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20th Anniversary Disneyland Paris brochure now available, events line-up confirmed

Thursday, 17th November 2011 at 09:30

Here it is: the 20th Anniversary Disneyland Paris brochure! The multicoloured edition has been spotted out in the wild at travel agents in the UK since its limited launch a couple of weeks ago, but now it’s available online for all to see. Check it out here. Of course, there are new prices, new options and yet another new design for all the pages, but it’s the 20th Anniversary events and images we want to see. The final line-up to make the brochure cut is modest but promising. Star of the show in 2012 will no doubt be Dreams – the “magical, immersive” nighttime spectacular that’s due to take over the Castle, Central Plaza and even Main Street with projections, special effects and — yes — at least a few fountains, as it plunges guests inside a journey through classic Disney dreams.

Also given top billing is Disney Magic on Parade!, actually a reworking of Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade that will see the 15th Anniversary‘s showstopper (certainly the best parade ever to be seen in Paris) given new costumes, music and characters. The current Dreams of Romance Finale float will be turned into a mountain ledge for Sorcerer Mickey, with the gang expected to appear in their spangly multi-coloured outfits seen throughout the brochure, while the original opening float will become home to the fairies, wizards and sorcerers of the Disney world. Oddly, that appears to oust the Princesses from the parade almost entirely, although Rapunzel and Flynn are said to be taking over from Aladdin and Jasmine on the smaller Romance Prelude float to freshen up that aspect.

The new magician-themed permanent meet ‘n’ greet for Mickey is advertised simply as Meet Mickey Mouse, while the fourth and final 20th Anniversary event is the mysterious Main Street, U.S.A. Celebrates. The brochure blurb is suitably blurry but its references to “twinkles” and “glowings-on” are spot on with our sources, suggesting a gold theme for the street and certainly a lot of lights…

As we revealed in September, longer opening hours for Disneyland Park are due to be one of the big bonuses of the year. Advertised as 20th Anniversary Extended Hours, they’re confirmed to be in operation from 1st April to 30th September 2012, although there’s no mention of just how many extra hours we can expect beyond the usual closing time. Presumably, just as many as it takes for the park to see nightfall, providing a suitable canvas for Dreams.

Whilst the 20th Anniversary doesn’t coincide with any major attraction investments, the chance to stay in the park until nightfall every day of the year represents a big gear-change for Disneyland Paris. Add to that a real, signature finale to each day with Dreams — produced by Disneyland California entertainment legend Steve Davison and the team behind World of Color, did we forget to mention? — and the culmination of a huge investment in refurbishments. Looks like an E-Ticket year here.

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  • The brochure is another big disappointment. Just two pages for each park? Are they serious? Who is attracted by that to visit Disneyland.

    What happened to the wonderful brochures of the 90s?

  • @Relax:

    That brochure looks indeed cheap and photoshopped. I also miss the brochures from the 90ies and early 2000s.

  • Did I get it right, that “Dreams” will be shown all the way from April 1st, and not only during the Summer season (July-August)?

  • Don’t understand the complaints. What are the expectations? A tour guide included? Flashing lights? Framed in gold? What? It’s a brochure, not a picture book and it contains lots of information. Can’t find anything wrong with it.

  • @David — Yes David, Dreams will be a year-round event for Disneyland Park! No longer will it just be those two months in Summer which see a proper nighttime finale. And with the longer hours on weekdays throughout the year to make sure it can happen in darkness, this is a big change for Paris!

  • If Steven Davison is designing Dreams, I have no trouble worrying.

  • The first few pages are a possitive improvement on last years brochure but as you go further through the brochure you find lots of stock images that have been used for over 10 years they need to make sure that more images conect with todays guests rather than yesterdays guests.

  • Okay I have to agree with DisneyTom – there’s nothing wrong with it, its actually very good.

    @Dagobert – of course its photoshopped, how else do you think they made it?!…

    Dreams is what this park has needed for a while, they’ve clearly noticed the popularity of World of Color! It’s going to be big I’m sure! The only shame is the lack of new attractions but I guess there’s always the 25th! :)

  • We are going to dlrp next year in the June half term, but mon to friday. Do you think we might get to see dreams despite not being there on a weekend? I hope so

  • @tinkswishes28 — Yes, Dreams will be performed EVERY DAY, YEAR-ROUND from 1st April 2012 onwards!

  • Having Ariel on the front is big news to me – do you think this means she might get her long awaited attraction or maybe a meet and greet in her mermaid form? I Hope so – i thinks shes an odd choice out of all the princesses to place on the front but i hope theres somthing more behind it – what do you think?

  • Honestly I think that may be reading too much into it. Other princesses are shown on other concept arts including Repunzel. I think Ariel is shown more prominently due to the water effects in this show…

  • I think Ariel being on the cover is just advertisement. I find the brochure to be brilliant. And as usual, we are going in May for my son’s birthday. Absolutely ecstatic that the park is open later all year round. Though I can see where confusion is coming from as page 3 says year round, and page 8 says july – September. However I called up to find out for sure, and page 3 is definitely the correct one. All the pictures on the fromt cover and first 3 pages and fold out cover are to advertise that it is a huge year. Chances are they will have more meet and greets, more character presence in general. Then they’ve got the new parade, the new night time show. It’s going to be a lot more colourful and light so I think they’ve used as many characters as possible in the brochure. My son also pointed something out to me. Now he’s 3 years old, and adores all things disney. His favourite villian is Dr Facilier. His picture is in the advertising of Dreams. Which I think gives even more away about the show other than the short paragraph.

    Overall, I think the brochure is just what it needs to be.

  • Luckily I was able to enjoy the parade of the 15 th anniversary, and it seemed very nice, I hope that next year marks the 20 th anniversary will be even greater.

  • Pictures are nice, colorful. But it is too little.

  • I personally love it!
    I don’t have another visit planned as of yet but it makes me want to book one without my mother’s permission. ‘Dreams’ sounds fantastic and the focus on Peter (or his shadow) is wonderful as he is my favourite Disney character.
    I’m not quite sure about parade. It sounds wonderful and a change will be nice but if they’re not going to be using the Dreams of Power float then why not modify that and the opening float instead of chucking the Princesses off of their gorgeous finale spot? I prefer having Mickey at the front but that’s just a personal opinion.

    All in all, let’s just say that excited is a great understatement to how I feel about this year!

  • disneyDarren2012  5th January 2012, 14:06

    Its disney – it will be big bright colourful and fantastic as usual – out of the 20 years myself and the family have been 17 years 1-2 times a year with our annual passes. Maybe if the whole of europe was as passionate, loyal and actually went to disney like us from the UK (must contribute well over 50% revenue) disney may have put more money into their celebrations. All in all 20 yrs for a theme park france/europe never wanted is a massive achievement Well Done DLRP we will be there to celebrate HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • disneylover21  12th January 2012, 17:57

    i saw a picture of the fountains being put into the moat! how long will it remained drained for. im going for the welsh festival and i will be very disappointed if it is drained then as well, considering pirates of the carribean is such then too which is my favorite ride. On the plus side, dreams looks amazing! very excited to see it on future visits!

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