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Sleeping Beauty Castle restoration comes to a fairytale ending with final golds and blues

Wednesday, 14th September 2011 at 05:19

Sleeping Beauty Castle restoration

2011 Refurbishments — It’s been a long journey, but look at her now. From the first fresh paint on the walls way back in February to scaffolding going up and coming down, roofs going blue and towers going gold. The complete exterior restoration of Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant wrapped right on schedule for the first weeks of September, at last giving us a completed look at her new colour tones which DisneyGazette.fr have captured with some fabulous photos in their latest update.

The final chapter of this fairytale was that striking new azure roof above the main picture window, both a striking contrast from the previous faded yellow gradient and the more understated (you might say authentic) colouring of opening day in 1992, which this new colour scheme otherwise more closely replicates. Whilst in 1992 the Imagineers were keen to give the illusion the castle had been sitting there for hundreds of years just like every other château in France, the look that will see in the 20th Anniversary is one more of bright, youthful vigour.

Now if the vines on that balcony could just get their flowers back, to close this book for good…

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  • The blues of the spires look stunning and against the gorgeous sky the castle looks as majestic as ever.

  • Don’t ever post pictures like this again! I have to go clean my keyboard from all the drooling.

    This truly is a fantastic result!

  • “Now if the vines on that balcony could just get their flowers back, to close this book for good…

    I just can hope that this happen soon!

  • Love it… may have resulted in a long process and not as good looking scaffolding for those visiting the past few months but the end result is great!

  • Sorry, but I really do not like this color scheme. I was in the park this summer and had to find out, that the castle now looks like cheap plastic. The 1992 scheme was amazing and added to the illusion of size and authenticity with its careful shades and darker edges. Now, the castle appears much smaller to me, especially because of the unrealistic tones and reflections of the roofs and because it seems to be so monocromatic. This was all way too much. The blue looks so incredible cheap – as If Disney had bought the paint at the Home Depot. Have a look at the 1992 colors and see the difference and to see what Imagineering is capable of doing. Any painter from the street could have messed this up equally well. This was a low budget production for sure. Sorry for not liking it as you all do here.

  • I truely agree with you will. The most beautiful disney castle of the world has now lose every magic and every style that has in the past. undoubtdedly the 1992 version is the original and the best version of the parisian sleeping beauty castle. although the rehab itself its not what they have to do . the y should have fixed every roof of the towers and replace the cermics of the towers with new and better and not just paint them looking like their are plastic. and thats what i thought since a month . also the new bride blue of the main roofs with the window they look really terrible in my view. only the original concept of the castle was the better and thats what they have to do but they still didint do anything . the only good of this rehub is the golden towers…. anyway i hope one day sleeping beauty castle could find its original face just like in 1992 when the real castle of sleping beauty was living in all of its splendor

  • *ceramics

  • i agree with your point: to me, the true awakening of this gem of disney architecture lies in the distant future.

    let me stress this: it was without any doubt the cheapest renovation project they could do to the castle. back in 1992, real masters if their profession painted the castle in those amazing different shades. those master of facade painting also did an amazing job in tokyo disney sea… the difference is the price tag: creating an authentic, aged look by professional artists is more expensive than painting everything over in pink and blue in a few nights. this castle isn’t “soaring into the sky” any more… how could they paint the shingles and tiles with that glossy lacquer? even the gold looks so fake.

    i don’t understand why this failed renovation project is celebrated almost on every related site on the internet. it’s good that they renovate, but they have to do it the right way! we demand to little these days from disney.

    the castle in paris is the architectural highlight of imagineering, nothing equally elaborate has ever been designed that matches le chateau. i hope they do it right for the 30th birthday. for today, it can be concluded that this magnificent structure is rather messed up, a cartoon of itself. this is not the quality i personally expect from disney.

    they should cut costs entertainment and invest in a higher and consistent level of maintenance.

