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Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary preview video reveals “Disney Dreams!” – and more surprises

Friday, 13th January 2012 at 19:18

“We’re gonna bring the Second Star to the Right and ignite it above the castle…” It’s not a sentence you hear every day but, in this exciting new preview video for the 20th Anniversary released by Disneyland Paris today, Steve Davison casually drops it in amongst a plethora of other surprises. Walt Disney Imagineering’s Creative Director of Entertainment, famed for his work on Fantasmic! and World of Color, joins a number of backstage artists to tease us on the new additions for the anniversary. Show director Katy Harris tells us about the new Mickey Mouse meet ‘n’ greet, while Emmanuel Lenormand shows off detailed concept art for Disney Magic on Parade! and its new costumes.

But it’s the section on Disney Dreams! which is the most surprising — even breathtaking. Real previews are shown of the new castle projection effects, which have been in testing for some time, along with confirmation that the show will feature not just projections, not just fountains, but lasers, pyrotechnics, fire, an original musical score, and perhaps most importantly: a story! When the Second Star to the Right ignites above the castle, the “Disney Dreams” pour out and come to life in “new ways”.

Watch the exciting new preview video below!

Senior technical director Chuck Davis reveals the Imagineers at Creative Entertainment have mapped the whole castle with “pixel accurate video” so it can “do all kinds of great tricks”, while Dave Bossert confirms that water screens will be installed in front of the castle, creaing a huge new canvas for the show to take place on. Particularly interesting to note: Dave is the director of Special Projects at Walt Disney Feature Animation, showing the breadth of Disney talent being combined for this new show.

It’s a rare but incredibly welcome step for Disneyland Paris to let the talent behind its magic tell the stories of new projects like these for once. Similar videos are consistently produced for other resorts, notably California, and always serve to provide both a more exciting teaser for what’s next and a more inspiring insight into the work required to achieve it.

“So that at the end of your day, you can walk away and go: wow, that was cool!”

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  • It feels like they took lessons from this big survey they did a few months ago in terms of communication. The video indeed looks like an american one and it’s great to feel the same kind of excitement watching it but for our own park for once ! :D
    Even if there’s no new attraction for the next two years, I’m pretty sure this anniversary will be a lot of fun :)

  • Wow, that was cool! Is there any clue of performers will be involved in the show?

  • The video description includes the unmentioned “Disney 20th Anniversary Celebration Train”. Please don’t say the “NEW” Main Street USA Celebrates is just the Character Express returning for meet and greets…

  • looks fantastic!! really need to book now!!!

  • Kevin Martens  14th January 2012, 14:07


    Does somebody know what’s gonna happen with the Fantillusion Parade this year?
    I’m going in May this year. How long the parks stay open in that month. Can we see the Dreams nightshow too in that month? And the Fantillusion Parade? Or will it only happen in the summermonths?

  • 20th anniversary looks great ( already booked my holiday ) can anyone tell me the end date for the 20th anniversary ?.

  • will dreams be going on every night? i’m going in march, and just miss put out on the 20th celebrations. If i go at christmas, will dreams still be on? also, what is happening with the fantillusion parade?

  • Kevin Martens  15th January 2012, 20:35

    I think Dreams be going on every night from 1 april till 31 december .. But Fantillusion .. I have no idea … I think it will be like other years only in summer en christmasseason..
    I don’t like the fact that there is nothing to read about it in the brochure .. also about the parkhours..

  • Did you guys notice from the video that the water screens aren’t going to be placed on the water surface but ABOVE the water surface. Incredibly creative, isn’t it?

  • How cool does Dreams look? Definitely can’t wait to see

    @disney: Dreams is going to be every night from april 1st to December 31st, and Fantillusion is going to run at it’s usual timesthrough summer and Christmas.

    Bit of a shame really, as seeing as its the 20th anniversary, it would’ve been nice to see Fantillusion be all year round

  • wow, can’t wait

  • Eeek, I’m so excited!!!

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