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Central Plaza tent encampment falls with no surprises, ground works almost complete

Wednesday, 29th February 2012 at 12:33

The tents have gone from Central Plaza! Ever since a camp of five tents sprung up on the plaza at the start of February, the expected panic of those with impending visits — who just have to get that photo — has ensued. If that’s you, you’ll be glad to know this isn’t some “Lead Day” anomaly, the tents have served their purpose and been taken down. Insert brilliant current affairs reference to the end of the Occupy London camp here. Structured as one giant tent in the middle of the plaza with four smaller marquees over each of the wings, this crucial weather protection has allowed workers to continue through freezing temperatures as they relay the floor across Central Plaza.

This followed the dismantling of the former stage which dominated the area, having become unpopular with both fans and, apparently, management — especially as removing it frees up more vital viewing space for Disney Dreams!. Despite the effort gone to to protect the construction site, the results don’t appear too dramatic at all. Looking at some photos taken underneath the construction walls today, it appears the pathways have been rebuilt with the same regular pavement concrete as the rest of Main Street, U.S.A. without any major change. Railings and lampposts appear the same, if freshly repainted, though there does appear to be one missing element: the central flower bed.

Of course, removing this frees up even more space, but it does mean this is a Disneyland Park without a Partners Statue nor anything else at its heart. May we suggest a statue of Steve Davison, pointing to the skies above the castle?

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  • looking forward to seeing what it will all look like when it’s finished

  • why was the Walt and Mickey statue not there in the beginning?? I have been in Anaheim and Orlando and they have that on there central plaza.

  • Actually, the Partner statue is not represented in non-American parks, Disneyland Paris has one, but in the center of the Studio Park.

  • Every Disney resort, except Hong Kong, has a Partners Statue. In Anaheim, Florida and Tokyo the statue is on Central Plaza, while in Paris it’s in the Studios Park. There is also a Partners Statue in front of the Michael D. Eisner Building (Team Disney Building Burbank) in the Walt Disney Studios Lot in Burbank. Anaheim, Orlando, Tokyo and Burbank also feature another statue with Roy O. Disney, Walt’s brother and cofounder of TWDC, sitting on a bench with Minnie.

    In my opinion the statue should be moved from the studios to Central Plaza.

  • @dagobert: I totally agree with you. But there´s one point I would like to mention: the statue is “Reality” (as to be experienced in the Studios), but the Park is “Fantasy”.

  • I agree with both of you.. a statue of Walt Disney would take a bit “magic” away.. but it would be silly if there will be nothing in the middle of central plaza.. a fountain would be amazing..

  • Why would it take the magic away? In my opinion that’s the only good spot to have the statue. Every other Disneyland Park has it there.

    Nobody has a problem with Buzz Lightyear being in a land about visionairies. That ride ruins more of the magic in Discoveryland than the Partners Staute would do on Central Plaza.

  • disneylover21  1st March 2012, 10:05

    i’m going to disney a week today, will the green fencing be down by then!! i hope so

  • Oh! I didn’t know that there was a Partners statue in Tokyo, guess that a handy tip for myself, but Dagobert take a look at the Tilt Shift video of Disneyland Paris and imagine what would happen if you put the partner statue in the middle of Central Plaza, I somehow think it wouldnt fit the Parisian Sleeping Beauty Castle background because the park itself is too much … enchanted, you know.

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