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New ‘Meet Mickey Mouse’ marquee brings Fantasyland into electric age

Tuesday, 27th March 2012 at 23:41

Meet Mickey Mouse (C) @TBardenat

The sun rose on a new age in Fantasyland‘s British quarter this morning, with the new marquee for Meet Mickey Mouse now installed atop the former Fantasy Festival Stage. Clean lettering and bright, theatrical, electric lights evoke a slightly later time period for the land than seen before. Perhaps stepping from the Edwardian era towards the 1920s, when Mickey Mouse himself came into being, it takes this ornate pavilion into an electric age where theatres and music halls became picture houses.

This set-up will be continued inside where, as we revealed in a descriptive walk-through of the new attraction, the old theatre stage will now house a projection screen, allowing guests queueing along the aisles of the theatre to enjoy classic Mickey Mouse cartoons. This sort of “modern” innovation contrasts well with the Disneyland Railroad Station behind, which already blends two periods of British history: a Tudor-style cottage with exposed beams and the Victorian station building, platforms and clock tower of the railway. Looking at the way buildings in Great Britain were so often chopped and changed for the latest trends through the ages, the eclectic mixture here seems wonderfully British.

What doesn’t seem wonderfully British? The words “Rencontre avec Mickey”, hastily stuck underneath the illuminated letters. For a start, we have to wonder if French visitors could really be so confused by “Meet Mickey Mouse” that they need a translation. But more importantly, this disrespects an unwritten rule of Disneyland Paris regarding the languages of attraction marquees.

You might have noticed that you eat at Auberge de Cendrillon, to reference the French Charles Perrault, but ride Peter Pan’s Flight, to fit the English setting and author J.M. Barrie. Similarly, the whole of the American Main Street, U.S.A. and Frontierland are named in English, while elements of Adventureland and Discoveryland use French where more appropriate.

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  • Any news on the opening date of this yet? I know there’s rumors for the 17th of May but we’re going before that as we believed it would be open when we booked it, and it’s what my son’s most looking forward to. I know there’ll be a temporary one but that’s not going to be as good. We go for his Birthday every year and this is what he wants this year. This and the princesses lol.

    It would be great if they got it open in April

  • They really should keep this title in French and put the English translation underneath, especially if it respects the park’s rules regarding foreign languages. Also, some of us English tourists do actually speak French so…

    • Actually since this is in the British section of the land (Fantasyland is roughly divided into countries), the French translation has absolutely no place as part of the main marquee. Besides the fact that it slightly insults the intelligence of French visitors to understand the three words “Meet Mickey Mouse”!

      • Paul Cronin  3rd April 2012, 15:35

        The great news is that the signage is made in England!

        And the French was not “hastily stuck underneath” but was all planned well inadvance!

        And to quote Lumiere “after all this is France!!”

      • But the French can read English just not very well

  • French visitors can be very chauvinistic though.
    And what to do actually with the ‘Blanche Neige et les sept nains’ to follow the rules?

  • This set-up will be continued inside where, as we revealed in a descriptive walk-through of the new attraction, the old theatre stage will now house a projection screen

  • According to D23 and castmember rumours the meet Mickey will be the talking heads

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