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New floats, changes, additions revealed during Disney Magic on Parade! soft openings

Tuesday, 27th March 2012 at 19:23

Disney Magic on Parade! (C) NewsDLRP.com

As previously announced, this is “soft opening” week for Disney Magic on Parade!, when the “new” daily parade arrives in the park for public dress rehearsals — revealing its many changes and additions. Yesterday saw the first performance of the revamped parade, and the first play of new theme song “Magic Everywhere” (which we previewed here) in the park. It certainly won’t be the last — unlike under its former guise as Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade, there’s no score throughout the parade, just the song played on a loop.

But what we’ve all been clamouring to see are the new floats, starting with the reworking of the original Dreams of Imagation opening float as Making Magic. Its sun, moon and hot air balloon for Mickey and Minnie were icons of the old parade, and they’ve been completely cleared off the storybook float to make way for a pink castle and three characters: the Fairy Godmother, the Blue Fairy and Merlin.

Opening the parade are the Three Good Fairies, who appear to move magically across the parade route using some kind of hands-free segway system. It’s a clever “floating” effect which, along with the nice mix of rarer characters here, might just about make up for the disappointing opening float itself, completely lacking the presence, quality and imagination of Dreams of Imagination.

Disney Magic on Parade! (C) NewsDLRP.com

Far more successful are the gorgeous, whimsical Princess Carriages, each uniquely decorated for their corresponding royalty. Though the three carriages for Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella pass by close together, it still affords a far better chance to glimpse the princesses than the previous, rather overcrowded finale float.

Following these is the smaller, renamed Magic of Romance unit, now comprising three couples: Ariel and Prince Eric, Tiana and Prince Naveen, plus new additions Rapzunel and Flynn. For the first time since they arrived in park parades, the royalty of Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast are missing.

Disney Magic on Parade! (C) NewsDLRP.comDisney Magic on Parade! (C) NewsDLRP.com

From here, the parade consists of four relatively unchanged original floats, now renamed as Magic of Laughter & Fun, Magic of Friendship, Magic of Adventure and Magic of Fantasy. Within these we see the arrival of the White Rabbit, new puppet dancers alongside Pinocchio and Gepetto, bumblebees following Winnie the Pooh, colourful birds flying either side of Adventure and purple-clad pearly kings and queens following Mary Poppins. Each float has a hidden ’20’.

The grand finale is preceded by more dancers, floating on segways, dressed in pink, purple and orange. Repainted in similarly bright shades, Magic Everywhere is the new name for the former Dreams of Romance: Finale unit, now home to Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Chip ‘n’ Dale, Goofy and — yes — Duffy. Mickey Mouse, in a new variation of his classic sorcerer’s outfit, ends the parade atop the blue Fantasia-inspired hillside, dotted with anthropomorphised mops holding buckets.

Disney Magic on Parade! (C) NewsDLRP.com
Disney Magic on Parade! (C) NewsDLRP.com

Hidden in the back of the float yesterday was Tinker Bell, but today her place was apparently taken by Donald Duck. More changes could continue tomorrow and Thursday. On Friday 30th, however, the parade apparently reverts back to being Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade for a special farewell performance, including the last appearance (for now) of the spectacular Dreams of Power villain float, which will be sorely missed in the new parade.

It won’t be until Saturday, 31st March that we see Disney Magic on Parade! officially premiere at the special time of 3pm. On 1st April, the first advertised performance date, this reverts to 5pm for the rest of the 20th Anniversary year. DLRP Today will be there to cover both dates, so look out for more reports and our new HD videos next week. But for now, what are your first impressions?

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  • I agree that the opening float is a little disappointing :( I like the idea of using the castle a lot, but it doesn’t seem to have much presence, especially for something as big as the 20th anniversary! The rest looks great though, and Duffy looks so sweet in his hat.

  • I was so glad to see Tinkerbell in theparade yesterday. But was then sad to see her be replaced by Donald :( I think Tink should always be there she is sort the Disney logo. And on that note coud we please have a Pixie Hollow :D

  • Nice to see Tinkerbell :) Last time I seen her was in 2006 on the cinema parade in the studios ! Let’s just hope she will be a regular on the parade !

