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Beginning of the end for Captain EO encore as it moves to “peak days only” operation?

Wednesday, 28th September 2011 at 12:34

Is Disneyland Paris beginning to wind down its Captain EO encore? A quick look at the latest Closure & Refurbishment dates for the parks now shows the Discoveryland attraction marked as closed on weekdays for the first three weeks of October: 3rd to 7th, 10th to 14th and 17th to 21st. Those infamous yellow 3-D glasses were also kept out of guests’ hands last week, when EO closed from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd September, suggesting that — rather than simple refurbishment as first expected — a new “peak days only” operating programme could be coming into force.

Michael Jackson and George Lucas fans have already had to contend with some very limited hours for the 3-D theatre show this year, with the first performance of the day held back until 11am and a closing time set far short of the rest of the park at around 5 or 6pm. The return has always been on an indefinite run, but if you’re a particular fan of this “rag-tag band lead by the infamous Captain EO”, you might want to catch an encore next time you can, just in case.

Captain EO returned to all its original locations at Disneyland in California, Epcot in Florida, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Park in Paris last year. Though originally confirmed as “not returning” in the Backstage magazine for Cast Members, it ended up reopening in Paris a month ahead of the other international parks on 12th June 2010. This was still some way behind the February opening of the “Tribute” show in California, and though the relaunch garnered some initial publicity it is clear there has been only muted excitement for Jackson’s return to Disneyland Paris among regular guests. With no replacement yet in sight for the other parks, Discoveryland faces having a high-capacity theatre shuttered for much of the time — all the while, right next door to an out-of-date Star Tours.

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  • I’d love to see a Mickys Philarmagic there :)

  • So…….any plan for Star Tours 2 yet?:)

  • Star Tours 2? I’m afraid where gonna have to wait for a loooonnngg time..

  • Star Tours isn’t out-of-date! it’s “retro-chic” ;-)

  • Meh, I expected “something” would come to replace good old tired Eo… I guess this area of the park won’t get crowded anytime soon…

  • I like star tours and Captain EO like it is , but wouldn’t it be nice if it’s not the same everytime your in it? Everytime another story like in star tours 2 , why aren’t they doing this with the 3D-theater. Every hour a different movie .. at 10h Captain EO , at 11h Honey I shrunk the audience , …

  • This building was once called Cinemagique and the show Captain EO at Cinemagique. We probably all know there is now an attraction called Cinemagique in that other park next door ;).

    So, I agree with Kevin, maybe for the meantime, until they figure out a new attraction that can occupy this spot, they could convert this venue to a cinema that shows multiple 3D movies.

    I guess, the only problem would be the content, as for that flexibility to materialize, you probably would need to replace the analog projection technology with a digital one. This should be a non-issue, because there are lots of high end and relatively affordable projectors to choose from. All offering far superior 3D compared to the old linear polarized technology that’s in use.

    The main problem probably would be getting the content in place… I guess they made some digital masters from Captain EO lately, but other 3D classics might not exist in digital form.

    Additionally, syncing those movies to the in-theatre effects would probably also be quite time consuming.

  • I wouldn’t mind to see it gone, but please don’t replace it with Philharmagic. How would that fit into Discoveryland? Nearly every cinema offers now 3D and so it’s nothing special anymore, so Disney shouldn’t do another 3D movie.

    WDI should create a new attraction for Discoveryland that isn’t based on any character or movie. It should fit the Discoveryland theme.

  • oh dear, am I the only one that is getting worried. Haven’t been to DLRP for 2 years, but going back next June for the 20th (went to WDW last year), but no Lion King, Tarzan only there for the summer, Captain Eo being phased out, so that corner with the old tired looking star wars ride is going to look poor. Now we hear the Capt Jack isn’t coming to POTC, no Ratatouille confirmed, and too late for the 2oth anniversary… All we have to get excited about is some new paving, a lick of paint and a room themed to meet some princess, not really anywhere near the California and Fantasyland expansions in the states….

  • disney-john, the 20th celebrations are next year, so you shouldnt be missing out. I would imagine that there will be new parades, and some form of new night show every night according to (the man who knows he comented on a previous post on here).but granted I am disapointed that we wont get to see tarzan. I am personally looking forward to the opening of world of disney store.

  • hi Tinkswishes28, think you mis=read, I know I’m going for the 20th, but I don’t think I’ll be missing out on anything as no Ratatouille, no Capt Jack, no Star Wars 2. Tell you what whould get me excited, a Phantom Manor refur, along the lines of the Haunted Mansion in WDW, (well impressed last year) and te return of Vincent Price, but that’s wishful thinking

  • Oh I see, sorry about that.

    We are taking our 4 year old daughter for the first time next year, she is disney mad. I haven’t been to DLP for about 6 years, and my partner has never been. So it will be interesting to see all the changes, and DLP through their eyes for the first time.

    I am suprised that they havent updated the star tours ride yet.

  • I would love to see a Philharmagic also, but how about in place of Animagique? The story is very similar. I also hope that Captain EO is not leaving!

  • “I am suprised that they havent updated the star tours ride yet.”

    Although it is just an update, it costs a lot of money. ED SCA has to buy the movie from WDI and George Lucas and the simulator needs some improvements as well.

