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First look: ‘Disney Dreams!’ fountains shoot into the sky, viewed from Disneyland Hotel

Sunday, 11th March 2012 at 02:25

'Disney Dreams!' fountain tests seen from Disneyland Hotel [(C) Jérémy, DCP]

Disney Dreams! will have stunning projections, pyrotechnics, fire, a brand new orchestral score — the lot. But there’s no mistaking the most anticipated element of this 20th Anniversary spectacular: the fountains. And so the grand prize goes to Jérémy on Disney Central Plaza forum who, at 24 minutes past midnight, made Disneyland Paris history by posting the first clear photo of those 40-or-so main fountains shooting into the sky around Sleeping Beauty Castle. Taken from Disneyland Hotel, overlooking the park during nighttime testing, it’s the very first preview of what a Steve Davison fountain array looks like surrounding a Disney castle. Something you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

The height of the water erupting from those nondescript jets is incredible, easily as high as the main window at the top of the castle — and these aren’t even the most powerful jets. Twelve further nozzles, six on either side of the moat, will use a compressed air technique to intermittently blast water a good few metres more into the sky, apparently higher than the castle itself. And then we have to add the two enormous water screens on top, to complete the scene’s liquid special effects. The proximity to the castle is unusual and certainly dramatic, raising all kinds of questions — for example, what will happen to performances during high winds?

Lit here simply with a purple glow from below, the fountain array at this moment thankfully gives few spoilers for the actual show. It is simply an awe-inspiring glimpse of what’s to come.

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  • Wow !! This is just gonna be a great show! Can’t wait to see it live.. hope for more shows to come this season in the park on chapparal or videopolis .

  • Seeing this has just brought a huge smile to my face. I love how its all coming together

  • Martin coombs  11th March 2012, 08:34

    Cant wait. Its looking amazing.

  • Looking really good! I think during high winds they will lower the fountains. Just like at the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas.

  • I did read a post from DLRPToday said that a company called Aqua”something” is going to take care of the fountains, but the fact that Disney World of Color-style fountains exist in the moat now just confused me.

  • liferobert97  11th March 2012, 15:38

    Wow this is looking so good, can’t wait to see the full show.

  • liferobert97  11th March 2012, 15:39

    KTriet it wasn’t Aquatics Show International was it ?

  • It looks like the fountains on the left are closer. Could there be more fountains outside the moat?

  • Stunning. Wish I was going for April 1st and not having to wait until June to see this.
    All getting very exciting now…

  • Can anyone tell me why my commnets don’t appear immediately any more? Has this changed?

  • I live in florida and never been to disneyland paris only disney world. I wish florida had something like this. That would be all of the water and firework shows combined with the technology that is used for the magic the memories and you.

  • Looks amazing! Just 5 weeks left to see it by myself during special travelagent days.

    For the ones who don’t know In Holland we are getting the biggest fountain show of Europa and 3rd in the World! May 31 2012 in themepark de Efteling in Kaatsheuvel. I will be there at opening night :D

  • So it’s entirely Disney technology in this show isn’t it?

  • What time does this show start? looks amazing xx

  • Photographe paris  12th July 2012, 01:54

    J’aime tomber sur ce type blog ! Je vous ajoutes à mes Favoris!

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