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Reports: Captain EO to close definitively at Disneyland Paris on 2nd April 2012

Tuesday, 13th March 2012 at 22:19

This officially stands as unconfirmed information, but several sources, including one speaking directly to DLRP Today, have reported this evening that Captain EO will close once and for all at Disneyland Paris on 2nd April 2012. The final day of operation for the reborn Discoveryland 3-D cinema attraction will reportedly be Sunday, 1st April 2012 — ironically also the first day of the 20th Anniversary celebrations. News of the closure was apparently revealed to Cast Members at the attraction today, with no announcement of an imminent replacement.

Captain EO, a 1986 3-D film with special effects starring Michael Jackson, re-opened in its original locations at Epcot, Disneyland, Disneyland Park in Paris and Tokyo Disneyland throughout 2010 as a “tribute” to the musical star himself. It also provided a welcome stop-gap to replace the ageing Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, but its reopening was greeted more enthusiastically in some parts of the globe than others. Returning to Disneyland Paris on 12th June 2010, it enjoyed a welcome reception from a minority of fans but perhaps failed to ignite the interest of regular guests here as strongly as the American parks, where it had become much more a thing of pop culture legend.

A somewhat out-of-the-way location and a similarly dated neighbour in the original Star Tours, which remains in operation at Disneyland Paris, can’t have helped its success.

We noted last September that the attraction, already operating limited daily opening hours, was even beginning to remain closed completely on some quieter off-season days, as attendance clearly failed to meet requirements. Another potential factor in a closure could be the problems faced by its sponsor, Kodak, with Eastman Kodak Company having filed for bankruptcy in January, though the company remains an official partner and is ever-present at various other locations.

If the attraction’s Cast Members were hoping for a boost in attendance, they’ll now surely get it on the weekend of 1st April, when fans and Annual Passholders will descend on the resort for the premiere of Disney Dreams! and a grand, final farewell to Captain EO…

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  • I can’t believe they’re closing this without plans of a replacment. This already quiet corner of Discoveryland is about to get a lot quieter. I must say I’m rather concerned.

  • Sorry Michael Jackson fans but I am completely agree with the idea of closing this attraction, because these days, people just go and see this attraction because they want to see Michael and his moves, cause the quality of the film does not make a child believe in “dreams come true”. But closing the attraction with no plans for future use of the building?…I can hardly see the whole resort working entirely now!

  • In other words, nobody knows the reason for closing the attraction. The article is full of assumptions.

    On the other hand, the location of the Captain EO is horrible. My cousin told me that She could not find the theater!!!!

    Anyway, a word to the decision to close Captain EO, one of the best attractions of the park: “idiot”.

  • I think they’re more suggestions rather than assumptions, Bad…

  • Sorry to be annoying but shouldn’t the title be “EO to close INDEFINITELY”?

  • That’s too bad, I really wanted to see the show when I went in October ’11… But it was closed on all 4 days I was there :(

  • Comment — Well if it closes, it won’t be “indefinitely”, it’ll be once and for all, for good, definitively…

  • samuelvictor  14th March 2012, 14:44

    No offence to any fans of the film, but in my opinion (and that of the rest of my family) Captain EO is awful. Not a very good short film when it was originally made (the undeniably talented Michael Jackson in his unfortunate “so untouchable that everyone’s scared to tell him when an idea is bad” faze) there was simply no point in the lacklustre re-launch, with the 4D elements vastly stripped back and the passive glasses being replaced on such a limited basis that the majority of people seeing the attraction would get scratched or bent glasses so that even the 3D effect didn’t work properly.

    The lack of merchandise being pushed nowadays (especially compared to that at launch) would imply that our family is not the only one not interested in the attraction. We didn’t even go this last trip, even though we passed it many times.

    Having the lot empty is pretty stupid though. Surely it wouldn’t be expensive to put another 3D film in its place? “Honey I shrunk the audience” would be nice to see again and wouldn’t cost them any money, or if they actually had some money to use (for the animatronics needed) why not convert it into Muppets 3D? The Muppets are doing financially rather well for Disney at the moment are they not?

    I’ve got no problem with the location though, it’s right under the station, and right next to Star Tours, which if our last visit is anything to go by, is still very popular. And Pizza Planet on the other side seems to be a pull to kids and parents (at least on their first visit! ;) )

  • jennytablina  14th March 2012, 14:45

    What a bummer, I’ve been unable to see EO as intended and was hoping I could when I go in April. But I guess it can’t be helped if it simply wasn’t pulling in the crowds. : (

  • DLRPToday==I think you’re mistaken. Definitively means that is the very thing that defines it. Where as indefinitely means suspended for an infinite amount of time.

  • Please tell me this isn’t true!!! I planned to visit disneyland this may. The only reason for my booking would be to see Captain EO! I didn’t manage to visit the last two years. Please rethink this Disneyland Paris!

