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Meet Mickey Mouse opens to guests after one day delay — first official photos!

Thursday, 17th May 2012 at 15:57

Meet Mickey Mouse - Rencontre avec Mickey

Everything looked neat ‘n’ pretty, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite “on with the show” for the planned opening ceremony of Meet Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Paris yesterday, 16th May 2012. An unconnected — and now resolved — walk-out by the character performers division saw the cancellation of most character events across the parks for the entire day.

Oddly this means that the date we consign to history as the public opening date of this new attraction is the one confirmed months ago: 17th May 2012. And here are the first official photos!

Meet Mickey Mouse - Rencontre avec MickeyMeet Mickey Mouse - Rencontre avec Mickey
Meet Mickey Mouse - Rencontre avec Mickey

These snaps show only the Mickey Mouse meet and greet room itself, behind the stage in the completely redesigned former Fantasy Festival Stage, where guests encounter the mouse preparing for his magic show in a dressing room overflowing with props and hidden details. Many of the details will be familiar to those who already know the attraction’s Town Square Theatre cousin in Florida, though here — as described in our walk-through yesterday — the set-up is entirely faithful to that of the real, pre-existing theatre, giving a much more faithful and enjoyable narrative to the whole experience.

Guests queue in the aisles of the old theatre area, completely redressed with plush carpets, pendant lights and wood panelling, with Mickey Mouse projections playing out on a projection screen on the stage. Then, they climb the stairs into the real backstage area for their “Rencontre avec Mickey”.

You can already spot many of the fun nods in these photos. The giant padded suitcase containing Mickey’s magician outfit and magic wands, an advertisement for a “Band Concert” in the park (referencing the 1935 short film), travel stickers referencing other Disney resorts (and a Colonel Hathi travel company), and even a custom-made striped wallpaper that uses only the colours black, red, yellow and white. This might just be one of the most charming attractions in the park.

Read our full report from the guided “hard hat” tour with an Imagineer here!

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  • Where’s the talking Mickey? I thought we getting it!!! Florida already has it!!!!

    • Talking Mickey was never confirmed for Paris. I believe Florida also only has him for special occasions or trials, not for daily appearances.

    • I think a talking Mickey would take away from the magic of meeting costumed characters like Mickey and Minnie. I like that they don’t talk.

  • Wow this looks just as amazing as I hoped it would be. I can’t wait till September comes around so that I can take my little boy to meet Mickey Mouse, he will be sooooo excited!!! Oh and obviously so will I !!

  • Martin coombs  19th May 2012, 19:44

    Cant wait to see it. Just 6 days to go!!!!

  • Ross thompson  19th May 2012, 21:10

    We went on Thursday, queued for 45 minutes but was the most enjoyable queue thanks to the cartoons playing the whole time.
    The whole thing is really well irised and laid out, except for the photo purchase afterwards, which descends into the usual DLRP free-for-all, elbows out nudging contest.

  • Lets hope they are not on strike when you go like they were for us – everything cancelled – parades, meet and greets, hotel appearances and pre booked character breakfast, lunch and dinners – even for a childrens birthdays – talk about breaking their hearts and your promises – appalling

  • This looks great but I just cant seem to get excited about it, it looks exactly like the one in Florida. Also does this mean its less likely to see Mickey in front of the castle or at the far end of Main Street. The lines were never as big as the one for this is going to be!
    I do like the look of this thought, that theatre really needed something new in!

  • Well when i saw it my first feelings were wow ,that s amazing ( either i prefer the old outside architecture of the theatre anw) Disneyland Paris still impresses me, i realise that this keep mickey’s toontown project away… i want to see mickeys toontown in DLP but this cant be as i suppose… DISNEYLAND PARIS IN MY OPINION HAS TO BUILD MICKEYS TOONTOWN BECAUSE THATS AN AMAZING PHOTOLOCATION FIRST ( THE TOON HOUSES MORE CHARACTERS TO MEET AND GREET ETC….. :/

  • In my opinion Duckburg is very popular in Europe, so a Duckburg area instead of Toon Town would be great. Imagine visiting Scrooges money bin :)

  • Duckburg area its not but at all!!! but in my opinion a mixture of mickey city with the horizons os it and also duckburg it will be a perfect idea !!! sth that other parks dont have!!!!

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