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Euro Disney SCA posts 7% rise in revenues, 5% attendance jump in strong third quarter 2011

Wednesday, 31st August 2011 at 20:35

Euro Disney SCA Third Quarter 2011 Announcement

For once it was good news all-round as Disneyland Paris operating group Euro Disney SCA published its Third Quarter 2011 revenues announcement earlier this month. A 5% increase in park attendance, 4% increase in guest spending and 1.3 percentage point increase in hotel occupancy boosted the Resort revenues by almost 7% compared to the same period last year. Though the group chose to lead with this positive improvement in its core business, it’s important to note that overall revenues for the quarter actually decreased by €28.7m (7.7%) because figures for the period in 2010 included the exceptional €47m sale of the land on which the Val d’Europe shopping mall is located.

Nevertheless, the full report paints a positive picture for the parks and hotels as we head towards the financial year-end. Visitor fluctuations continue, with fewer visitors from France now reported against more from the United Kingdom and Italy. This might appear to show that steady and widespread promotional campaigns for the resort in the British Isles have paid dividends with extra bookings following several years of decline for the cross-Channel market. The resort notably partnered with Walt Disney World for its first joint television advertising earlier this year and has had a strong showing with it’s Magical Moments Festival promotions despite the lack of any true new attractions this year. Somewhat desperately, both the obligatory comment from CEO Philippe Gas and “update on recent events” quote the return of The Tarzan Encounter as a  key recent draw — a show which returned for just three months and originally premiered over ten years ago.

Still, if they’re posting attendance boosts in a year as anodyne as this, when half of Disneyland Park has been under scaffolding for refurbishment (which would have been a much more welcome thing to promote to investors) it’s looking good for the 20th…

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  • SleepingBeauty  31st August 2011, 21:50

    “A 5% increase in park attendance, 4% increase in guest spending and 1.3 percentage point increase in hotel occupancy boosted the Resort revenues by almost 7% compared to the same period last year.”
    Very positive numbers, but…. how many guests paid (and which price) to enter the parc? (there are a lot of 2nd-ticket-for-free-promotions). What is the inflation in DLP? What is the average room price per hotel and in general?

  • With Vat increase on the way and no new attraction to excite Guests to book untill at least 2013 unless management pulls Star Tours 2 out of it’s hat I hope the entertainment offered in 2012 is a lot better than was offered this year even though there where little gems such as Follow the Leader Peter Pan Show and Green Army Men at WDS Park.

  • I agree with the above comments. Unfortunately most UK visitors cannot take advantage of the free extra day as it has to be taken 7 days or more later, and most only stay for 2-5 days.
    One thing I wish DLP did was a points system or bounceback booking scheme so that regular visitors could benefit from some saving when they frequently book packages through Disney staying in their hotels.I believe they have a bounceback system in WDW where you get extra money off when you book your next trip soon after.
    Having booked packages with Disney in the DLP Moderate hotels for 3-7 days 1-3 times a year for 19 years, it would be nice to get something as a frequent customer – even a free lakeview upgrade would be something!
    Last August our 4 nt/ 5 day package for 2 adults with flights from the UK staying at the New York with HB Plus and 40% off, cost £2000.
    If that is 40% off hotel, tickets and transport, I dread to think what the full price would be!

  • Vat Hike gone as lower house of French Gov rejects tax plans on concerns on nock on impact of decision on local shops,Restaurants,Hotels and other leisure facilities.

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