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The Enchanted Fireworks returns to Disneyland Park for final summer season

Wednesday, 13th July 2011 at 16:33

That’s How You Know it’s summer! Since 2008 summer nights at Disneyland Park have ended with the popular finale of The Enchanted Fireworks, a modestly Disneyland Paris-sized firework show set to Alan Menken’s score for the Amy Adams fairytale blockbuster. But, when the final “bang” echoes over the fields of Marne-la-Vallée at the end of this (newly extended) summer on 4th September… that really is “The End” for this chapter in the park’s nighttime entertainment history. It has been confirmed that this is the final season for the spectacular, with not just a new fireworks show but a “new concept”, a big new concept, coming next year — we think you know the one.

So, as the sun sets and the day cools down, enjoy True Love’s Kiss and the Enchanted Suite coming to life in the sky above Sleeping Beauty Castle for one last time. The show returned on Saturday and, as you can see at the end of the video, is determined to see its final year out with an extra bang!

Check out videos of the original 2008 show here, or the 2009 edition here.

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  • So what happens after September 4th? No nightly fireworks?

    We are visiting DLP for the first time at the end of September and have been wondering what to expect.


  • Although cute, this display is so depressing. I’m leaving for DLP on friday. I’ll probably watch it once or twice but not every night, I’m hoping the rest of the park and attractions are open during the display, yes?

  • @ Graham : Attractions close at 23.00/ 11 pm .

  • It is/was a good show, but it’s just left behind by the grandness of the Florida parks :(. Illuminations is just something else on a different level altogether. I hope this new show that’s rumoured is going to be better! :)

  • Mandas Disney Blog  14th July 2011, 17:14

    Aww! I’m gona miss this show so much! :( I love the music, it always gives me goosebumps! I also think the movie Enchanted doesn’t get enough attention merchandise wise – you never see very much and it’s one of my favourite movies! So it’s wonderful to have the Enchanted fireworks! :)

  • Surely there must be a way to have a grander display!? Isn’t there silent fireworks on the market?

  • @Barry: Fireworks is a summer season special. So at the end of september there won´t be fireworks and also no late park opening hours (summer season till 11 pm).

  • Every few years you have to update Shows to make them fresh to new and existing Guests maybe they will theme it round next years Pixar Film Brave which is a fairytail and a first for Pixar which has traditionally been WDAS teritory.

  • UK disney fan  18th July 2011, 21:52

    What are the plans for next year then??? have i missed somthing??

  • I certainly hope they do continue to have fireworks in Summer Time, as I love them – also give me goosebumps every time. Love the electrical parades as well.
    Closing time of 11pm is when the ride entrances close, so if you can nip into a ride queue before they close it off, you will still ride. Queues are usually fairly short as most people are lining the parade route and around the castle. We can usually get quite a few goes on BTM at this time, and it seems better and faster in the dark – great atmosphere as well usually.
    If you time it well, you can also see the fireworks from BTM when you are up high on the ride.Fab.

  • I wonder...  8 days ago

    I was at the show on the night this was filmed, amazing, it’s just bewildering, mind-boggling, these fireworks are un-arguably the best in the world @ glen, nah mate your wrong, the attractions close between 8 and 10, the park closes at 11 :)

  • I’m really gutted that this is gone. It was a brilliant display with spectacular music which brought tears to my eyes each and every time I saw it.

    I feel rather upset that I didn’t get to see it in it’s final year having seen its first – third season.

    But, no doubt Dreams will exceed everyone’s expectations though. :)

  • My family and I are visiting DLP for the first time at the start of July and don’t realy what to expect: will the fireworks display be on then? and what time does the parks close at…Thanks

  • I love it.

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