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Listen to two full, high quality versions of “Magic Everywhere”, the new parade anthem

Friday, 9th March 2012 at 20:45

What better way to end the week than with a brand new, feel-good Disney parade anthem? Almost a month ago, we strained our ears to hear “Magic Everywhere” played at Euro Disney SCA’s Annual General Meeting, to nonplussed looks from besuited shareholders. Today, we can share not one but two full, high quality versions of the new Disney Magic on Parade! theme song, that will premiere in the park along with the 20th Anniversary events on 1st April 2012.

One is a four-minute “Parade Version” which, you guessed it, will be used during the parade itself, though whether that’ll be as a looped track or interspersed with other music still isn’t clear.

The other, meanwhile, is a shorter 2 minute 40 second “Song Version” that gives hope for a CD single release or perhaps a whole 20th Anniversary album, so we’ll actually be able to buy this music. The last major music release from Disneyland Paris was a Mickey’s Magical Party album in 2009.

Both versions of “Magic Everywhere” are embedded below… enjoy!

Song Version

Parade Version

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  • Chris Freeman  9th March 2012, 21:51

    I am absolutely blown away by this song! i take my hat off to those people who have put this together! its truly unbelievable!

  • Well I am quite sure this came from the same composer of Mickey’s Magical Party and Just like we dream it, cause it has the same style of the music since the 15th anniversary.

  • Certainly not quite as direct as 15th song. More subtle and I feel there’s more attention to the harmony of the voices, especially in the held chords. (not a big fan of the garage sounding ‘yeah,yeah,yeah”s) In keeping with the ‘regal’ park decorations, it seems this time they are going for a fuller, but softer tone. Will we hear Mickey’s(or other’s voices in Parade) for example?

  • After listening to all three songs, I am completely in awe. They are so good.

  • Sorry, but I am really unimpressed with this. Sounds like they fed all the elements of the (not bad) ‘Just Like We Dreamed It’ into a computer and set it to produce something just the same but different. Even the chord sequences are laughably similar. There’s no magic in this new song, it just sounds like colouring-by-numbers. Could do better. :o(

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