2012 or ’92? New Central Plaza in sunshine resets the clock on timeless view

Thursday, 22nd March 2012 at 14:20

Central Plaza and Sleeping Beauty Castle (C) Nicolas71

Since Monday, guests have been able to walk right across Central Plaza for the first time since 2006. But these photos, taken Tuesday by Nicholas71 on Disney Central Plaza, almost seem to reset the clock even further. Be it the wide, open plaza, the fresh green grass, the newly-restored Sleeping Beauty Castle or the recent tree clearance over on the Fantasyland side of this famous view, it almost looks like we’re stepping into the park for the very first time again. Truly a vast improvement on the closed gates and obstructive stage guests have had to navigate around for too many years.

On Central Plaza itself, benches have returned to the middle of the plaza for the first time in almost six years, making it once again the perfect place for meeting and people watching. Meanwhile, two lampposts on the castle side are now curiously absent, their bases covered by green boxes.

They’re not the only things missing from this view: tree clearance over by the Fantasyland Gate (far-right of the photo) has uncovered the walled kingdom in the distance, while at least two cuboid trees have been completely removed from the right-hand side of the castle. Both changes could either be in preparation for Disney Dreams!, or just part of the habitual “resetting the clock” which Disney does; replanting or removing trees which have grown too big for the fixed scale of the park.

Central Plaza and Sleeping Beauty Castle (C) Nicolas71

Looking back towards Main Street, U.S.A., the new “Parks Landscaping Department” show control building for Disney Dreams! blends seamlessly into the town. The old show control kiosk, on the left of the plaza, remains in place for now. As for the plaza, the improvement speaks for itself.

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  • Looks great! I’m really looking forward to seeing the park at the end of all these refurbishment efforts.

    While the central flower bed is missed in terms of visual impact (it was a pleasant interruption of what’s now a long stretch of concrete) I guess it makes sense to keep it this way for Dreams.

  • I am…speechless, really I just stare at the pictures with my mouth wide open, I guess now we will just have to sit down and wait for the magic of the night to come.

  • I just love how this looks. It is unbelievable that they ever had the heart of the Magic Kingdom covered with this awful stage. I hope they will never to this again. However, I also hope, that they rebuilt the flower bed in the very center after Dreams.

  • I didn’t like the central plaza stage.. I’m happy it’s gone.. I just hope that Disneyland is gonna have alternatives for the shows in front of the castle like in the Halloween and Christmasperiods..

  • it’s funny that on the article of the completed stage everyone hoorayed the new stage and this time around everyone hoorayed that its gone :) as for me, i was interested in new development in disneyland paris whatever it is, but I’m not much of a fan of those daylight-shows so as soon as the stage was completed i didn’t care much more.

    i love that steve has the impact to make the stage go away to have an amazing view of dreams and I’m really looking forward to seeing the show!

  • still miss the statue from walt and mickey
    just like they have that in the american parks.

  • Thanks for posting the sunny picture! Looks even better than I imagined it would!

    I love Disneyland Paris so much! My favourite Magic Kingdom.

  • Looks Good…. Carnt Wait for the 21st August…. INA they have the statue in walt disney studios park :)

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