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Main Street Paris imports California’s new music loop featuring “Up”, “Hello Dolly”

Saturday, 24th March 2012 at 11:06

Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland Paris won’t just look a little different for its 20th Anniversary year, it’ll sound different too. A new background music loop is now playing during daytime, swiftly imported from Disneyland in California. Introduced at Walt’s original kingdom on 9th January this year, the new loop was noted not just for its fresh new recordings of many Main Street ragtime “classics”, but the addition of brand new music, including a suite of music from Disney-Pixar’s Up. All were newly recorded especially for the park by Dean Mora and his Orchestra.

The changeover suffered a flaky start on Wednesday, when the new music reportedly played through until 4pm followed by a long silence, returned for five minutes, then faded out for the regular afternoon loop. Disneyland Paris will thankfully retain its unique feature over the other parks of having two background music loops on Main Street, a lively “AM” loop played from opening to 4pm, and a gentler, more sentimental “PM” loop played from 4pm to park closing. This new loop replaces the former “AM” loop only, and is perhaps somewhat calmer than that frenzied mix. As well as the new suite of “Married Life” from Up by Michael Giacchino, it introduces “Put on Your Sunday Clothes”, that famous “Hello Dolly!” song memorably used in Disney-Pixar’s WALL-E, to Paris’ Main Street loop.

Upon announcing the new loop for California, the Disney Parks Blog noted that this was the first time the famous street’s music had changed in 20 years — the last time being when, shortly after the opening of Disneyland Paris, new recordings made for our park were brought over to Anaheim to update their soundtrack. It seems fitting, then, that in the 20th Anniversary year, a new music loop should cross back over the Atlantic; a birthday gift from one Magic Kingdom to another.

Listen to a live recording of the loop and find a full tracklisting below…

Live Main Street, U.S.A. – 2012 BGM recording from Disneyland, California

Put On Your Sunday Clothes from “Hello Dolly!” can be heard at 3.37, while Married Life from “Up” comes at around 7 minutes in.


Tracks in italics were also part of the previous Disneyland Paris loop.

  1. Maple Leaf Rag
  2. Married Life (from “Up”)
  3. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
  4. Surrey With the Fringe On Top
  5. Oh, You Beautiful Doll
  6. Old Timers Waltz Medley
  7. Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet
  8. And the Band Played On
  9. Alexander’s Ragtime Band
  10. Before the Parade Passes By
  11. Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby
  12. Dearie
  13. Delerium Tremens Rag
  14. Hello, Ma Baby
  15. By the Light of the Silvery Moon
  16. It’s a Long Way To Tipperary
  17. In the Good Old Summertime
  18. Fortuosity
  19. Oh! You Drummer
  20. Sidewalks of New York
  21. There’ll Be a Hot Time In the Old Town Tonight
  22. Wait ‘Till the Sun Shine Nellie
  23. Meet Me in St. Louis
  24. Elegance
  25. Kansas City
  26. Yankee Doodle Dandy
  27. Wells Fargo Wagon
  28. Put On Your Sunday Clothes (from “Hello Dolly!”)

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  • Those tracks were re-recorded, actually, not remastered. Remastered means they’d have used the original recordings, while they were actually all newly played in by Dean Mora and his orchestra for this loop.

  • Does anyone know somewhere one can listen to the loop that is being replaced?

  • Thanks for the music clip. Nice to be able listen to all 55 minutes without being nagged by kids or my wife to ‘C.mon!!!!’.

    Two things though.

    1. I’m not sure if this is more familiar to me because I’ve heard the tracks elsewhere in shows and films. Upon first listening it doesn’t grab me as being Main Street Disneyland unlike my Disneyland and Disneyland Paris soundtracks. Only time will tell when I’m there in June.

    2. The fact that we’re getting all these refurbishments either means we’re really special or perhaps it goes to show just how much Pairs has been left behind its American cousins.

  • i’m so excited that they’ve put UP in, what a perfect song to be added to the loop! i love the main street music. p7389, i usually listen to this loop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vgIo0l3-3w – i’m not sure if it’s the whole loop or even the right one as i’m not an expert but it’s nice to listen to :)

  • well, does anybody know where I can download the old and the new loop?

  • Does anyone know we’re I can listen to the loop that was played before Dreams every night? It might have been the afternoon loop? Many thanks!

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