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Fan Survey: Disneyland Paris asks its fans “How are we doing?” in exclusive online questionnaire

Thursday, 24th November 2011 at 16:00

In a unique first, Disneyland Paris is launching an official online survey, right at this moment, seeking only the feedback of one particular group of visitors: the fans! The questionnaire aims to not only build more of an understanding about why we become fans and what we appreciate the most about Disneyland, but what we expect from our relationship with the resort.

Don’t expect any questions asking you whether you’d rather see Splash Mountain or Indiana Jones Adventure as the next E-Ticket, but do be prepared for some very intriguing questions about where Disneyland Paris may take its relationship with fans next. Suggestions throughout the survey include an official blog, perhaps similar to the existing Disney Parks Blog, or even an official discussion forum. The possibility of “fan events”, which could mean anything from simple gatherings to special events such as those for D23 in the U.S., is mooted several times.

On the subject of what would be most likely to draw us back to the magic, we’re given several options: from “New Attraction” right at the top (we’ll all click that one, right?) to more minor occasions such as a new character meet ‘n’ greet or even a new piece of merchandise.

You’ll also have a chance to share feedback on the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts for Disneyland Paris, which were only launched in early 2010. Do you think those accounts do a good enough job of communicating with visitors, sharing the magic of the resort and the latest news?

One particular section of the survey (above) asks whether you currently visit any websites related to Disneyland — and if so, which ones. There’s a “Dlrp Today” box on there which, once clicked, grants you our eternal gratitude. For extra bonus points — but of course only if you use the websites — you could add “DLRP Magic” or our friends “Photos Magiques” to the “Other” box at the bottom.

The survey only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete, depending on how much you write, but it’s open from now until 12th December 2011, so there’s no need to rush to fill it in if it’s not convenient right now. No personal details are required, but you can optionally give your email address to be informed of any future surveys. As an exclusive survey just for fans it won’t be communicated via the more “mainstream” channels such as the resort’s Facebook page (with its 1.3m+ fans), so we should all make sure to seize this unique opportunity to give feedback and tips direct to Disneyland Paris, which may lead to a better experience for us and even greater success for the resort we love.

Update: Some Firefox users have reported problems completing the survey. Use Internet Explorer, Safari or Google Chrome instead, if you can!

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  • I did it, it was interesting and I really tried in my written answers to explain the differences between the communication of the U.S. parks and the Paris one. I hope I won’t be the only one ; I think they could improve so much if they just went in the same direction, in their own way obviously.

  • Interesting survey but it’s really too bad that there’s a bug when you type something in the boxes, I always had a error message so I did’t have any choice to let it blank (even for the box for my e-mail and that’s the worse snif!).

  • Marcus — Which web browser are you using? We’ve had a similar comment on our Facebook page, so I’ll try to report this to them.

  • i’ve done mine – very interesting !!

  • It’s fantastic, finally some proper focus on the fans. I’ve never spent so long doing a questionnaire! Neither have I been so glued to one, I didn’t realise I was doing it for well over 45 minutes!!

  • Done it. I love that they’ve done this survey, gives fans a real chance to give some insight

  • desp – i completely agree and have told them in the survey that it upsets me to see how much Paris has deteriorated over the last 10 years or so. I have been going there since i was 3 (18 years) and over the years i feel that the customer service, value for money, magic and general standard of the resort have significantly decreased. I think they need to spend some time and money in Paris to match the standard of the American resorts. If every resort was like Orlando, i would be in heaven at every single one!!

    I think Walt’s vision is being forgotten in Paris and it’s becoming more and more about money. The prices of things have not been changed to reflect the decrease in value of the Euro and the discount offers on holidays are not as good as they used to be. It’s more dirty and run down than it used to be and it’s such a shame.

    That said, i still love the place and am going there next week!! :)

  • I’ve done the survey, too, and told them what’s going wrong in Paris. I hope they listen, because the resort is so much worse in terms of quality compared to the 90s.

    @ Charlotte:
    When have you been the last time in Orlando? You should take a look into American Disney boards. There the fans complain a lot as well. The Magic Kingdom in Orlando must be in a terrible condition. Even in 2007 when we have been, WDW was in a bad state. At least the costumer service, the hotels and the food were a lot better than in Paris. But the parks are also not clean and on the standard we all expect from Disney. I just think the whole Disney Company is on a decline. I wish all Disney resorts would be operated like the OLC owned and operated Tokyo Disney Resort.

  • I also spent a long time over this questionnaire. Although I have a huge affection for DLP I have tried to take off the rose tinted specs and listed some things which I feel sadly let the resort down these days.
    I agree that WDW is also having problems of its own and making cutbacks which has angered fans and CMs there. Remember the rather nasty nickname it was given a while ago?
    One thing I feel is lacking is some kind of reward, thanks or acknowledgement for regular Disney hotel guests. I dread to think how much we have spent on holidays and souvenirs in resort over 19 years.
    When I phone Disney to make my bookings they usually have no idea how many times I have been in the past. Surely a frequent Disney hotel guest could be tagged so it comes up when you book again?
    WDW had a bounceback scheme, where you saved money if you booked your next trip within a certain time. They may still do this. Could DLP not have a similar system, or maybe a loyalty card which gains points for money off, or a room upgrade?
    Despite staying mostly in the Newport Bay, Sequoia Lodge and New York hotels we have never had a free upgrade like a lake view which would be nice sometimes. A welcome back letter or small gift in the room would be appreciated as well.
    It is not a cheap holiday flying or Eurostar from the UK especially in school holidays. I paid £2000 for 4 nts/ 5 days in the Newport Bay one August, with no extras, for 2 adults inc Eurostar from London.
    My friends think I am mad!
    I do have some niggles about the parks as well so let’s hope things do improve. It is not all about money…..

  • One thing made me laugh when doing the questionnaire – it asked how much you spend on a trip including transport, hotel, tickets, spending money.
    When I tried to put in the average amount we spend it would not accept it, saying it was too high!

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