    I thought it is a “permanent” attraction now in another Disneyland park?

  • Comment — It might be an unusual turn of phrase but it’s a perfectly adequate word to use and sums up the situation. Definitive (adj) Supplying or being a final settlement or decision; conclusive.

  • I do not understand your decision? You realize a vote some time ago, to ask what we wanted atraction or allowing permanently Captain EO? The results shows that we must stay Captain Eo. We then explain you decide?
    look for yourself the results:
    60% of vote,for voting 3144

  • I was hoping to see Captain EO when I visit later in the year as I have never seen the show however I don’t feel that i’m missing out now that I won’t. It is a shame that DLP has yet to confirm if “Honey I Shrunk The Audience” will replace it as I would rather see this than an empty building. My only concern would be if this building remained redundant like the “Wonders of Life” pavilion at Epcot that has now stood abandoned for years.

  • We last visited in October 2010 and were really disappointed that Honey I Shrunk had been replaced (especially as it was still listed on the map)! We watched Capt EO but apart from reasonably good 3D it’s otherwise pretty naff.

    We now go back later this month and I cant imagine we’ll bother with it, but as we come home on 2nd April then we’ll presumably miss whatever replaces it (grrr), or if nothing replaces it then that’s just stupid…….

  • Captain EO is definitely a masterpiece! It is part of Michael Jackson’s legacy that is going to disappear if you close the attraction. He conveyed magic, dream and fantasy that still might entertain the future generations. It seems to me that it hasn’t become old-fashioned at all. You do not recreate characters such as Donald and Mickey Mouse…Snow White is still there too…Why not Captain EO? Whatever replaces it, it won’t ever be as nice as that short film. I feel extremely disappointed.

  • Please keep it there forever! It’s the most beautiful attracion of the park!!!

  • Martin coombs  15th March 2012, 07:48

    Cant say I will miss it. Just hope it does not stay empty for too long.

    Captain EO is de most magical movie in disneyland…


  • That’s so sad.Captain EO was the reason I wanted to visit the park.It’s a legendary attraction and I had hoped its magic would remain in Disneyland forever.

  • Man, I love that attraction! It would be a shame it they would cancel it!

    What are they thinking? There isn’t even a replacement in sight. Instead they want to close it just in time for the 20th anniversary. The only result is that discoveryland would be even emptier.

    And I mean, disney has a classic here, a living piece of history that still looks cool, that no-one else has.
    I would understand a temporary closure if they wanted to restore the original effects like the starfield and other effects. That was just plain lazy to exclude those in the first place.

    I say it again, I love it. Not everybody does, but many, similar like other attractions.

    If disney wanted to close every slightly dated attraction they could close half the park right away!
    But I wouldn’t want that, because the certain magic would be missing.

  • Please don’t close Captain Eo!
    Captain Eo is the only reason why I wanted to travel to Disneyland in summer! PLEASE don’t!!!

  • They just have to stop wanting to keep everything “current and modern”, and not for the better. First Visionarium, then Space Mountain, now Captain EO (for the 2nd time)

  • I was so looking forward to see Captain EO again! I’m coming to Disneyland on may 1st, one month to late :(
    I hope there still will be some merchandise for sale.

  • please don’t close capitan eo.
    in this short film there is a part of the magic of michael!!

  • Kerry Hennigan  25th March 2012, 10:33

    If Captain Eo is gonna close I will NOT be bothering to make the trip across the channel to visit Disneyland Paris when I am in the UK in October. Last visit was just after Eo re-opened, and it was exciting to be there. Without it, I’ll just save myself the time, money and effort. Sorry Disneyland, but for everything else I can wait till my round the world flight gets around to Anaheim.

  • Having seen Captain EO, i ( and the rest of my family) are glad of this closure.
    i am a michael jackson fan,but this film was uninspiring at best.
    lets just hope that they replace it with something that captures the magic that is disney and i for one will be happy to watch anything rather then caption EO.
    ps my daughter ( who loves michael jackson ) fell asleep though this film ! not worth the wait :0)

  • Not before time! My family are regular visitors to DL Paris and I can honestly say the only attraction any of us found a total let down (and the vote was unanimous) was Captain EO. We heard similar opinions being expressed in various languages when the film finally finished. Honey I Shrunk the Audience may have been dated but it didn’t bore us to tears. Let’s hope it is replaced with a new & exciting experience more in keeping with Disney’s usual high standards.

  • I don’t know its true, but on the website of Disneyland Paris they say that Captain EO reopens in October on Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

    Watch link:

  • PLEASE CLOSE EO EVERYWHERE! It’s always been a lame attraction. I have never heard anyone say let’s go there. EPCOT could use the save to put in updated attractions. Especially with all the new PIXAR movies and the lack o space at Hollywood Studios.

  • Just come back from a week – it’s still there…

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