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Disney Characters All Star Party Express to return… as 20th Anniversary Celebration Train

Saturday, 21st January 2012 at 22:40

Time for lemonade and Cracker Jacks, Casey Junior’s back, Casey Junior’s back!” — You didn’t think he’d miss the 20th Anniversary, did you? Yes, the endlessly reincarnated train, last seen as the Disney Dance Express, will return again from April 2012!

At least this time, for the first time since his return as the Disney Characters’ Express five years ago, Disneyland Paris decided against giving him “new attraction” billing in the brochure. Too busy ramping the colour saturation up to “maximum”, perhaps.

Your thoughts?

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  • Ha ha. Will we ever see the last of him?

    Also, did anyone notice the star coming out of the castle in the promo image? Didn’t they install that light this week?

  • I saw the star. First thing I saw!! I cannot see this train without singing the Minnie s party train song it is the one that has stuck in my head and for hours after it comes out to play the song is STILL there in fact the song is there now just from this flipping picture hah. I know people will think it is garish and over the top but I know some small people who will love the colours and theming. I however, will be taking some very DARK sunglasses!! Hopefully they will have a nice catchy song so I can have that stuck in my head instead of Minnie’s.

  • I was really hoping he would be back despite not being in the brochure :) my son loves seeing him go up and down mainstreet. Though I hope they’re not doing anything like the dance express because in my eyes that show was a waste of time. It was much much much better as a way to meet characters. And you know what, maybe it would be nice to see him back in the parade as well as this. He’s certainly colourful enough!

  • I like this cute little train – after all, Walt Disney was a big train enthusiast. So why not add another permanent train-like vehicle to Main Street? btw: I want the “Tous en train – all aboard”-song back :)

  • Why don’t they use the Disney Dance Express route, from Fantasyland to Central Plaza/Castle Stage? Rather than from Town Square, interrupting the atmosphere and atmosphere of Main Street. That way guest flow on Main Street will be better and Main Street Vehicles can run uninterrupted.

  • is it just me or can you see tinkerbell in the lines coming from the star on the first photo? look closely im postive its her

  • Surely this one has run out of steam!!!

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