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Giant ’20’ completes Main Street Station transformation as lights twinkle to life

Sunday, 25th March 2012 at 22:19

Main Street Station 20th Anniversary overlay

Tinker Bell — and a very bold ’20’ — have arrived at Main Street Station to complete its 20th Anniversary look for the Main Street, U.S.A. Celebrates! overlay. And with Tink’s added pixie dust, the whole thing has suddenly sparkled to life. Looking good!

The three special golden arches were installed at the front of the station late last week, featuring a swirling pattern and more embedded LED lights. The original “EDLRR” arches, with a rather more convincing late 19th Century look, thankfully remain beyond, simply repainted gold. Standalone stars, also embedded with LEDs, have been delicately scattered across the façade and railings above. The paint job of the entire façade appears fresh and clean in these photos by @InsideDLParis.

Main Street Station 20th Anniversary overlayMain Street Station 20th Anniversary overlay

For added effect, the castle silhouette on the four golden plaques is illuminated from behind to create a glow around the icon itself. Less successful, if we can pass one criticism, are the well-integrated but rather dull golden swirls which have replaced the four “EDLRR” roundels on the railings. Were they really necessary to complete the look? An overlay should be exactly that: it should never remove nice details, not unless the replacement can match the quality.

As for the gold paintwork, the wall extending out from the two furthest pillars (pictured in the first photo at the top) appears to be missing gold paint on top, creating an odd mix. Nevertheless, with the original “test pillar” over on the far left of the station now back to its original stone colour, the golden repaint has probably not turned out as dramatic as some expected (or feared).

Main Street Station 20th Anniversary overlay

Only needed now to complete the transformation is the sparkling glow of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust trail, which circles around the giant ’20’. Small dots can be seen all along its length, which will presumably be lit to give an effect similar to that used for the 15th Anniversary‘s Tinker Bell statue atop Sleeping Beauty Castle. Hopefully this one won’t outstay its welcome quite the same.

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  • Wow! so pretty. I cant wait
    only 13 more days to wait

  • Martin coombs  25th March 2012, 23:52

    So excited. It looks amazing. Can’t wait for the month of may when we arrive to see it in all it’s glory.

  • I love it! Do you happen to know if it was imagineering who was in charge of this? Nothing has came out of the DLP-Entertainment department since, well, ever.

  • Wow that does look good, nice touches there. 10 weeks and counting!

  • Ok, I was skeptical and still don’t like several aspects of this… but the result is pretty decent. I would also like to know if this is an effort made by DLP Entertainment or WDI.

  • I have to say that I was a bit sceptical at first, but it turned out to be very nice. In fact I like it and it looks so much better than the signs in recent years.

    I think it was done by WDI. It looks too good to be from the entertainment department.

  • I’m sure they didn’t paint the outcoming parts of the pillars on the sides in gold because of all the children running on top of them.

  • Yep, as long as it is a temporary decotation for a year or so, it’s OK with me, it turns out to be a lesson for me not to judge things if you hadn’t seen them entirely!

  • I hope that the old ‘Main Street USA’ sign comes back when the celebration is over. For me, reading that is when you know that you are going in to another world.

  • Well I have to admit that despite my fears it does actually look good. I now understand why the “Disneyland Park” sign was put in place of the “Main Street USA” sign else it wouldn’t look quite right but I am also hoping that the new paint work etc will only last as long as the celebrations! Can’t wait to go but I have a long wait till September!

  • I can’t believe that those people can walk towards and under the station without looking up!
    I will have a stiff neck from looking up every time when I am there…

  • dont know how anyone can think this is nice, its cheap and tacky, but what can we expect after the past few years of cheap overlays on the station… could have been so much better, with a little imagination.. the money seemed to be there, but yet again the lack of disney imagination is lost in paris, get an american in to do it, look at what they did with dreams FANTASTIC… such a shame,

  • Gillian St-Claire  2nd April 2012, 04:38

    Going on the 9th can’t wait will be there for the 12th, we were there a month after it opened in 1992 so had to be there next week

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