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Central Plaza tree clearance leads a trail to Castle moat… and 20th Anniversary dreams?

Monday, 12th September 2011 at 00:20

Central Plaza tree felling

When Disneyland Paris opened on 12th April 1992, the greenery of this luscious Disney park had been given less than five years to bed in on this previously rather barren expanse of Marne-la-Vallée. Now, after almost 20 years, it looks like it actually requires a little pruning. At least, that could be the first thought when fences went up around a block of greenery just off Central Plaza on 29th August. All the trees in this patch next to the terrace of Casey’s Corner had been marked for removal and, sure enough, just two days later a whole new vista was opened up…

Central Plaza tree felling

Trees are frequently replanted in Disney parks when they outgrow their surroundings, to maintain the correct scale with the forced-perspective buildings around them. But is that the entire story here? Along with the foliage updates, @InsideDLParis on Twitter has been charting a number of other interesting works going on around the hub of Disneyland Park. In particular, bright yellow ramps covering up works to the floor, seen below.

Central Plaza electrical wire installation Central Plaza electrical wire installation

What’s interesting here is that, from left to right, the work leads a trail all the way from this freshly-pruned patch across the entrances of Frontierland and Adventureland, seemingly leading all the way to the Castle moat. And today, more holes have appeared (photo) on the other side of the plaza, on the pavement nearest to Plaza Gardens Restaurant, seemingly leading into the planter behind the Central Plaza Stage’s show control booth.

We’ve marked all the works on the map below, showing the felled area in red and the trail of temporary ground works in yellow. What do you think — are plans already going into action for next year’s rumoured new nighttime spectacular?

Rough overview of 2011 Central Plaza work

It seems like a good moment to get up-to-date on those plans, anyway. Launching as the main event of the 20th Anniversary next April, we’re expecting a big and bold new evening show to take over this entire area. A real signature event for the park, combining water with projections, lighting effects and pyrotechnics. Possibly even live “show” elements on or around the central stage.

With noisy old-fashioned fireworks causing problems with local villages and no money for a vast Fantasmic-style arena, Disneyland Paris has always been a bit of a party pooper with its nighttime entertainment. Now, after 20 years, it looks like Disneyland Paris management at last want to give a day in their park a real grand finale. That is, after all, one of the key draws of every other Disney park.

This wouldn’t be a nighttime event that simply runs along the parade route or launches a few fizzles into the sky above Sleeping Beauty Castle. It would, for all intents and purposes, be our World of Color: Those “fountains” we saw testing are likely to actually be the same kind of huge water screens used in that Disney California Adventure show-stopper, throwing plumes of water up from the moat with projections of Disney characters. This will be something that attempts to envelop this whole area of the park in a colourful, dazzling, immersive experience. Something you can only truly see for yourself, in reality, not filmed on YouTube.

Finally, a big finale is all well and good, but not if it has to happen during daylight (remember the not-so- “illuminating” Candleabration of the 15th Anniversary?) So here’s a real show-stopping rumour: longer park opening hours, throughout the year.

Disneyland Paris has been a beauty of a Disney park for 20 years. In 2012, it will start acting like one.

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  • I would not be so sure about longer park opening hours throughout the year in order to present this new night time show every evening all year long. Water fountains, water screens, water projections do not really fit with wintertime temperatures. And these features seem to be the key of this show, right?

    This new show could ‘just’ replace the Enchanted Fireworks in my opinion. But the question remains the same because the Enchanted Fireworks are also presented during the winter…

  • It’s looking good…

  • i hope that will make really the difference putting us back to 1992 ( new trees more gardening etc) and the “new generation” of dlp after viewing a fresh new amazing park and a new fountain show!!!

  • @Parc-O-Rama — The Enchanted Fireworks were always Summer-only. This new nighttime spectacular seems scheduled to take place throughout the year. It won’t be some “high season only” thing like the current nighttime events, it will be a true signature event for the park.

    The point about freezing temperatures is a good one, but it may be they’ll find a way to overcome it or that the water elements aren’t so vital. We’ll see…

  • This is so interesting! I love the sound of a smaller or slightly different world of colour.
    Can I use this on my blog?

  • Seems very interesting, especially because a the Dutch park ‘Efteling’ has already started building its own World of Colour, whcih will open next year as well, and will be the third biggest fountain-show in the world.
    DLP’s show can only be smaller, as there won’t be that many fountains I presume, still I think it has a great atmosphere with the castle and the trees around it.

    For now I am glad with the way management is revitalising the Magic Kingdom, however, for the 21st anniversary I really hope for a real new ride!

  • Efteling is building their new fountain-show ” AquaNura” for their 60’st anniversary on a huge lake. Also World of Colour is place on a lake and Fantasmic in a big arena. I don’t understand how they’re gonna build a fountain-show in main street near the castle.. Is there enough place to build it?
    I find the fireworks still more enjoyable…

  • Brian, Kevin — While I say this will be something like “our World of Color” I mean more for the experience rather than the actual technical details. Don’t assume the water screen(s) will be the most important element. They will be just that: an element.

    Belle — Sure, feel free to quote DLRP Today any time! I just request you post a link back to the original article. (and remember the photos here come via @InsideDLParis!)

  • Thanks very much for the great info as always, and to @insideDLParis for the photos. Much appreciated.
    Looking forward to seeing what they will do for next year, although I do love the summer fireworks to music over the Castle – always brings tears to my eyes, so hope the new one does the same.
    Wish they would bring back Main Street Electrical Parade for next summer though, then it would be perfect! I was very glad to see it in WDW a few years ago, but would love to see it back in DLP for the Anniversary.

  • themanwhoknows!!!  13th September 2011, 10:08

    from the plans i have seen it will be more like this…http://youtu.be/8JUgeE1skTE
    but with it being themed around Peter Pan ‘s second star and will have pyro and water effects!! it will be a nightly show and all the digging is from the water pipes being laid!!

  • I really hope there will be a night time parade, or fireworks when we go in june half term. We are taking our 5 year old daughter for the first tme.

  • themanwhoknows!!!  15th September 2011, 13:03

    Tinkswishes- the plan is to have fantallusion as a nightly parade throughout the whloe 20th

  • Mark my word:
    Until Disneyland Paris have balance economic system, it shall have Fantillusion redesigned, a unique version dedicated to Disneyland Paris, I’ve finished redesigning the floats in the last two months, now for the costumes.

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