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Landing stage refurbishment cause for lengthy Thunder Mesa Riverboats closure

Wednesday, 25th January 2012 at 21:38

With attractions such as Autopia and Captain EO recently closed midweek in low season, a lengthy closure for Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing this winter might have looked like more cost saving — or we should say, “demand-based” operation. In fact, it’s a renovation of the landing pier itself to cause for these two months of downtime (confirmed so far) from 1st January to 29th February. The exposed wooden deck has been completely taken up, likely to be replaced with fresh materials as has happened to wooden elements across the park, following some years of neglect.

After the complete rebuild of the Molly Brown last year, this famous riverboat landing will look fresher still — perhaps time to refocus efforts on the river itself? Even the most beautiful boat can’t distract from broken geysers or those poorly-hidden escape rafts moored at the back of the river.

Despite the 2011 refurbishments programme being announced almost a year ago, Disneyland Paris continues to work harder than ever before on the renewal and restoration of its original attractions. A quick look at the Closures & Refurbishments schedule shows a packed list ranging from Moteurs… Action! and RC Racer to Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Thunder Mountain, all scheduled over the next three months. Some visitors have parodied the resort’s current booking promotions by branding it “Three Irresistible Months… of closures”. Nevertheless it will be safe to say that, by the time the 20th Anniversary rolls around, barely a single corner of the parks will have been left untouched in the past year. A grand new beginning for the grandest Magic Kingdom of them all.

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  • Why do you say “the grandest Magic Kingdom of them all.” ? I agree with you, but people don’t often say it.^^

    Good article !

  • I’m going in September for a long holiday and from the sounds of it most things will have undergone a refurb by then, even our hotel!! I can’t wait but I do feel sorry for anyone who’s never been and takes up the offer of travel in the next 3 months. A holiday here is not cheap and i’d be rather annoyed if I paid my money out to find most things closed especially if I was just going for a few days!

  • I think that before the river they’re going to take care of the Mark Twain which also requires the type of TLC the Molly Brown got… After that, I hope they’ll manage to put aside the budget needed for the Geysers and rafts. Even the dry dock could use some work…

  • I love how you ended this post…. I hope, they learn from this grand scale effort and keep thing better maintained in the future…

  • Will there be any major closures in the last weekend of May?
    Or is that still something that’s unknown?

  • It is disappointing for people to find quite a few rides and attractions closed, but Jan – Feb is usually the least busy ( after Christmas season and outside half term holidays ) and the time when Disney do most refurbs. This is reflected by Disney package prices as it is usually the cheapest time to go, with kids under 12 stay & play free.
    We have always stayed in the summer holidays paying very high prices, but at least most attractions are usually open, and we had electrical parade and fireworks, with long park hours, so for me worth the extra cost. I also like the first weeks of Enchanted Christmas, and Halloween Festival, when parks are not usually busy but most things are generally open with extra events.
    It was a shame for people who were there for the first time when the Castle refurb was in progress, but now she looks beautiful again.
    Thanks for keeping us informed as the refurbs progress.

  • I’m also going at the end of May , I don’t think there will be refurbishments after april.
    I hope I’ve got the chance to see fantillusion parade in May. Does anybody know anything about fantillusion parade this year?

  • Yup!”the grandest Magic Kingdom of them all.”
    Take a first look at Fantasyland, only Fantasyland.
    DLP has the most adorable. charming, fantasy Fantasyland of them all.
    -The fantasy Bavarian buildings which Tokyo and Hong Kong don’t have, the charming colors which Disneyland doesn’t have (mostly Disneyland jist use brown, red and white for their village).
    -The lovely flowerbeds and horticulture which the Magic Kingdom Fantasyland doesn’t have.
    -A romantic version of Storybook Canal boat.
    -Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and The Old Mill Wheel, which are attractions dedicated to the finest Magic Kingdom ever created.
    Make us proud DLP!

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