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Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade won’t be suspended for “Magic on Parade” makeover

Friday, 30th December 2011 at 16:04

Here’s a little relief for anyone planning a trip to in the next three months, before the launch of the 20th Anniversary: Disneyland Paris has confirmed to us that the parade route won’t be left empty while the current Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade undergoes its makeover into the new Disney Magic on Parade!. Some may have feared such a transition would require the original 15th Anniversary parade to take a leave of absence before its 1st April 2012 relaunch.

The production will, however, be left without two of its key floats for much of the period — those which have been previously confirmed to see more extensive redesigns. From 9th January until the launch of Disney Magic on Parade! on 1st April, the opening “Dreams of Imagination” unit will be missing as it is transformed into  a new float for Disney’s fairies and sorcerers. The storybook base will remain, but a fairytale castle will replace the iconic smiling Moon and hot air balloon Sun which have hosted Mickey Mouse and the other VIPs since 2007. Mickey and friends will instead be given prime position on the former “Dreams of Romance: Finale” unit, which will be taken out of service from 16th January until the launch of the new parade. The current fairytale hillside and crystal château look will be turned into a Fantasia-esque pink and blue landscape, with golden broomsticks dotting the cliff side, Sorcerer Mickey standing atop the peak and the other characters in similar sorcerer-esque costumes.

It is likely the characters from these two units will continue to feature in the parade but as walking dance units, similar to when floats have been taken out for refurbishment or maintenance.

Concept art for the new units, above, was leaked earlier this month via the Dutch Café Mickey forums.

Princess fans will be reassured that the final unit’s commandeering by Mickey Mouse won’t mean a lack of Disney royalty in the new parade. Instead, Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen will permanently join Ariel and Prince Eric on the “Dreams of Romance: Prelude” unit, as will newly-christened royalty Rapunzel and Flynn, from Disney’s Tangled, who replace Aladdin and Jasmine on the unit. Cinderella and Snow White, along with their respective princes, will follow up on stylised horse-drawn carriages.

Additional new characters will also be added for the revised opening float: Tinker Bell, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather (the Three Fairies from Sleeping Beauty), the Fairy Godmother (from Cinderella), the Blue Fairy (from Pinocchio) and Merlin (from The Sword in the Stone). No changes have been announced for the other five floats of the original parade. New costumes and a new soundtrack are expected throughout, although rumours also suggest that the “Dreams of Power” villain unit will be removed from the new parade, possibly returning only for Halloween.

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  • I was kind of hoping they’d do something with the Alice float as I’d love to see Alice in person rather than as a float structure. Also I think it would be nice to see some of the other five changed at least a bit. Like maybe replacing the pinnochio part with something like dumbo – just something completely different. And instead of mary poppins, maybe have the darling children’s bedroom there with the original peter pan characters, and the jake and the neverland pirates characters where peter pan currently is. I know they’re only playhouse disney characters, but its doing so well, and kids genuinely adore Jake. Either that or maybe pirates of the caribbean. The Toystory and winnie the pooh float is a big hit so maybe just re decorating a little or changing costume and/or prop styles would be okay. As for the villains, where they’re needed, maybe switch them around with different villains. Like Mother Gothel and Dr Facilier. Then there’s the jungle float, I know the jungle aspect is a hit, but maybe. Put some more impressive walkers in front. in fact I find the lack of on foot performers in the once upon a dream parade a bit disappointing. There was often big gaps between floatsso maybe something to do with Aladdin could be on foot, among other characters. There are so many opportunities. Hunchback of notre dame, lilo and stitch, the incredibles, etc. There’s just so much that could be done, and it wouldn’t necessarily mean much change to floats.

    I love the designs for the new floats, and I love that rapunzel and Flynn are now involved. They should’ve been from April 2011 to be fair. And I adore the finale float plan. Very impressed. Looking forward to seeing it in person

  • That is a relief – I was a bit worried there would be no parade when I visit in March

  • Thanks for the info. Must say that I agree with comments that rae has made in general. It would be interesting to have some changes to the other floats as well for those who have seen OUAD many times.
    I think the Alice In Wonderland float could be better as many people don’t realise what it is.

  • In my opinion, the new soundtrack should be a little more than the Once Upon A Dream, i realized the lack of instrument in the music of the 15th anniversary parade, you can hardly hear the music where there were people talking, I understand that they are keeping everything in a dreamy tone but why don’t save that for the Central Plaza, you know what i mean. maybe something similar to Soundsational, which everyone can stand up and dance to the music, that’s what a parade means, right ?

  • I had another thought about the Toy Story part. Rather than it just be Toy Story, why not involve other Pixar films? Characters such as The Incredibles, A Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, Ratatouille, Wall.e, Up and Toy Story 3. Especially that last one, Barbie and Ken were a major part of the 3rd film so they’d make great walkers.

    However, I have to be honest, what I would’ve really liked to see for the 20th anniversay parade is something that looks back over the 20 years of Disneyland Paris. Just a little something in each unit you know? The character express was originally the Dumbo unit in parades gone by. Could it not go back to being it?

    And Figgygirl, that’s exactly what I was getting at with the Alice float. Too many people wonder what it is and then right when it’s on top of them they think oh that’s Alice! and then miss the photo op. The Cheshire Cat would’ve been a looooot better option that people would’ve recognised a lot more. Alice should have always been walking.

    There are some really popular and classic characters that are so loved by many. But they dont get their time to shine in the sun. As it’s the 20th anniversary, I would’ve thought Disneyland would’ve done much more than what they’re doing. I would’ve thought they’d get as many characters and performers as possible in that parade as it’s the highlight of many peoples days. Especially with Fantillusion being Seasonal (another thing I think should be year round for the 20th celebrations). I know the night time show is going to be the highlight next year, however for families with very young children (which includes me as I have a 3 year old) The excitement of the day is sometimes so much that they just crash at the end of it and miss what goes on in the evening

  • Doesn’t mean we wont be staying out for it though, just probably not every night lol

  • I totally agree, it would have been nice to see some more changes to the parade although the ones planned are very welcome. I’m also glad the parade will run until the new version débuts as it looks as if there will be very little entertainment in the Parks until then.

  • Just got back as I spent New years eve in Disneyland Paris, always love the once upon a dream parade! The music/ song is lovely and very memorable. Must agree there was a few gaps in between the floats, doesn’t flow as well as the american parades.

    Im going back the last few days in March and leave april 1st so hopefully will catch the new parade of the first day!

  • Iam going in 2 days and abit peeved the opening onceupon a dream float will be out of commission, BUT! the new plans to celebrate Disney Paris’s 20th sound EPIC!

    I would love to see ‘World Of Color’ in Anehim Disneyland, and the fact they are translating that idea into something specific for Disney Paris and getting rid of that WDW wanabe stage in the plaza just makes me so anxious and happy, A MUST SEE!
    Also VERY PLEASED they have refurbished the Dragon under the newly refurbished castle, gonna have a good old mooch round there also =]

    I just wish there was something specific going on now in the next few weeks to be apart of and see!
    as for the main parade refurbishment, I can understand that they cant re-do ALL the floats, the aspect of new costumes for one sounds awesome (as iam a costumier/tailor by trade) those things aint done in one night! Iam also sensing a Anehim Disneyland style ‘Parade of Dreams’ with the refurb job, will have to book early to again to see the outcome for April guys!

  • We are going January 2012 can we expect to see any parades especially featuring Princesses

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