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[VIDEO] Disney Magic on Parade! Premiere

Thursday, 5th April 2012 at 15:58
Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary Launch Weekend

At 3.00pm on Saturday, there was “Magic Everywhere!” as Disney Magic on Parade! saw its official premiere for the press, running “backwards” up Main Street towards Fantasyland for one day only. Also a one-off was the heavy “security” presence — you may have heard that the previous day’s parade, planned to be a final farewell for the Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade name and music, had to be cancelled due to a small group of strikers disrupting the parade route.

The next day, as the press and VIPs (and, err, us lot) gathered to watch the revamped parade for the 20th Anniversary launch, it was clear the vast majority of other Cast Members were not willing to see this performance disrupted and so the parade was guarded its entire length. If you watch closely, you can even spot Peggie Fariss, head of Walt Disney Imagineering Paris, walking alongside!

If you’d rather a video with sunshine and fewer parade guards (but no Tinker Bell), stay tuned for our video of the first “opening day” performance on April 1st, coming shortly.

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  • Please, I wanna see more videos of this parade on your channel!!! Love your quality ;)

  • Brilliant!! I love this, now I really can’t wait to go. Only thing I thought was that there seemed to be fewer main floats compared to the 15th Anniversary but that might just be because they seemed more spaced out. You have to applaude the dancers for their constant energy and enthusiasm as well and my favourite float was the end one!!

    • No, you’re right – the parade is now missing the villains’ “Dreams of Power” float, which it has been rumoured will return only for Halloween.

      And yes, the energy of the new choreography is very impressive and much livelier than the previous version of the parade!

  • its a lovely parade, and i love the music! however, Belle and Jasmine are my favourite princesses and although i love Rapunzel and Tiana and i understand they have to make it more modern, Belle and Jasmine should not have been cut.

  • disneylover21  6th April 2012, 14:50

    the parade looks amazing, but i’m very sad that they have cut belle and jasmine and it has ruined it for me!

  • Looking good! Can’t wait to see it for myself! And it has to be said, well done DLP for ensuring everything ran smoothly unlike the day before.
    I’m starting to wonder if the reason Tinkerbell keeps appearing then disappearing from the final float is that a figure of the character already appears on the new first float, and therefore she’s being represented twice? Really hope she remains on the final float though.

  • Great video!

    I have to agree with the previous comments, Belle and Jasmine are my favourite two princesses, I understand they are trying to incorporate new characters into the parade but surely they could have found a way to include them all. I’m so dissapointed that they have been cut.

    I’m also surprised they haven’t used the parade to increase the exposure of other Disney films like Pochohontus, Tarzan, Mulan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  • The parade looks fantastic! The enthusiasm from the dancers really sets a great atmosphere and special praise goes to the dancers on the Peter Pan float, they really were getting into it!

    That being said, I agree with others in saying I wish that they hadn’t have cut Jasmine and Belle from the parade. Surely they could’ve been added in somewhere. Rapunzel stole Jasmine’s swing! Jasmine won’t be pleased. xD

    Also, who is that random brown bear in the red outfit on the last 20th Anniversary Float? Is he a new character or something? I’ve never seen him before…

  • We were there that weekend it was very magical

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