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‘Disney Dreams!’ world premiere to broadcast live on Disneyland Paris YouTube channel

Wednesday, 28th March 2012 at 19:05

Disney Dreams! world premiere live on YouTube

What are you doing at 10.30pm this Saturday, 31st March? Cancel it. Instead, prepare a drink, warm some popcorn and settle down to watch the world premiere of Disney Dreams! — broadcast “live” to your computer screen on the Disneyland Paris YouTube channel.

We’ve already seen promotions for a live streaming event in collaboration with French broadcaster TF1, but now Disneyland Paris are apparently opening this up to the world via their official YouTube channel. Those eager to see the grand premiere of the new nighttime spectacular, created by Steve Davison, will be able to log onto the channel this Saturday evening where a special, re-themed page will guide you to the live stream. There, you’ll see the whole event unfold in realtime, joining the invited press in the park to be the very first members of the public to see the show.

Don’t forget, though — that’s 10.30pm Central European Summer Time. In the UK (BST), you’ll need to be online for 9.30pm, whereas Disney fans over in Steve Davison’s home state of California, for example, will see Disney Dreams! as a matinée performance at 1.30pm. And as with all Disneyland events, it may be sensible to arrive a little earlier…

This is a daring proposition by Disneyland Paris: having spent millions (at a guess) on a huge new nighttime show, they’re now going to allow people to watch the whole thing, online without even leaving their homes. The audience may only be made up of more committed, regular visitors, but it must show some confidence in the show itself — not just that it’s a worthy spectacular, but that viewers will be so taken by it they’ll still consider it worthwhile to book a trip and see it for themselves.

Final programming of the show was completed just last night, ahead of the private Cast Member premiere tomorrow. Posting on his Facebook fan page, Steve Davison wrote:

“Tonight we completed the final programming of DISNEY DREAMS! It was a lot of work and I can never thank the production team enough for all their efforts. This was a very diffucult show to create/produce, but everyone stuck with it and gave it their all! Thanks Team Dreams! Whew! We’re all very exicted to premeire the show.

“There’s lots of activity in the park tonight as they prepare for the 20th! For me, I think I’m going to call it an early night.”

On Saturday, the world awaits. Then, Disney Dreams! officially opens for all park guests with two performances at 9.30pm and 10.30pm on Sunday 1st April.

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  • What time will Dreams be streaming if you live on the east coast of the US (such as Florida?

  • Julio Nasser  28th March 2012, 21:58

    OMG! Great, here in Colombia we have to watch it at 11:30 AM! its gonna be a Magicas show! i just cant wait to be there in June!

  • As good as this idea is, and as great as I’m sure the show is, I don’t want to see the show until I’m there. However if I was in the States, or I wasn’t going to the park this year, this would be brilliant!!!

  • xPrincessEmilyx  29th March 2012, 00:43

    “Cancel what you are doing!”… but I’ll be swimming about the Sequoia Lodge pool dreaming about what this will be like the night after when I can see it in person!

  • I checked the time on world time buddy. Now it’s saying that Eastern Time in Canada And US Is 3:30 if its 10:30 In Paris. So Will It Happen At 3:30?

  • Can DLRPToday check for me what time it would be in Vietnam! Thank you!

  • I deliberately won’t be watching, and I’m going to be trying my best to avoid seeing as much as possible because I don’t want to spoil it for when I’ll actually be there in June!

  • I don´t see why this should be a “daring proposition” – it will be on Youtube et. al. a few hours after the event anyway, so they may as well stream it…

  • I heared this broadcast won’t be available on YouTube if you’re in the US. Is that true?

  • Disneyland Paris+Me=one happy kid  31st March 2012, 20:29


    I done my home and it looked verry cool

  • I Can’t see it!!!! :(

  • It’s 9:34 and nothing is happening…

  • I’m looking on youtube and I cant find it! Nightmare!

  • The Stream doesn’t work! :(

  • YouTube link is not showing the live feed here. Can anyone else find it?

  • Well the advert for the live show is all over YouTube but how the hell do you access the live stream?

  • Whilst I can get on the streaming site, nothing is happening, has the show been delayed?

  • OMG, just saw it and it was magical, i really liked it so beautiful. And what they did to the castle in the show … I love it and I cant wait to see it live in july :D

  • Well – the streaming finally loaded for me at about 10:30 UK time and ran totally uninterrupted which was great. I viewed it full screen on my iMAC and in pitch blackness – all I needed were people pushing in front of me and it would have totally realistic.

    The projection is a total masterpiece. Well done Disney and so nice for Paris to have this first. The fountains I thought were well used in places though overall not as effective as I had hoped. The music and story was OK but for me the fireworks made it. I feel it really needs the magic of fireworks but then again these are 1) loud – I believe the locals complain!! and 2) expensive – so lights and water are a good year round stand in.

    What was most telling was the applause. Rather muted and short lived. Perhaps the park wasn’t totally full or the microphones didn’t pick up all the audience but I didn’t get the feeling I was a crowd whopping for more. Somehow I feel likewise. Yes, I’d happily have Wishes back any day (especially the Disneyland California version which has an extra bit at the start and a wonderful firework/musical tour around the park towards the end) but this left me rather cold.

    It’s easy to see that Disney tends nowadays to copy things it does around the world. World of Colour (Color in the US!!) can clearly be seen reflected in that damn Paris train (can’t it rust or break down or something) and to a large extent the 20th events in Paris are all Coloured up too. I just sometimes wish they’d stick to what we all like – core Disney magic.

    The other thing about the streaming was the camera editing – jumped around a to from camera to camera towards the end. I’m sure the live show will be better for those lucky enough to get to see it.

    So, still excited? Yes. More so about still trying to capture that perfect castle/firework photograph that seeing the show again.

    Have a look for yourself and tell us what you think http://20e-anniversaire.disneylandparis.fr/disney-dreams-exclusive-web-show?ecmp=y&camid=ADVERTISE&mauid=ecid_1db718_FY12_FR_20TH-BIRTHDAY_UNCLASSIFIED.

    Oh and just one more thing, I don’t much care for the split English-French language but I understand we are in France after all.

    Bon nuit.

    However, I’m sitting here in the pitch black

  • Working now :-) on third watch, simply stunning. A world class show for Paris

  • the show was fantastic ooh i just cant wait for my trip in May now…Come on Mickey!!!

  • Actually, It Was Billed Live But Offered Being Pre-Recorded. When I Got That Composition From Disneyland Paris Youtube Channel, Guess They Decided To Pre-Recorded After I Got That Composition

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