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Two domes on new World of Disney store – but two month grand opening delay ahead?

Wednesday, 21st March 2012 at 17:26

World of Disney store in Disney Village (C) @InsideDLParis

Major progress for the resort’s new landmark World of Disney store since our last update. Besides walls, windows, awnings, Art Deco details and some gorgeous Disney character bas-relief panels, the future flagship store of Disney Village has also acquired its two mighty domes. The largest, above the main entrance to the store, brought with it the surprise of turquoise glass panes being installed in its steel structure rather than something, well, “cheaper”. Earlier concept art had shown the dome with smaller, opaque panes to form part of a globe that will, through visual trickery, project downwards into the main atrium of the store itself, looking like a single globe rather than two domes. Whether the dome is still going to eventually represent the Earth is unclear, but the glass is a welcome addition to the otherwise rather false façade of Disney Village.

The second dome sits atop the entrance nearest the existing Disney Village area. With its striking bronze colour, it lends the development an air of that famous Los Angeles landmark the Griffith Observatory, joining the Imagineers’ main inspiration of famous LA department stores.

All around the store, the repaving project from the entrance to Walt Disney Studios Park has spilled out onto the main esplanade in recent weeks. Along with the area around the main security barrier for Disneyland Park being closed for repaving, requiring guests to walk a little further around into the park, some elements of the old Disney Village entrance “wall” have been removed from around the new store. Columns which previously separated this area from the esplanade have been removed, as have several remaining trees from a planter in front of the building, opening the area up. Reports have circulated that Disney will at last take control of some portion of this area from the French government, allowing them to protect the entrance to the new store, which opens directly onto the hub, from the undesirable street sellers which are known to populate this “public” area.

Though progress has been steady over the past year, the store has also reportedly gained an extra two of something elsewhere: two more months on its construction schedule. Publicised in the 20th Anniversary Spring/Summer brochure for a July opening, this then became an optimistic June as Philippe Gas announced at the shareholders’ meeting. Now, the date appears to have slipped to September, crucially missing the busy summer season of the resort’s 20th year.

The store appears eagerly anticipated by fans and visitors, with “When does the new World of Disney store open?” being one of the top questions of the moment.

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  • Martin coombs  21st March 2012, 18:55

    Gutted it’s not going to be sooner. Just have to wait for next years visit!

  • I hope Disney do take control of the area outside of the store. I feel it’s such a shame that you get nothing but hassle from the street sellers, it spoils the Disney magic.

  • Wayne Curtis  21st March 2012, 20:41

    Nightmare! We were hoping the June date was going to be the one, so we booked our Hols around that date. The idea of a new shop sounded excellent. Looks like we may have to return again next year then.

  • I hope it’s open when I go in September as i’ve been saving the pennies so I can go on a mad spending spree here! I agree with DisParksUk, Disney need to get control of this area. It’s the one part in the whole resort where I find myself clutching my handbag and hoping that I won’t fall victim to pickpockets, you try to get away from these worries on holiday and not be reminded of home!!

  • Why is everyone getting so excited about WoDS? It’s just another merchandise shop, that offers the same stuff like all other shops in the resort. Of course it looks nice, but as long as Disney doesn’t improve the merchandise, I can’t get excited about it.

    According to a roundtable discussion with ED SCA CEO Philippe Gas, Disney is in talks with the authorities to get more control of the area around the train stations.

  • samuelvictor  23rd March 2012, 15:53

    We were just there (March 12th) and my first impression before even leaving the station was that the new building with its domes looks beautiful and far better than the view before when stepping out the station. I wholeheartedly agree that it would be great it Disney gained more control over this “public” area, it can get hectic/messy/unprofessional with (often substandard) street sellers and performers…

  • To bad the new store doesnt open to the grand celebration april 1’th. I’m going in the end of april, and I really hoped that the store would be ready at that time. That just mean that I have to come back next spring :-)
    It’s my 8’th visit and I have noticed that the parks, hotels and areas around Disney are in leak of some “makeup” and refurnisment – I cant hardly wait to get to see it all again hopefully as pretty and magical as my first visit when the park was brand new in 1992.
    I have to agree about the street sellers outside Disney – they are a big problem. The only place where you feel unsure in the whole area is when you are in the public place between downtown Disney and the park. Please, please take care of that problem!

  • going in october hopefully the new store will be open otherwise will have to come back when it does open i am sure i will cope with that

  • we are going second week in sept anyone know if it will be open by then ???????????????

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