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John Lasseter spotted in future Ratatouille quarter! Dark ride plans finally green-lit?

Thursday, 21st July 2011 at 20:00

We might have expected to see John Lasseter in Disneyland Paris this month, with Cars 2 opening across Europe. After all, he’s dropped by the Parisian resort several times in recent years since becoming Principal Creative Advisor for Walt Disney Imagineering. But yesterday, the Pixar creative chief wasn’t just spotted anywhere in the parks — he was spied on the new Ratatouille road, alongside Toy Story Playland, site of that proposed dark ride. Mr. Freddy of Disney Central Plaza provides the proof, above, showing that John didn’t just stumble into the area by accident, like most people passing through the Playland. He’s joined either side by Tom Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President and Senior Creative Executive, and Chrissie Allen, Senior Show Producer, both of whom were present on the opening day of Toy Story Playland and have been key figures in the development of Walt Disney Studios Park.

From above, new activity can even be seen on the construction site behind the Costuming building. The huge trees in the centre of the site will at some point be removed, to be replaced by greenery in a more fitting scale around the Parisian façades.

So, are we looking good for go? Just last weekend, (unconfirmed) word began spreading that funding for the ride had finally been secured. As far as Imagineering and the resort’s management are concerned, the ride seems to have been green-lit for quite some time but as with all major projects, Euro Disney SCA has to agree funding with investors. Back in May, highly detailed concepts were found at the local town planning office in Chessy. The latest is that construction should start this year and take 18 months, with interior elements (such as props, décor) possibly even already being built!

Let’s hope John has a suitably cheesy Hawaiian shirt ready for 2013 — and meanwhile, we’ll see you in the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop queue…

Check back on previous Ratatouille dark ride news here and see the concept art here.

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  • Josh T.  5 days ago

    All I can say is “Yessssssss!!!” If work is finally starting, then we may even see construction start next month!

    It’s been a long journey, and we haven’t even started yet!

  • DIStherapy  5 days ago

    My sons and I just returned from DLP, and kept commenting that we were surprised that there wasn’t more Ratatouille-themed attractions. Problem solved. When can we go back??!

  • Ryan Simmons  4 days ago

    WOW!! It’s amazing to see John in Disneyland Paris! Let alone the Ratatouille dark ride! It’s nice to know he’s there and actively involved with things.

  • Peter Moriarty  4 days ago

    This is great news. It’s also good to see how active WDI are being over here, especially because often dlp is thought of as the ugly stepsister.

    Great news, can’t wait

  • Graham  4 days ago

    This is great news! And it’s crazy to think I was in the Studios the same day as this group of legends, sad I didn’t spot them.

  • Studio1  4 days ago

    I don’t feel Eurodisney SCA will be too pleased that a Disney Fan has got pictures of this meeting.

  • Graham  4 days ago

    Well it’s not as if the fan sneaked in to a private meeting so I doubt they would care.

  • Relax  4 days ago

    One of the highest Disney Imagineers is visiting DLRP with John Lasseter and the CEO of ED SCA isn’t touring with them the parks?

  • Ryan  4 days ago

    Yeah, very true “Relax”. Why the heck isn’t Philipe there? Some of the most important people at The Walt Disney Company and the CEO of DLP has his feet up in the office.

  • Figgygirl  2 days ago

    Thanks for the news. Glad to hear that funding seems to be approved and the ride has the green light.We need this ride in the Studios, and I still wish they would build a Great Movie Ride in the future similar to the one in WDW, but more updated.
    Soarin’ would be great as well!

  • Graham  2 days ago

    I agree, a Great Movie Ride in the Chinese Theatre at the end of Hollywood Boulevard would be an AMAZING addition.

  • I wonder...  27th July 2011, 22:24

    wow, I seriously can’t wait where could they find the money for all of this? That caged shaped item that we saw earlier that turned out to be a movie screen, thank goodness it is because, I was on the pinnochio ride the other day and reallised that the ride contained a large cage, so we don’t want all of the rides to be the same :)

  • Now now let’s not get carried away this proves nothing at all. If it does happen I imagine they will take a number of shortcuts and it won’t be that good (The Paris management are pretty clueless) I think the money that this project will cost could be much better spent on other things. I just don’t see ratatouille as an essential addition.

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