it could somehow help even the population in the park while also boosting attendances since financial problems haven’t improved during the 20th anniversary.

  • I was there and this “firework” was a crap. The show lasts about 10 minutes and there was all in all maybe just one minute of firework. Some special Bombs like hearts, but not nothing more. A castmember in the city hall told us, that there were some technical problems that causes the firework to stop working. But a friend of mine, who was there on a Bastille Day some years before told me, that it was the same show he saw some years ago…

  • The firework show indeed was the same as always but really not bad.
    What did put me off was a rather aggressive group of French guests that, for some reason,wanted to leave the park through the middle of an overcrowded Mainstreet just before the fireworks started. Crowd control Castmembers couldn’t handle the situation but were apparantly on their side and clamorously pushed away everyone in their path. These CMs didn’t explain anything, never asked someone to please step aside or even realized that most guests they bullied didn’t understand French. DLP MUST be aware by now that it is an American park with visitors from all parts of Europe, that happens to be located in France. It really felt like something could go wrong very badly at that moment. There really wasn’t any Disney magic left from that moment on. No more 14 Juillet in DLP for me…

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