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Princess Pavilion officially opening 8th October, soft openings from next weekend

Sunday, 25th September 2011 at 22:35

It’s official: the Disney Princesses’ new home in Fantasyland will open its doors to guests on Saturday 8th October 2011. The date will be marked with a special inauguration by Disneyland Paris Ambassadors Régis Alart and Osvaldo del Mistero, with the Princess Pavilion open to the public from 10.30am. If you’re visiting before then and still want to get a look, you might be in luck: several sources suggest Soft Openings will be held from next weekend, specifically from Friday 30th September. These unscheduled openings in the run up to the official inauguration will be used to fully test all aspects of the new permanent meet ‘n’ greet location. As with all Soft Openings, the attraction could close at any time and may not be open every day. If in doubt, ask a Cast Member nearby or at City Hall.

Construction progress has continued apace at the new meet ‘n’ greet attraction. Two new lamps were installed either side of the building’s new “brooche” signage to complete the entrance marquee, and more surprising details have been spotted all over. From crowns moulded into the cornicing to gold leaf being applied to the static metal flags atop its roof…

Above, DJROM36 from Disney Central Plaza forum even captured a glimpse inside the attraction’s exit area, showing some quite extravagant wooden panel decoration for the new souvenir photo desk. The counter appears to be split into two arches, with even the photo preview screen given a decorative wooden surround. It’s questionable how well this medieval style fits in here, as it leads guests directly out into the international World’s Fair area of “it’s a small world”, but the new pavilion certainly feels right up to the same high quality of the original land so far.

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  • The guy in image 5, rubbing the gold flag, looks like SVP of Industrial Design at Apple, Jony Ive! (I’m joking obviously).

  • We’ll be there the 8th.. Wonder what this will do with the crowds?

  • the door looks quite elaborate… I like it, the signs looks cheap though.

  • the building looks awful it could be better if there isnt a stone tower but a tower similar to the others on fantasyland anyway when the fences gone we will see how really looks

  • We visited DLRP on 3rd,4th,5th Oct and noticed the Pavillion would be open on the 5th as part of its soft opening. I have to say that if the soft opening is anything to go by this is going to be absolute chaos and result in more coplaints than any other single issue in the resort. We joined the queue at 1215 for a 1300 opening and were approx 20 groups from the front. The sign outside showed 4 princesses (Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine and Ariel) and at 1250 and with a very long queue behind us the doors opened and we entered the pavillion, the internal queue area was very impressive and well staged (you would expect nothing less, however we the waited a further 50 minutes in the pavillion barely moving a few feet every minute until finally we were at the front of the queue. A lot of people had given up waiting and as puschairs are not allowed inside many parents were fed up of carrying young children. We were then shown into a room where we met Cinderella and went through the usual meet and greet process before being ushered to another very short queue and then into another room to meet Tiana, and that was it, just two Princesses an not the 4 shown on the sign at the door! after passing the obligatory photo shop and exiting I noticed that the sign now displayed 5 Princesses and a waiting time of 75 minutes (the caracters were only advertised as being there from 1300-1530) and during the day I heard people say they had waited in total for nearly 2 hours. All this on a particularly quiet wednesday afternoon. While the idea is very good and the staging excellent on the whole this attraction is a mess and managed very poorly, more thought should have been put into this attraction and it really deserves and needs a bigger building, being shoved into what was the exit of small world does not do this justice nor serve the guests adequately! MUST DO BETTER DLRP or this will really create problems when the park is at its peak!

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