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“Do You Believe”, the new 20th Anniversary Celebration Train theme song – listen here!

Friday, 9th March 2012 at 23:47

Do you believe Disneyland Paris could have two brand new theme songs in a single 20th Anniversary year? You should — joining “Magic Everywhere” on the parade route from 1st April 2012 will be “Do You Believe”, a jazzy new chanson for Disney’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Train. After a year as the luminous Disney Dance Express, the old Character Express will return to its roots as a more conventional street cavalcade to transport the Disney characters up to Central Plaza. But alas, “Tous en Train”, the popular former soundtrack adapted from Tokyo Disneyland, which was remixed to breaking point with each consecutive re-theme of the train, is no more.

In its place, “Do You Believe” is a fresh new song by Scott Erickson, the go-to guy for Disney park entertainment songs who previously penned“Mickey’s Magical Party Time” for Disneyland Paris. Scott posted about the new music on his personal website in January, announcing: “I wrote a song with Valerie Vigoda that will be used in a character parade several times each day around the park. I’m always excited to get to work with my good friend, the music director at the park, Vasile Sirli!”

More of a self-contained song than the endlessly looped “Tous en Train”, the tune nevertheless follows all the regular conventions: overwrought “yeahs” and “oooh yeahs” over the opening, references to “it’s a small world after all” and making wishes upon stars. It’s bound to be a sensation.

Listen to the new song below and share your thoughts…

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  • Quite simply put I love this song it’s fantasmic! It’s got Disney magic through and through

  • I couldn’t breathe after listen to all 3 songs, it’s like The Wonderful World Of Disney Parade theme in a unrecognizable new remix .Then to the 21st century songs, Oh my Disney!

  • Ahhh yes, those wonderful suspended chords that make the ’emotional’ climax in any song – really like this and can see it going down well as the train proceeds down main street. Though, I liked Tous en train as well even though we all must have heard it about a gazillion times!
    The Park’s gonna look really great this year with all the refurb – even if there is no new ride!

  • I’m so excited about going and the music has added to that! All 3 songs are brilliant and I got my 2 yr old son to listen to them today, I asked him what he thought and he said, “Wow!!! 10 out of 10!!”. Well done Disney!

  • I believe, I believe

  • As it stands, I cant put the train to this. It just doesnt seem energetic enough, i don’t know, i think i need to see it working rather than just listening. But right now, even the dance express music was better.

    I’m not usually one to be negative, I’m usually one that’s fartherst from negative, but this just doesn’t seem, well, right

  • Eu acredito em toda a magia Disney…desejo que nunca deixe de acreditar.

  • I really like this song… but not keen on the parade song. its too wordy and awful un-memorable tune! i feel diaspointed! :(

  • Fantastic, i think it will be great!

  • listened to it again, this time with my eyes closed and imagined the train. Still cant picture it. I can picture the gates opening to the start of it, but the rest of it, just, i don’t know. It just doesn’t seem enough to do the train justice if you get what I mean.

  • Blyth family Scunthorpe  21st March 2012, 13:35

    fantastic cannot wait till November for our next visit

  • Marcos Valença  21st March 2012, 13:45

    It’s a nice energetic song. Just not as magical as “Dancin’ to a Catchy Rhythm” and “All Around the World”.

  • claire quinn  26th March 2012, 00:48

    I agree with Marcos Valenca. THE best song ever has to be Dancin a catchy rhythm.

  • Dawn Fulker  7th June 2012, 15:46

    Love it. Can you get a download of the song or buy the CD anywhere. Disneyland Paris didnt have it

  • Nell Nottingham  21st July 2012, 08:57

    I haven’t been able to find a copy of it anywhere. DLP didn’t have one, and searches on iTunes or amazon got nothing. Anyone had anymore luck?

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