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Princess Pavilion officially opens with royal ceremony …and 120 minute wait time

Sunday, 9th October 2011 at 00:23

We’ve waited five years for a new attraction at Disneyland Park, the first since the opening of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast in 2006, and here it is: a princess meet ‘n’ greet. Nevertheless, the brand new Princess Pavilion was given proper opening day treatment this Saturday as Régis Alart and Osvaldo del Mistero, Disneyland Paris Ambassadors, joined the Disney Princesses for a special inauguration ceremony. Fresh from their stint as Thunder Mesa town officials for the re-inauguration of Molly Brown earlier this year, the ambassadors proved themselves game once again by donning gold-stitched outfits perfectly befitting the kingdom of Fantasyland — even the tights!

Introduced as ambassadors for the royal court of Fantasyland, the ambassadors led the ceremony entirely in French but eschewed the usual black-suited ribbon cutting by introducing four of the princesses — Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella and Tiana  — one by one, to a series of fitting musical cues. All the while, as this medieval pomp was going on, fans were right back in 2011 by tweeting out live pictures, like those from @PhotosMagiques here. Finally, two young princesses selected from the crowd helped to pull the cover from a “Princess Pavilion” sign as the attraction was declared officially open. And, within an hour, attracted a 120 minute wait time.

The inside is practically unrecognisable from its time as the post-show room at the exit of “it’s a small world”. Stone walls, ornate carved columns and cornicing, eight beautiful backlit stained glass windows and eight crystal artefacts representing each princess line the queue. The lighting is subtle yet certainly high-tech: the torches on the walls (perhaps new LEDs?) dance in a realistic flicker, the artefacts are lit by fibre optics and change colour. Particularly stunning is the flower for Rapunzel, who rightly won the eighth spot over Mulan, which bursts into golden light from within just as in the film. A long wait it may have, but at least guests are now warm, inside and surrounded by top-quality Disney design work.

If this is how Disneyland Park does a meet ‘n’ greet, we can’t wait until it gets a real new attraction.

Video of the grand opening and a walk through the queue line follows…

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  • You’ve really got to give props to the current team of Ambassadors. I don’t think any of their predecessors has gone to these lengths to have fun with the theme at hand. That’s something I really appreciate.

  • Queue time way too long they need to offer a fastpass experience only young children canot manage to wait in a Queue for so long.

  • I agree with Studio1 , even for adults it’s very long…

  • Queue is indeed much too long, waiting times > 80min. I managed to wait 20min with my 2y old daughter, than she got bored and we returned for the entrance.

  • It would be better if they’ve got several locations in fantasyland with each one princess…

  • I was in the resort on the day of the inauguration of this wonderful attraction but unfortunately missed it as I was competing in the IFDPA for the entire day.

    I got to experience the Pavilion 2 days after it opened. It only had a 60 minute waiting time, which to stand for is a long time but with the sculptures and stained glass images in the first half of the queue is quite bearable. The second half however gets boring.

    The meet and greet itself is much better than before, getting to meet 2 beautiful princesses and having a small amount of time by yourself with them :)

  • Hi,

    How do you know which ones will be there?

  • For younger little princesses i think this is a terrible idea, previous years we have been able to see what princesses are there and would just about manage the 45 minute cue time (it was open and outside so my partner would be able to take my 2 yeard old off and bring her back)
    Now you have no clue what princesses it is (my friend once qued up for 120 minutes with her 4 year old only to meet mulan. my little girl is only obsessed with belle and cinderella so to que for all that time and it be someone she doesnt know i would be gutted, think tis year we will 100% be having the princess lunch x

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