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“it’s a small world” Celebration adds new music, costumes and lights to returning festivities

Tuesday, 22nd November 2011 at 17:57

The nations of “it’s a small world” are celebrating their end-of-year festivities again: “it’s a small world” Celebration has returned to the Fantasyland for its third year in a row. Revived with much thought and effort in 2009 after several years’ absence, the seasonal overlay brings back all its now-traditional “extras” to the classic ride. Redesigned signage, seasonal music, extra lights, special props and a vast wardrobe of unique “celebration” costumes — one for practically every animated doll in the ride — continue to make this one of the most unmissable experiences of the whole year at Disneyland Paris.

But, rather than rest on their laurels with a job well done, the design team behind the overlay have continued to “plus” it, year on year. This year’s Celebration features even more new and improved costumes, additional props, tweaked music and even a new lighting design for the exterior of the building, which reportedly fades subtlety through a rainbow of colours. Perhaps inspired by a similar rainbow lighting effect at Disneyland in California, triggered by a passing railroad train.

This year’s overlay opened later than previous years, when it has been ready for the start of the Christmas season, with the ride closed for 12 days beforehand. Clearly this was not just allowing more time to set up the extra decorations, as the opportunity was also taken to refurbish elements such as the slightly faded structure of the boarding area which was completely repainted (above left).

Inside, you might notice changes such as the cowboy in the United States scene (previously twirling a lasso) now dressed in an elf-like costume holding a candy cane. Meanwhile, the lasso-toting doll right at the end of the ride has been dressed up fully as Santa Claus! Watch the video below of this year’s overlay and then look back at Photos Magiques’ video of the original 2009 revival. What changes or improvements can you spot for the Celebration’s third returning year?

Watch our video of “it’s a small world” Celebration here…

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  • it’s is so cool.
    you also can see a dutch december holiday!
    Sinterklaas is standing on the bridge whit the windmill and goose.

  • Glad to see it is now open, and looking forward to seeing the changes myself in January, but such a shame for people who went at the beginning of Christmas season and found IASW closed. Many disappointed children ( and parents! )who love this ride at this time of year.
    Surely they could have started this earlier to be ready for the beginning of Christmas season?

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