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World of Disney store to officially open 12th July 2012 — new concept art, press release

Monday, 21st May 2012 at 17:42

World of Disney, Disney Village, Disneyland Paris

World of Disney, the new flagship store at the hub of Disneyland Paris and entrance to Disney Village, has finally had its opening date set in stone: 12th July 2012! An unusual Thursday opening, then; perhaps a nod to the 12th April, or a chance for the newly-opened store to prepare itself ahead of summer weekend crowds? At least this puts an end to confusion over the date, which has been moving back and forth between June and September for the past few months. Work is suddenly flying ahead on the exterior, which will eventually end up looking like the visual above.

This new concept art, first included in the ‘Disneyland Paris: 20 Years of Dreams’ book, shows the final design of the Hollywood Art Deco-inspired exterior and its signature globe dome. You might remember from earlier concept art that the original idea was for a second half of the globe to continue inside the store itself, visible through the windows to create the effect of a floating Earth. Now, just the dome on top is part of the final design, with the double-height atrium inside to be decorated with stars; its centrepiece a hot air balloon carrying the Disney characters to destinations around the world, which will be featured in different areas of the store’s interior design.

The new design also clearly depicts how the boutique is raised slightly from the hub itself, with a small set of stairs around the front and sides to offer some protection from the surge of visitors at park closing. Naturally, a ramp is also provided on the right-hand side.

There, we also see the beginnings of an intriguing new perimeter gate. Rumours have suggested that the opening of World of Disney could see changes to the operation of the resort hub and its security barriers, perhaps allowing guests to go between the parks and Disney Village without leaving the security-controlled zone, though exact details of this are unconfirmed.

Along with the opening date announcement, Disneyland Paris has also shared photos of two important arrivals, all the way from New York City: Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

World of Disney, Disney Village, Disneyland ParisWorld of Disney, Disney Village, Disneyland Paris

These two statues, which now sit either side of the main World of Disney entrance in Paris, were salvaged from the marquee of the former World of Disney store on Fifth Avenue in New York, which closed on 31st December 2009.

World of Disney, New York Fifth Avenue [(C) cre8or]
Photo: cre8or (Flickr)

Disney moved to a new retail space in Times Square in late 2010, branded as a general Disney store, leaving only the two — and very soon to be three — theme park locations. Of which, Paris certainly has the most beautiful, unique exterior. But isn’t that always the case?

Press release follows…


Dès le 12 juillet, la nouvelle boutique World of Disney ouvre ses portes au public. Implantée à l’entrée du Disney Village, elle sera la troisième boutique du nom à voir le jour dans un parc Disney après la Floride et la Californie.

Avec plus de 1400m² d’espace de vente, World of Disney inaugure un nouveau monde où le shopping devient une invitation au voyage. Unique, dans la plus pure tradition Disney, World of Disney est le lieu magique où Mickey et ses amis ont rapporté de leurs périples aux quatre coins du monde les meilleurs produits de chaque catégorie à l’intention des visiteurs fans de Disney.

Inspirée du style Art Déco, l’architecture du bâtiment de World of Disney se veut un hommage aux grands magasins de Paris, et contribuera à en faire le fleuron des boutiques de Disneyland Paris.

Lieu : Disney Village


From 12th July, the new World of Disney boutique opens its doors to the public. Located at the entrance of Disney Village, it will be the third boutique of this name to come to life at a Disney park after Florida and California.

With more than 1,400m² of retail space, World of Disney inaugurates a new world where shopping becomes an invitation of discovery. Unique in the purest Disney tradition, World of Disney is a magical place where Mickey and has friends have gathered together their favourite products in every category from the four corners of the earth for everyone from visitors to Disney fans.

Inspired by the Art Deco style, the architecture of the World of Disney building pays homage to the “grand magasins” of Paris, to help make it the flagship boutique of Disneyland Paris.

Location: Disney Village

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  • When i saw the first concept art of it i didn’t like it but now i find it marvelous!!! that s a realy nice themeing of a shop(outside) lets hope that disney village may gain this style on the other buildings soon !!!!

  • YAHOOOOO! I hope the opening will happen in July. I am in DLP in August and I want to go shopping!!!!!!!

  • I look lorward to the other changes to Disney Village over the next 12-18 months.

  • A nice outside with a cheap inside. I guess this store will sell the same lame merchandise selection that is available in the parks.

    The statues are a nice touch. I loved the store in Ney York and it’s sad that it was relocated and turned into a regular Disney Store.

  • I hope they will stock some merchandise exclusive to World of Disney store.

  • is the existing disney store in the village still open at the moment?

  • I screamed when I saw the main headline… Im there on 12th July!!!!!
    Does that mean the parks are likely to be busy that day? We booked mid July to avoid the summer crowds!
    Im really excited about this store. Disney Village needed sorting out, it just wasnt Disney enough to match the rest of the resort. I hope this becomes the kind of place that will sell anything and everything thats available, that way you could go on and evening and do all your shopping in one go.

    • You booked mid July to avoid the summer crowds ? But my dear, mid July is summer and there will be crowds !

  • Dlpcastmember  1st June 2012, 00:42

    I work in the Disneyland Paris and saw testing going on the other afternoon for the rotation of the globe on top of the shop, pretty impressive effect an it looks like it will be a non stop effect, hope it doesn’t make my friends nauseous who are going to work inside! I have just set up a new twitter feed @dlpcastmember as I thought I would give first hand reports of what is going on around the parks, look it up if interested :)

    • Moon Yun Pellerin  15th June 2012, 07:13

      I would love to be a DLP castmember. What is it like to work at DLP and what qualities do they look for?
      I heart Mickey,
      Moon Yun

  • Disney-John  12th June 2012, 10:39

    Unsure if another shop selling the same stuff should be a priority for the resort. Going on the shocking state of some of the attractions on a recent trip!

  • I just got back from DLP last night and the new shop opened early yesterday moring. I was disappointed to find I would miss the opening by a few days but when we were leaving the village on Friday night we noticed all of the fences were down and it had signs up saying open 7th July so we got the chance to have a look before we left!

    A lot of the stuff was the same as the other shops but there were a few bits that were marked exclusive, there was much more space though, really absorbed the crowds that were in there better than the other shops due to the wide isles.

    The shops in the village from Annettes to the Sports Bar were all closed with signs saying would reopen on 14th July but the one nearest the bottom was nearly fully restocked as a Christmas shop!

  • what did the building use to be before world of Disney store was built

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