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Park-exclusive ‘Disneyland Paris: 20 Years of Dreams’ book on sale tomorrow, 23rd April

Sunday, 22nd April 2012 at 22:14

Disneyland Paris: 20 Years of Dreams book

Couldn’t quite make it for the 12th April 2012 celebrations? You weren’t the only one. Slightly delayed from the shelves of Disneyland Paris boutiques was the new 192-page book all about the history of the resort. We reported its impending arrival late last month amongst the flurry of 20th Anniversary news, and it looks to be an impressive tome indeed. Available as a single 192-page book with both French and English text, it features over 500 images from the history of the resort, charting 20 years of progress and expansion from 1992 to today. And, though the publisher couldn’t quite meet the historic date itself, the book does now have a release date: tomorrow, 23rd April 2012!

The official blurb reads:

“Twenty years ago, Disneyland® Paris opened and Walt Disney’s dreams came to life in the place where the stories that inspired him were born. Since then, Imagineers, artists and Cast Members have worked together every day to share those dreams with more than 250 million guests. Relive, year by year, highlights from two decades of dreams and innovations at Disneyland Paris, through rare and never-seen-before artwork, photographs and interviews. From Walt Disney Imagineering to the expansion of Val d’Europe, peek into the life of a company that serves the area and those around. 20 Years of Dreams is both a must-have souvenir of Disneyland Paris and a family album covering the first twenty years of Europe’s number one tourist destination.”

Titled “Disneyland Paris: 20 Years of Dreams” (or “20 Ans de Rêves”) and priced at €49.99, it will be on sale exclusively at the following boutiques: The Emporium, The Storybook Store, Harrington’s, Walt Disney Studios Store, The Disney Animation Gallery, La Boutique du Château, The Disney Gallery, Disney Store, Galerie Mickey. You can see a glimpse inside here.

If you’re not planning to visit or revisit the resort again soon you can also get your hands on one of the 5,000 copies from the first print run via the official mail order service. Call +33 164744486 or +33 164744848 or email dlp.mail.order@disney.com. Note that Annual Passport and other discounts are not available on books.

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  • Great – I will pick mine up during my visit this weekend. Shame I can’t get a discount with my annual pass though. I didn’t know I could not use it for books

  • Just sent an email to try to get a copy via mail order as I won’t be visiting before the summer, hope they’ll reply!

  • So, so, so annoyed! Was there on Friday and would have loved to have got it then!

  • This looks amazing and I really want to get a copy but i’m not going to DLP till September. Do I stand a good chance of being able to pick up a copy then or am I just kidding myself?

  • I also was there just two days ago…no book to be found then.

    If I want to order the book, I won’t get my 10 % Annuel Pass discount. Big bummer.

  • I emailed DLP Mail Order and they replied yesterday, my book is on its way! I realised that this book is a NEED and not a WANT! I can’t wait to look through it, I’m sure it will be an amazing trip down memory lane! I didn’t want to risk it selling out as I’m off to DLP in Oct.

  • I also emailed asking about ordering this book, but have not had a reply yet.
    How long did you wait for an answer Taran?

  • I just asked about nuying the book in my email to them – I didn’t give any card details, address etc. Should I do this?

  • I am there in June, and again in October, but I don’t want to risk there being none in resort.

  • I just tried again, and it won’t recognise the email address given – dlp.mail.order@disney.com

    Any ideas?


  • Thanks.
    Tried again, seems to have gone through this time. I gave my address and card details this time.
    Havn’t received an email back yet though.

  • I can assure you that it works perfectly to write an e-mail and order this magical book.

    I sent an e-mail 23 April and less than 24 hours later I got a reply where I was asked to send name, address and credit card details. Didn’t feel totally comfortable sending credit card details in an e-mail but when I noticed this info was removed in the next reply from DLP (an order confirmation that also came less less than 24 hours later) it felt so much better.

    In the order confirmation I was told they would ship the book (with DHL) within 15 days. But already 8 days later I got another e-mail from DLP where this wonderful and very kind person told me the book was shipped that day and also gave me the DHL tracking number.

    The next day (4 May) I had the book in my hand – all it took was 11 days from I wrote my first e-mail until I could hold it in my hand. And to add to this – I live in Sweden!!!

    So all you out there who wants this book – and it’s an amazing book!!! – write and ask to order and you will get the very best service from this wonderful person working at DLP.MAIL.ORDER!!!

    Hope this helps!!!!

  • Ordered my copy by email release day and also got a response the following day saying my order was being processed. That was the last I heard and not had any kind of response since then – the money still hasn’t been taken out of my account and nobody is replying to my emails – VERY frustrating. :-(

    • I called the number under the confirmaiton e-mail, and they said, it’s just so many orders, so they cannot send the book in 15 days. (I ordered my copy 14 days ago, and the money also hasn’t been taken out of my account)… They said transaction will start maybe today or tomorrow… Yes, to me was also very frustrating, because I sent many e-mails: “when will I get the book?”, but nobody is replying to my emails too.. It’s a better idea when you are calling them..

    • Ironically – just received the book this morning by DHL – hoorah! It’s beautiful and packed full of wonderful photos. Can’t wait to have a proper look through it during my lunch hour at work. :-) Well worth the wait.

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Ad: Book your return to Disneyland Paris with confidence