  • I totally agree with the lack of presence the opening float has. Not very grand, whereas the Dreams of Imagination float was spectacular and really made an entrance. Overall the parade is “ok”, I like the fairies though I feel entertainment have done anything and everything they could (without using their budget) to make it seem “new”. Removing Bert and Jessie off their floats and putting Captain Hook on the ship. Small changes that really don’t make sense, it’s as if they’ve been done purelyto make us feel as if the parade is different. Here’s to the day we get a completely new parade from scratch.

  • I still have the fondest memories of the Topsey Turvey Hunchback parade. Brilliant.

  • I was at Disney 2 weeks ago but I would definitely go back the end of this year just to see Tinkerbell if I knew she is always gonna be on the parade

  • everything is disappointing dlp impressed me at first with the disney dreams the main street decoration…and especially the station but since yesterday……… the y destroyed everything i espected much more from the first float as you said and i believe that the last is better than the artwork but it still needs more colours…..same for the first one… the train with one word AWFUL , anw the only that i was hated from the artwork were the carriages that now i love i hope there are new additions to the new floats and also… plsss remove the flags from the other floats they destroy everything!!!!! :O

  • There is definitely no shortage on colour in this parade either! I am of the same opinion though as with the train, I shall save my judgment till I have seen it in person. I just hope that it lives up to the parades of the 15th Anniversary as that was the last time I was at Disney and I really loved both the train and the parade then. Fingers crossed!!

  • Those on the segways have been rehearsing for almost a year! I remember watching them rehearsing from my balcony in the Disneyland Hotel early April last year and being so confused! Got a bit excited to see them being used in the parade :)

    • The people on these Segways only started the training last month! They have worked so hard and endlessly to put in this amazing spectacle that you see!! It is truly unique and a first for Disney to have segways (steadysegs) in this way!

  • I also miss Alladin And jasmin And Belle And adam, Why leave out a carriage for them:( just 6 out of the 8 Disney princesses is Sad! I like the characters on First float but I Miss Tink there!

  • There was no stop though, in neither of the 2 parades until now. You might have seen a YouTube clip where Peter Pan/Mary Poppins stopped for a while, but that was just a technical problem.

  • I think we have to be thankful for all changes made. Some could be better, but a lot of good work has been done and I feel the segway technique is an excellent new tool refreshing the whole parade. I can’t wait seeing it in real!

  • What happened to Daisy? why isn’t she on the float? She was on it on the plans not that ridiculous bear

  • Rowdy, just to let you know there’s 10 Disney Princesses. Pocahontas and Mulan are classed as Princesses too. And I fully agree that it’s sad to only see 6 of them. I especially thought as seeing that it’s the 20th anniversary they’d go all out and have as many as they could, but nah they’ve just decided to cut corners everywhere

  • Okay, need to remember to get all this out in one comment lol.

    On a good note, I like the new floats, I think the colour is brilliant, first float, mm, little bit disappointing i suppose. But it’ll improve and grow on people. The segways are great.

    I still stand by my ridiculous bear comment though. Get that thing off that float and get Daisy on there. Duffy is not a VIP character, it’s Daisy that was on the plans, put her on there. Whichever idiot decided duffy was going to be on there i’m sorry but they need a disciplinary or sacking or something

  • Just saw a video of the full parade on youtube, and notice Pluto’s not there either?!!!! What on earth is going on? GET DUFFY OFF OF THAT PARADE HE IS AN ABOMINATION!!!!

    • Sorry for calling Duffy an abomination I just really didnt take kindly to him replacing 2 of the most well loved characters.

  • The carage looks like the best new part of the parade from the photos above.

  • I saw the parade on monday. I was really excited to see it, but I was a little bit dissapointed. The parade is too “small” for the 20th birthday. I don’t like Duffy und I missed Pascal on the Tangled float. By the way…. I really miss the merch for Pascal! He is great!

  • Princess Phoebe  31st March 2012, 23:47

    Just got back from DLP tink was on the back of the Mickey float, i was gutted not to see Aladdin and jasmine on there but was as magical as ever! Wish i was there for the night show tonight!!!!!

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