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[VIDEO] 20th Anniversary Opening Ceremony with Fabienne Bergmans and Salma Hayek

Wednesday, 4th April 2012 at 12:53
Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary Launch Weekend

Join Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the Disneyland Paris Ambassadors for a special one-off Park Opening Ceremony at 10am on 31st March 2012 to launch the 20th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris!

Features a live performance of the new Disney Magic on Parade! theme song “Magic Everywhere!” by Fabienne Bergmans, winner of The Voice Kids Netherlands, before actress, director and producer Salma Hayek cuts the ribbon to launch the celebration — but not before Chip and Dale arrive with the all-important scissors!

• Enjoy a complete gallery of original photos from the event at Photos Magiques!

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  • Did no one tell Chip and Dale not to run with scissors? :p

  • Martin Higgs  4th April 2012, 15:10

    Don’t chip and dale know that you shouldn’t run with scissors!!!

  • Just watched the video and I think it’s cheesy. I noticed that they featured nearly all countries on the Mickey shaped flaggs, except Germany. Even the smaller German speaking countries Austria and Switzerland are featured.

  • Have to agree with dagobert, I also realised the lack of the German flag :-/

  • means for me: they don´t longer wan´t me there cause I´m german. But I have this feeling since some years, so it´s not that shocking that they don´t wan´t germans at DLP.

  • Of topic: By the way: At Disneyland Anaheim they were very happy to see a german person in real. Cause they said all the fancy castle are from there “even our castle is based on a german castle called neuschwanstein”. So that gives me the hope, that WDI like us a bit;-)

  • I guess it’s just a stupid mistake.

    In the early years of DLP, Germans made a big part of the visitors. However they became less and less and that clearly shows the decrease of the quality of the resort. Why should they stay in bad hotels and a bady maintained themepark (compared to the early years) when they have quality hotels for less money and wonderful themeparks in their own country. At least Disney is now improving the parks and hotels, but they still don’t have the same quality of hotels found in Germany.

    Didn’t Mr. Gas mention in a roundtable discussion that DLP plans to go to Germany again? I think I read that on a French site for shareholders. It gives me hope that we will see some adverts for the resort here again.

  • Sure, that was a mistake. I don´t think they made it cause they really want it. But it shows for me the lack of thinking in details. I was always thinking that this was the big lesson they´ve learned 20 years ago: Europe means diffrent countries with diffrent languages and people. I´m sure for the 20th birthday you will be a lucky guy to find 5 CMs in a row that speak more then english and french. Yes maybe some spanish ones.

    What they do at the moment is mostly this disney days at Pro 7. But nothing for DLP. But all this is another topic:-) Let´s watch mickey in his japanese sorceres outfit again and halloween minnie:-))))
    just kidding…never serious on holy days!

  • Fantastic Opening!

    Has anyone else noticed at 12:50 how she is being spoken to by one of the ambassators as she tries to get her whole family at the front whilst they are still filming. She doesnt look too happy!

    Brilliant Videos as always DLRP Today! What a year its going to be at DLRP!

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