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“Retro-Vintage” one of three promising buzzwords for 20th Anniversary merchandise

Saturday, 11th February 2012 at 19:56

The ’90s are back, baby! What once was cast aside as garish colour and simplistic design could be set for a renaissance, if reports of Disneyland Paris’ merchandise ranges for the 20th Anniversary prove accurate. Alongside buzzwords “Celebration” and “Signature”, we’ll see a range titled “Retro-Vintage”, reports Cast Member @ulyssecuvelier on Twitter. Though some niche “Euro Disney” throwback pins were released for the 15th Anniversary, this could be the first time Disneyland Paris has truly explored its own past as a “vintage” idea to be resold anew.

However, with modern 2012 trends now looking back particularly favourably on this early 1990s era, what was garish or simplistic is now gradually being seen again as bold or refined instead. We’re all familiar with throwbacks to the 1950s design style of the original Disneyland, epitomised in websites such as Yesterland, with its colourful flags and block lettering. Even Walt Disney World mines its own past with much focus on Spaceship Earth and its original globe logo (examples below).

But what does “retro-vintage” mean to the relatively youthful resort in Paris? Well — take a look back at the first collage above! We’ve collected together just a few fine examples from our own Euro Souvenirland website, showing off the striking design style which saw Disneyland bombastically launch itself into Europe. A world away from the dazzling, multifaceted, but ultimately somewhat hollow, heavily photoshopped brand of 2012, the simple graphical designs of 1992 look ripe for revisiting.

Incredibly evocative of their time, any of these examples would work wonderfully re-applied to bags, T-shirts, keyrings and beyond. Just look at those paper bags and napkins — the illustrations on those are far more attractive than anything you’ll find even on the merchandise itself today!

It remains to be seen whether Disneyland Paris would want to reuse the Euro Disney logo specifically (unlikely), but it wouldn’t be hard to work the current logo back into this style… that’s if the merchandisers have the same idea of “retro-vintage” as us. We await 1st April 2012 to find out, if 12th April 1992 will come around again…

Also reported to be making up the range of birthday merchandise is a special Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary wine by Domaine Bertrand. A revisit of an idea from the 15th Anniversary, it will be available in a commemorative bottle as red, white or rosé.

• In the meantime, explore more “retro-vintage” memorabilia at Euro Souvenirland.com!

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  • I’d love to see the retro merchandise look at DLP – they did something similar at Tokyo Disneyland for their 25th anniversary reproducing merchandise with their original logo and images

  • I agree. It would be great to see the retro vintage look. Need to take some more spending money in may then.

  • we have the long red car sticker! and I have a red tshirt same design!! cannot wait to see the ‘new’ merchandise!!!

  • I think it’s great, using some of the old “Euro-Disney” signage and lettering for such a celebration. Now, they just need to get working on that Ratatouille attraction, lol!

  • I’d love to see again the original 90’s Euro Disney t-shirts and all the stuff with all the purples, greens, yellows and reds colors and concepts on them again!
    It would be really nice to bring that “retro-90’s style” back again! People would definetely remember in a very familiar way all the good moments they have had since 1992 in the Resort :D
    We too still have sweaters, t-shirts and licence-plates in that euro-style!

  • I dream, they will take back Vincent Price narration to Phantom Manor… Like in EuroDisneyland.
    And notice – all attraction posters in park has “EuroDisneyland” title, no Disneyland Paris…)

  • I love the old graphics, especially because they were so simple and strong. In my opinion they should generally think about making a much more cohesive and stronger visual statement with their logo and signage throughout the resort.

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