    “I would love to see a Philharmagic also, but how about in place of Animagique? The story is very similar.”

    That’s definitely a better location than Discoveryland. However I still think it’s not going to happen, because that movie is over ten years old and the 3D effects are already a bit dated. I can’t see that ED SCA is going to pay for such an old movie.

  • I agree Philarmagique don’t belong in the Discoveryland space theme. And if I want to watch 3D … I stay at home.. Instead of a 3D movie why don’t they use the theater to build an attraction like armageddon? That should perfectly fit in Discoveryland .. And Star Tours II .. I guess one day whe finally gonna get it in Paris .. But as ussual Disneyland Paris gonna have to wait for a long time… And I agree with Disney-John .. I’m very worried about the 20th anniversairy it’s not a year but seven months till the big party ..
    And if whe have to wait on Ratatoille.. I hope they can make it before it’s the 21’st aniversairy … And I believe in a new nightshow .. But new parades.. I don’t think so..

  • >>>And if whe have to wait on Ratatoille.. I hope they can make it before it’s the 21?st aniversairy … And I believe in a new nightshow .. But new parades.. I don’t think so..<<<

    According to someone on Disney Central Plaza, Ratatouille is currently on hold, because the company doesn't get any money from the banks to build it.

  • Honey I shrunked the audience was fun, but it just got too old. So I think that it would be really great to make a new “Inventor of the year award”. New inventor, new adventure but the same concept.

    Captain EO was a great idea after the death of MJ, but the 3D effects are really bad and the quality of the film is just too old. So it should definitely go away.

  • Part of the problem is, not enough people venture into that part of Discoveryland. They get as far as Space Mountain, and go no further. What Discoveryland needs, is something that will really stand out to attract more people to the area where Star Tours, and Captain EO are located. And I know it sounds sad, but Star Tours IS out of date. It has followed the same story for far too long. It needs at least a change of story, and more meet and greets with the Star Wars characters. Now i’ve seen on this site that next year there will be more prescence from the Star Wars characters, but maybe this needs to happen sooner than next year. At least maybe some storm troopers walking around the area.

    Going back to Captain EO, which is what this topic’s about, when i went in may this year, i saw plenty of advertisements for Captain EO, but none of then had the right sort of appeal. All of them were just pictures of Michael Jackson, and often i heard guests say ‘what has Michael Jackson got to do with Disney?’ Perhaps just a poster of Micheal Jackson, and everything else in small print is not the right approach. I remember seeing Captain EO as a kid and i loved it. But I was also a huge Michael Jackson fan. If you’re not a fan, posters of Michael Jackson are not what you want to see at Disney land.

    and going back to the Space Mountain thing, It may seem silly, but that gets in the way of other attractions in that area. People go on Space Mountain, then leave Discoveryland. It’s sad, but it’s true.

    I hope this has all made sense, I’m sorry if it hasn’t, i’m not very well and so not sure if I’m making sense right now

  • No, you’re definitely right Rache. I think Disney and Eo is just sth to worship Micheal Jackson, beside of Michael fans, non-Michael fans would’t want to take their kids to the scary and old quality films which is filled with unrealistic puppets and even worse than 3d films they could have seen in theatres, even the American parks need to replace this with sth Phineas-and-Ferb-like. Disneyland Paris is now the only park without any expansion for AGES. I hope someday, it would get rid of its negative comments including mine.

  • I personally love Captain Eo and was saddened to hear it is going “peak hours only” whatever that means. Going every year like a lot of people i got really sick of Honey I shrunk the audience and being a big Michael Jackson fan, was excited that Captain Eo came back. Also was v disappointed to hear that no Captain Jack for Pirates.. tho on the other hand i like the ride as it is!!

  • I’m a huge Michael Jackson and Disney fan since I was a child and for me Captain Eo is a dream come true! I think that the problem in Discoveryland is that Space Mountain obscured everything behind it! Regular guests (non Disney or MJ fans)don’t even know where Captain Eo is cuz is hidden in that part of the park! I think they need to put some billboards, signs or huge posters to show where the attraction is. And wouldn’t be a bad idea if they upgrade the visual effects in the movie too!

  • My sons both enjoyed Captain EO when they were young in the early days of the park, but they didn’t really know who Michael Jackson was.
    Now the film is grainy and very dated, and does not appeal to many visitors. Bringing it back in memory of MJ has not really worked IMO.
    I do like 3D shows, and would like to see a new one there, even if it was not really Discoveryland themed like Its A Bugs Life ( Animal Kingdom in WDW ). I like Animagique, so would not like this to go.
    I still think it is a pity they got rid of the Visionarium, as this was large capacity and my sons both liked the 360 film.
    They could have something like the Stitch Encounter ( which used to be Alien Encounter ) as this is also large capacity.

  • Just booked my visit to Disneyland Paris in April 2012.
    The MAIN REASON to see Captain Eo. I would be so sad if
    Captian Eo was removed….

  • Captain Eo should stay, it is my favorite attraction in Disneyland!!!!!

    We are here to change the world.

  • There are rumors that Disney is working on a 4D movie starring WALL-E to replace Captain EO….

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