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Disney Fashion store in the Village is finally… fashionable!

Wednesday, 15th June 2011 at 20:24

Disney Fashion store

You could have been entirely forgiven for thinking, up until now, that the Disney Fashion store in Disney Village was something of an afterthought — because it was. Originally known as Team Mickey, stocking Disney-branded sports gear, it continued to amble along with that name even after the sports items had long been phased out in favour of general clothing. Eventually given a rebrand in 2007, its interior was functional and uninspiring, like a dull factory outlet shop. But now, after briefly closing for a complete restyling, the store has been transformed — it’s finally fashionable! Less factory shop more quirky boutique, products are laid out in busy themed areas filled with colourful furniture and eclectic props, with as few dull racks as possible. Yes, very trendy — or should that be “Tren-D”? It’s looking very much like the TrenD store in Orlando’s Downtown Disney, which is a nice surprise indeed.

As we’ve discussed before, the opening of the all-encompassing World of Disney next year negates the need for several of the original Disney Village stores along this side of the street, offering an opportunity for a much-needed revitalisation. The generic (and tired) Disney Store is an obvious one to be replaced with something new, whilst Disney Fashion probably seemed the safest — and this seems to confirm it. For the remaining Hollywood Pictures and World of Toys next door, it would be nice if Paris could look to other concepts from the Downtown Disney districts, such as D Street or Disney Vault 28

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  • At the moment I understand from some posts on Disney Central plaza Forum (Translation Via Yahoo, Google etc)that this is phase 1 if it goes down well with the Female Guests the Male half of the Store will be transformed as well most likly in September and a brand New frontage of the store in early 2012 with hopefully a simular frontage design to Tren-D WDW and name.

  • Austin Kelly  16th June 2011, 01:02

    Can we get some before/after photos please?

  • Kelly Louise  16th June 2011, 01:57

    I am really happy with the new design! I love D-Trends in Orland and I am happy that the theme is similar in Paris! One word: Awesome!!!

  • Where is this shop? Been to DLRP 24 times and I’ve never seen this shop…

  • Gaetane, it is in the Disney Village, same side as Cafe Mickey, inbetween the Disney Gallery and Hollywood Pictures ( I think ).
    I wish you could still buy Disney sports clothing in the parks or Village, as I always bought a new golf shirt for DH. To get those now I would have to go to the shop by the Disney golf course, near Radisson Blu hotel.

  • Is The Disney Gallery still there? Can’t say that I noticed on my last visit in January.

  • Wasn´t the origin Team Mickey Shop of the first years a great variety of the disney theme? I remember well that it had great theming – and great merchandising. I have a baseball from the store at home.

    Again the best way for DLRP seems to go back to the roots. Simple but true.

  • Thanks Figgygirl, I think I know now!

  • It looks so beautiful !! On July 1 I’m going to Disneyland for a daytrip and I won’t forget to have a look here. I saw some very nice t-shirts on that picture :-)

  • EuroDisney changed it’s name to further associate itself with the glamour, culture and magic of Paris, and that’s the direction I think it should take with it’s Disney Fashion store.

    Although the changes are great, why not make a link between store and Paris’s fame for fashion? If love it to be renamed to something like “Mode d’Isigny” (d’Isigny is the French surname of the family Walt Disney was descended from).

  • Good Idea Kenneth but with Eurodisney SCA financial possition it’s best to use a pre existing brand name from the Disney Family of corporate brand names.

  • Disney-John  18th June 2011, 12:36

    Sorry…. think it looks like a second hand shop

  • LOL Disney-John! Must say that I agree with you from seeing one photo – maybe this does not do it justice.
    Personally, I prefer ‘ boring ‘ shops with clothes rails – easy to see what is on offer and to find your size.
    I find that shops with piles of folded clothes just end up looking a mess after people have unfolded things and then dumped them back on the shelf.
    Are Disney going to employ enough staff to keep it tidy and organised??!

  • I like it – don’t like second hand shops and don’t think this looks like one. I do believe it reminds me of like a city boutique. As long as the staff are organised and can manage to keep it tidy – it should be fine.

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