    let’s wait and see what is done to the new ship in adventureland…

  • Also the ditch of the castle its very grey and it hasn’t anything of the original style of the palace’s ditch in 1992, maybe the new style of the castle is loved by most but they don’t have the sense of the real beauty. This cheap rehub may put a nice castle in level of beauty but if you look it for the first time you will say that he lost any of its beauty and its cheaper tahn any other building or even more atraction. I hope that disneyland paris UNDERSTAND that and i hope that they will improve it before the parks 25th anniversairy . Finally i hope taht they don’t cut the cost of entertainment but making a magic spell and improving everything as well they have to and see again one of the most beautiful parks again in life and succes. Now the capatain hooks pirate ship its another thing that i hope they will fix it in the right way and not putting juck sparow theme in it but keeping the original view which may be perfect for juck sparow and every visitor to take picture but only this !! I dont want to see any style of the pirates of the caribeam in the pirate ship because every attraction has a story that they dont have to destroy…

  • Although I do love the refurbishment of this chateau, the new colors gave me such a fairy tale feeling of this majestic, a new beginning of a new decade for this kingdom, the most beautiful castle that Disney had ever created, but I prefer the 1992’s colors more, because it makes me feel that the Imagineers had payed very much attention to the details, I couldn’t even get those colors on my papers. I drew all of Disney famous buildings and put it in a folder but I just couldn’t get the color and the gradients the Imagineers had used. In my opinion:
    CINDERELLA CASTLE has it luxury, stunning white and the massive scale to impress park-goers.
    THE ORIGINAL SLEEPING BEAUTY CASTLE has a unique look in both parks, one was fairy tale-like and one with simple colors to match the lights at night, I have to say the colored lights gave Hong Kong castle a more majestic look than the Californian.

    I don’t want to start a campaign against my idol, i just want to say i only have Disney music in my MP3 although I am 14 years old, not Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne,… just Disney’s. I hope that Disneyland Paris understand and listen to me, I want to be an Imagineer and I know what is best for the parks, I trust Disney.

  • The castle hasn’t finished yet… and is still the end of september!! maybe this was not what i expected but if they rehub they have to do it correctly! because the stones near the castle has loose any of the detail their just grey thats vey ugly ! i love details but the park still lose details thats their fault. I hope that they will fix by the way any problem and paint with a more bright blue the ceramics on the roffs nearby the main roof withe window . I hope that disneyland paris could fix the problems because insidedlparis showed more unfixed parts which are lots of them and see the catsle fresh and new anyway i like it now when the the sun is on…..but always i would prefer the original style and colours. I TRUST disney but not disneyland paris anymore because all looks cheap now … :( lets hope that they will surprised me!!! anyway ew will see

  • the new style and ideas of the new hlloween season surprised me on the other hand especially in main street and in the castel theater as i saw from the concept arts that they share in disney central plaza forum

  • I’ve made a little survey on my class and here’s the result I received after showing 3 photos: 47,102% of the class prefer the 92’s colors, 35,1% of the class prefer the nowadays and the rest for the goldish-blue rooftops since 1998. This may sound quite a depressing feedback for Disneyland Paris over tons of positive agreement. They said it made the castle realistic and that encourages a child believes in daily dreams come true

  • dreams do come true in reality, if you believe and disney parks is the place you see the magic happens in front of your eyes

  • I think the castle would look better like you said dlpfan, if all of the rooftops are in the same tone or maybe just a little different from each other, it would be better than big differences in light and dark blues between the rooftops, espeacially the rectangulars on the left side of the main square one, less shiny. But I think the Imagineers know better than us so… let’s just go with it.

  • In my view there are no disney imagineers in disneyland paris . A and if there are they don’t know about details and the history of this parks its real beauty but they totally destroy them. FIRST OF ALL THE CASTLE LOOSES ITS ORIGINAL VIEW , then shops who were selling collective souvenirs and things of high quality are closed today , replacement with lots of rubbish that can be found in any shop of the park. also the main street organ of the disney store has sent to florida. thats very stupid of disneyland paris sorry for tyhe word but they get rid of the details . no details can be found any more.i wish that they will fix it but for bad i not think so . im sad about it but what to do all these which are happening is bcause of the money i hope that they could something one day to improve every quality of the spirit of the park but since today the destroy everything from the removing part of the attraction of the old mill to the central plaza stage which is also a theme disaster of the view of the castle . i don’t know what they would do but the future will show

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