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All the Single Riders… put a wait time on it at RC Racer and Parachute Drop

Wednesday, 14th September 2011 at 19:43

With every new Disney attraction, the Imagineers’ work is never quite complete when the ribbon is cut. Once guests start pushing through the turnstiles, filling out the queue lines and fastening their seatbelts, a whole myriad of niggles or opportunities to “plus” the experience often come to light; the designers and engineers having to go back to the drawing board to tweak their creation. At Toy Story Playland, there was something we could have all seen coming: long queue lines. While the basic rides themselves only have a finite capacity, park operations soon jumped on the best idea to maximise that number with the installation of temporary Single Rider lines at RC Racer and Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop.

This year, as part of the 2011 improvements programme, those successful trial lines became “official” lines, with queue barriers and signage redesigned to properly accommodate them, and here’s the final piece of the playset: space for Single Rider wait times to actually be displayed at the entrance. At the moment, a single rider can see a regular wait time of 80 minutes at RC Racer but have no clue how long that means they’ll be waiting for a spare seat.

Whilst the entrance marquees for both attractions have been modified today to include a second dot-matrix display, they’re not yet operational. Calculating attraction queue times is usually as easy as pairing the number of turnstile “clicks” against the hourly throughput (update: see comments) of the ride, but with guests coming in groups of different numbers and empty seats never a given, it’ll be interesting to see exactly how Disney work out the wait time for a single rider to put a seatbelt on it.

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  • I don’t like the single rider queues in Paris. They only work in Japan, where people are far more disciplined than elsewhere. In Paris couples, small and large groups joined these queues and ruined the whole thing; the staff didn’t (couldn’t?) get people to act fair and avoid the SR queue if they were coming as a couple or as a group. They just didn’t care.

  • @Disney Tom

    What do u mean by “act fair” ? If a couple or a group wants to split, wheres the prob?

    I usually use the single rider queue of the parachute attraction with my wife, we split so no prob.

  • DisneyTom perhaps means if groups join the Single Rider line and then insist on sitting together, not really understanding the concept.

    One cause of that problem could be the poor signage for the lines. It’s far too wordy and lacking the (probably Glendale-designed) simplicity of the original opening day signage. It needs to explain far more visually the concept of the single rider line filling empty single seats. Pictograms or dedicated logos and information in the park maps like they have for Fastpass would be a big improvement.

  • This is very official looking…..just like the single rider lines on attractions at Walt Disney World. They don’t have any such wait times post at any single rider attractions at Disneyland Resort or Tokyo Disney Resort. In Disneyland Resort, you have to obtain a special pass from a CM

  • Thanks for the news. As you say, very hard to tell how long a single rider wait will be, as it depends on any empty seats of course.
    They have this in some parks in the UK like Thorpe Park and Alton Towers, and also separate lines for front row on some coasters.

  • I meant to add that the parks here with single rider lines, have a sign warning people that this can take longer than the main queue.

  • @DLRP Today

    Thank you. You’ve got the point. SR is meant to fill single(!) empty seats on attractions during boarding. It’s not there to simply cut the main queue. I don’t have a problem not to use SR when I want to ride together with friends.

  • … forgot to add:
    In my opinion, the wait time displays will not help the SR system. It will cause more people to feel ‘smart’ by joining the SR line and claim they’re riding alone despite entering with relatives or friends…haha… Only when the staff is handling the system strictly, I mean they try everything to get people from the main queue in and then, if a single(!) seat is left, fill it up with someone from the SR queue. Then, but only then, it could work some day!

  • Dries Collewaert  17th September 2011, 15:45

    In disneyland the waiting times are never calculated with turnstiles (on none of the attractions).
    They use badges to measure the waiting line line, or they count the guests manually in the waiting lines.

  • Having recently returned from DLP, I tried to use the single rider queue at RC racer. The main line was advertised at 80 mins and staff at the SR entrance said it could be about 60 mins. There were approx 20 people in front of me and not one of them were in fact a single person, there were many groups of people and couples. Despite numerous requests from the loading staff that this was a single rider only and couples etc should join the main queue. I was the only person in this queue qualifying as a single rider and all the people around were trying to act as though they didn’t know each other. After approx 30 mins of waiting only 2 people had been let on the ride and afer 45 mins of waiting I gave up and left the ride, making all those people around me know of my total disgust at the situation. The staff at DLP need to get their act together and ensure that couples / groups join the main queue and let genuine single riders board.

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