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Main Street Station façade to be embossed in gold for 20th Anniversary – first colour tests

Tuesday, 21st February 2012 at 11:03

“Will the person who lost a roll of 20 dollar bills in a green rubber band please come to the ticket office. Good news: we found your green rubber band,” goes the announcement. And now we know, after 20 years, what the porters at Main Street Station have been saving all those dollar bills for. For the 20th Anniversary, the entire front façade of the station, the beautiful stone edifice which greets every guest as they first step inside Disneyland Park, will turn… gold!

Matching well the fresh gold bunting going up elsewhere, the first tests for this bold makeover, captured by @InsideDLParis, are already underway. One pillar on the far right of the station was first painted in an alarming shade of yellow undercoat before revealing, just 24 hours later, its stately golden finish.

After numerous season and festival overlays, some more successful than others (most not very successful at all), you might think you’d seen it all on Main Street Station. But this would be by far the most dramatic overlay so far: completely changing the colour of the station for at least a whole year.

Surprisingly, it could also be one of the most appealing to date. Given its lavish architecture, “embossing” just this front-facing wall of the station in gold feels like a suitably extravagant way for it to celebrate. Where so many makeovers past have sought to cover up the station’s stunning ironwork, windows and organ, a gold shimmer could bring out its details like never before.

But what do you think — a bold feat of flamboyance, or a gold leaf too far?

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  • i love it, i was a bit worried when i just saw the bright yellow but the gold looks amazing :’)

  • Do not like it at all! Sorry….

  • I think the gold is fantastic. And I agree this could really bringout some detail. However if Main Street is to be as good as the brochure describes it as being, it is going to need more thn the colour gold going everywhere

  • Sacre bleu!! Doesn’t make sense. We are going to made a rail station – a thing we spend little time at or under, gold and for a 20th anniversary.

    Main street bunting is one thing – easy to change but after so many refurbishments e.g. to the castle, why not just make the place look 1982 new and then invest the time and effort in bringing us new attractions.

    At times, it’s almost as if Paris comes from completely different origins.

    The other problem like we say for the 15th celebrations is that they extend them so for much longer than the actual year in question so we end up more celebratory years than gaps inbetween.

    And as for that eternal bloody main street train……..

    Still, I’m sure we’ll all enjoy it when we get there, which in my case will be 6th June a la Castle Club. :)

  • I don’t like it. It’s a typical Paris thing. No other Disney park around the globe does such cheap things. There should be more American Imagineers at work.

  • If the gold will be used for the station, I’d rather it is used for that part of the station: the columns and nothing else more, not for the whole base part of the station . Maybe some golden accents and cornice would do BUT ABSOLUTELY NOT THE WHOLE ARCH TRACK BASE. A town in the US, a 20th century, aging Main Street cannot suit a glossy and golden station. Dagobert was right DLRP needs works of American Imagineers. Not everything needs gold to make them look nice.

  • Well hmm.. I wuldn’t say it’s very original, since the Disneyland Anaheim park also threws some gold paint around to celebrate it’s birthday not too long ago.. but they did do it in a much more sofisticated style; one golden horse on the caroussel, one golden Dumbo and so on.. If they really do the entire station in gold I think it would be a poor choice..

    I am curious on Disneyland Paris’s freedom in making these choices.. I remember reading that the architecture of the castle is as fairytale like as it is because the original on wich the Amercian versions are based are just a few hours away (Neuschwanstein), so why would they paint a station entirely golden when Versailles is also just an hour away?!

    Let’s wait and see.. perhaps the end result looks smashing, but for now it is not the best of ideas I think.

  • give it a chance. As it stands it’s just this one column. like a test. if they don’t like it, they’ll get rid of it. Yes They could probably do better, but you don’t klnow the full extent of what they’ve got planned

  • In my opinion painting all the whole arch in gold has been a big mistake. Sorry guys, but I don’t like that color at all… From muy point of view that color just destroys all the effort and magic the imagineers put in the station: they tried to make it look as if it was a real 19th-Victorian station by using architectures, ironworks, columns and -of course- choosing the correct and apropiate color: a creamy-pastel one.. As KTriet said just some gold accents on the capitals of the columns or in some strategic decorative elements or cornices for sure would have worked in an harmonious and sofisticated effect … but in all the archade or columns or basis???

    Well… why don’t they paint all the façade of the Disneyland Hotel in gold too??? … For me it’s too gaudy that color…

    It looks like the Queen of Hearts has forced the workers “Painting the Station gold”, you know the song

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