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Construction begins for Magician Mickey meet ‘n’ greet at Fantasy Festival Stage

Tuesday, 8th November 2011 at 22:04

Besides spots of Central Plaza being quietly torn up for that nighttime spectacular, the impending 20th Anniversary isn’t quite bringing us the fever of construction we might have hoped for in the parks. Nevertheless, there is one new attraction on which construction has been ongoing for a couple of months already: the Magician Mickey meet ‘n’ greet we revealed back in July. To be based at Fantasy Festival Stage, the indoor theatre below the railroad station at the back of Fantasyland, work for the permanent meet ‘n’ greet location has already seen the old seating removed inside. Now, construction walls have surrounded the entire building, including a sizeable area at the front entrance.

With a similarly lavish style of the Princess Pavilion which opened last month, Mickey’s new dedicated home in the park will take much of the inspiration from the “Backstage Magic with Mickey Mouse” meet ‘n’ greet at Town Square Theatre in Magic Kingdom, Florida. One of the big selling points of that location is that, for the first time, guests can pick up a Fastpass time slot to meet the mouse, saving the kind of 120-minute queues normally associated with popular characters. Though the attractions will be closely related, there’s no word on that same service being available in Paris just yet.

For an experience like a character meet ‘n’ greet, couldn’t it even make sense for the whole operation to the Fastpass-based, with everyone required to pick up a ticket? What do you think?

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  • I’m against the M&G itself, it’s 5 years the don’t open new *real* attractions in Disneyland Park.

  • I agree with Alfredo, the 20th ann needs some “real” attractions, and sadly so far, I see none, and I think it’s too late now… A meet and greet with Mickey isn’t going to be ground breaking is it… Unless we get a talking Mickey and with many different lauguages spoken I can’t see that happening,

    My hope is that Iger, before he goes, will do something about the debt that is bring the resort to it’s knees, and maybe have a DCA style make over for all the resort by the time the 25th Ann comes around. But hey I still going in June for the 20th!

  • I think it’s crazy the 120-minute wait to enter the Princess Pavilion, I hope the novelty, because my little girl is one of the most interesting destinations in the park on my next visit for the 20 th. Thanks for the info.

  • I don’t get the nagativity here. Yes there will probably be a long wait, that’s just even more incentive to get there early!

    One thing I always thought was missing from DLRP was a specific place to meet and greet Mickey. When I went to Florida as a kid, I couldn’t help but notice that in the studios, and Magic Kingdom, there were specific places to meet Mickey. And you know what? The waiting times were 90 – 120 minutes. Though the doors would be closed to allow the queue to go down. Yes it was rather boring. But at the same time, we were going to meet mickey mouse. And you could see him from all angles of the queue line. Now by the sounds of this, there will be more than just a queue, there will be things to look at as you wait. Which would be grat. And if you get bore or your children get bored, make fun. Use your imagination! After all isn’t imagination what brought Mickey Mouse to us in the first place?

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