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Disney to take control of Groupe Flo-operated Disney Village restaurants?

Sunday, 24th July 2011 at 23:37

You might never have realised it, but that Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Fish ‘n’ Chips you ate at Café Mickey wasn’t necessarily a “Disney” meal at all. Along with most of the other Disney Village restaurants, Café Mickey is actually managed and operated under contract by Groupe Flo, a large French catering company. Or at least, for now it is — member Mr Freddy on Disney Central Plaza Forum has shared the interesting news that Café Mickey, along with Annette’s Diner and presumably The Steakhouse, all part of Groupe Flo’s “Euro-Gastronomie” subsidiary, will come under full Disney control when the current contract ends on 1st October 2011. Citing the fact that Disney now has more experience in restaurant management in Paris and can probably make some considerable savings (it is said to pay Groupe Flo €10m a year for the contract), another member suggests the handover could even mean each of the restaurants closing for between a week and a full month at the end of the this year, ready to become fully Disney-operated establishments from January. The change won’t affect Rainforest Cafe or King Ludwig’s Castle, which are managed under separate contracts to Groupe Flo and will likely always be separate to Disney.

With Disney able to completely control the management and operation of the venues, rather than just make changes at arms-length, it will be interesting to see what differences, if any, we might spot when the changeover takes place. Looking at the bigger picture, this move may even tie in with promised developments for the Village over the next ten years, as Disneyland Paris slowly continues to improve the offering and give it more of a “Disney” stamp with projects like World of Disney.

And if DLRP Today had been handed the contract instead? Well, besides some poorly-cooked Fantasia Mushrooms, for starters you’d at least see that tacky blue tent add-on to Café Mickey ripped off and a proper extension built onto the building instead.

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  • On the website for Groupe Flo, it says they manage Cafe Mickey and The Steak House as stated in the article but also Rainforest Cafe, King Ludwig’s and Deli Sandwiches. Yet there is no information on Annette’s Diner.

  • That’s odd – Annette’s Diner is definitely operated by the “Euro-Gastronomie SAS” subsidiary of Groupe Flo along with Café Mickey, The Steakhouse and New York Style Sandwiches (which will also presumably end its contract with them). Rainforest Cafe is operated under “Flo Evergreen SAS” and King Ludwig’s Castle is operated under “Flo Kingdom SAS”.

  • Studio1  20 hours ago

    Well this may be more to do with Flo’s dominence in control of Disney Village restaurants for years Eurodisney has been trying to get other companys to take over the running of DV Restaurants and retrict companys from managing more than a few restaurants. While Flo groupe where more concerned in increasing their dominence in DV by opening a Chinese Restaurant and an Italian Restaurant. Earlyer this year Flo Groupe staff went on strike and created lots of headaches for Eurodisney management which may have been the final straw that broke the camels back.

  • Graham  11 hours ago

    Does anyone know if this will change anything guest-wise? Will we be able to notice a difference?

  • Studio1  9 hours ago

    Not really, complaints and food quality may be standardised a bit better and more protection of Characters in Cafe Mickey from Some children who want to hog their time or try to knock them over. I’ll ask around though as I’ll be on Resort later this week.

  • Joris  3 hours ago

    Disney pays Groupe Flo 10m a year? Can someone explain this? I’d say Disney is supposed to MAKE money from its restaurants instead of losing it…

  • TheDisneyMagic  3 hours ago

    This is great to hear, Disneyland Paris is going in the right direction here taking as much control as possbile. Where as as I walk round Downtown Disney here in Florida more and more outlets are being filled by third party operators.

  • TheDisneyMagic  2 hours ago

    Also we were quite discusted in Annette’s Diner a couple of months ago when we ordered milk shakes. Staff in there were picking up litter from the floors and trash cans then serving meals and adding toppins on to milk shakes with their hands without wearing gloves or washing their hands!

    We immediately spoke to a manger and got a refund and also spoke to a Disney Village manager who reported the incidents.

    Just not good enough for a restaurant / diner.

  • Disneygraphy  27th July 2011, 12:40

    ..if this adds more quality, better theming and most important, more variety, I welcome this decission. Ow, and can we have a place like Napa Rose please?(& an Art Deco theme for Disney Village)

  • I wonder...  29th July 2011, 13:19

    I am really sad to hear this because group flo do a really good job with cafe mickey, in fact, I think that it’s my favourite restaurant

  • Thanks for the information. I agree with Studio 1 that some improvements in Cafe Mickey would be welcomed. Most people say that they enjoy the interaction with Characters, but not so much the food. If you read reviews on Trip Advisor, this is a common opinion.
    I also agree that Characters need to be protected from diners / kids following them and harassing them when they are trying to go round the tables.In the early days ( when it was Los Angeles Bar & Grill )this was not allowed. Kids would be asked by a CM to move away, so everyone got their own time without interruption.
    The same applied in all Character Dining, and also in the parks queueing for Meet & Greet. There was no pushing and shoving as you get now, as far as I remember, although originally there were Characters in all the lands all day of course. Now there are not enough Cms in the park to keep order, but that is another topic…..

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