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Disney’s PhotoPass system now being trialled in Paris for simpler souvenir photos

Friday, 18th November 2011 at 10:42

From rumour to reality: Disneyland Paris has just begun trialling its very own Disney’s PhotoPass-style service for souvenir character photos. Word spread across Twitter last month that it might be happening, now low and behold @InsideDLParis has provided the very first look at one of the new cards. The “Disney’s PhotoPass” branding is conspicuously absent (and so is some of the functionality — see below) but the essence of the system is there: By handing this card to an official photographer before posing for a photo with characters, they’ll be able to “link” all your souvenir snaps into a single “account” on the resort’s computer system, meaning you can view and purchase all your photos in one go. Currently, guests have to fumble around with a separate paper ticket for every single photo. This credit card-sized slip, being less easy to lose or spoil, should also translate into more photo sales for Disney — if guests bother to check out their photos at one of the nine boutiques listed on the reverse.

Because it’s the clever online element to the American parks’ PhotoPass which appears to be missing, at least from this trial. Over the in US, guests can actually log into www.disneyphotopass.com after their visit using the details on their card, where they can then order prints or photo souvenirs at their leisure.

Quite why Paris don’t simply jump in with the same smart functionality (and branding) of the US system is a mystery, but at least this is a welcome first step to a more user-friendly (read: sales-friendly), 21st Century system for photo sales at a time when the resort’s guest spending levels remain stagnant.

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  • I personally think it is a brilliant idea. When I was there back in May the little peach/pink photo slips drove me and my mum crazy :D I think they should keep it but have it made out of a cheap plastic instead if a flimsy card one.

  • Good to see this system being trialled in DLP. We have used it a few times in WDW. As you don’t pay for the card, it is up to you whether you decide to buy any of the photos or not – no money is wasted. We also looked at our photos online after returning to the UK and had up to one month I believe to order any if we wanted, paying for postage.
    The only downside was that the photo shops in the parks or waterparks had long queues with people viewing many photos from their trip and taking their time deciding which to buy, then cropping or adapting them which also took extra time.
    Good to see that we can look at photos in the hotels shops in DLP where it may be less busy to avoid a long wait.

  • We used it at wdw last year and it was great, just bought all the photos on discs. Great value and some great family shots or all us. 400+ photos for about $100 or so, did have an annual pass discount. Can’t see dlp being as cheap.

  • Used this in WDW and wondered why dont they add the photo to you Hotel room/Park entrance then say if a family split for the day and all had photos they would still all have a way of adding photos and keeping them together also reducing the chance of these being misplaced

  • This was disappointing. I was careful to get all the photos we had taken during our trip onto the Photo Souvenir card. My plan was to order some photos when I got home as I did in the states. I have a beautiful Christmas ornament I ordered online with a photo of my daughter with Minnie. I was hoping to do that again this year. Unfortunately, you must purchase the photos before you leave the park here at Disneyland Paris. It feels like they went halfway with the Photo Souvenir program.

  • Sally-Ann Kennedy  25th January 2012, 21:42

    I too am very dissapointed as I was told by someone at The Newport Bay hotel that we could order them from the uk!

  • Just returned from dlp had a fantastic time having never been before. Gutted however to only now discover that the photo souvenir card could only be used at the resort and you cannot order online after your return to the uk. No where in the resort is that made crystal clear and during a busy few days there who has time to sit down and read the small print on the card?? I certainly didn’t have time and I am sure I am not alone in this.

  • Disney Mommy :-(  29th August 2012, 23:44

    My family of five have been frequent visitors to Disneyworld Florida and Disneyland California in the states for the last 15 years (visiting one – two times a year). We recently moved to London and were very excited to be able to visit Disneyland Paris for the first time last weekend. After each Park visit it has been my recent tradition to always order the Photopass Digital CD which normally has over 150 pictures taken during our trip. The value in paying for the CD to me is getting to add the cute photo boarders and Character Autographs to the pictures (which I can’t do with the photos I take with my camera). I was extremely disappointed after I arrived and realized that DLP doesn’t have the same Photopass system set up on-line like in the states. (Like ____ I was also told that I could use the Photo Souvenir Card to order my pictures on line from a gentleman who worked at the Princes Pavilion) The other frustration I had was that I couldn’t find Disney Photographers in the park except at a few select characters meet and greets. At the other parks they have photographers walking around at key areas to take group photos with the parks landmarks in the background and then are even able to Photoshop some Disney magic into the picture that you can’t get through the Photopass system alone. (like sword fighting with Captain Hook, Tinkerbell sitting in my child’s hand, ect.)Those are the special keepsakes that you can only get by visiting a Disney theme park. Even with using the current system that DLP offers I was only able to get a handful of pictures taken with a few characters because of the lack of photographers available. I also found the idea offensive that DLP would require me to waste my vacation time to stand in a line at a photo counter (to spend even more money) when I should be making memories by enjoying the parks rides and shows with my family, which is what I paid the park entrance fee to do.

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